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LAM PETER. BANQUET.—On Boxing Day, Mr T. L. Davies, printer, Caxton Hall,entei-tained his employees and a few friends to dinner, one of the composing rooms at his establishment being converted into dining saloon for the occasion. After satisfying themselves with the good things which had been provided the party in order to follow the usual custom drank to sever d toasts interspersed with songs nd recitations. Mr David Rees Evans in proposing ttie health of the host, Mr Davies, and success to the Caxton Hall print ing works, made a very appropriate speech. Mr J. W Edwards, College-street, sang "The death of Nelson," while Mr D. Nun Davies followed in the sarne military strain and recited with effect. The charge of the noble Six Hundred." Mr John Samuel Jones sang Rocked in the cradle of the deep." But the most amusing performance was the last being a descriptive recitation given by one of the party called "How Taffy procured his broth." The narrative is of how a poor Welshman succeeded by his ingenuity to secure a good basin full of broth by borrowing vegetables from one old bones, from I another, and the rest of the ingredients from a third person. With "God save the Queen" to wind up a happy afternoon was spent. PRIMROSE LE:&GUE.-The Lampeter Habitation of the Primrose League promises to have a very successful meeting here on the 5th of January. Mr Thomas Parry, of Bethesda, North Wales, and Mr G. W. Robbins, of Oerly Hall, Oswestry, the secretary of the Primrose League, are announced to give addresses in Welsh and English respect- ively. The repertoire of Mr Gerald Grace, of Chipping Ledbury, Gloucestershire, will. no doubt, be very entertaining. Members can be enrolled and badges obtained at the Peterwell Estate Office. BEGGING.-At the Magistrates Clerk a Office on Tuesday, the 29th inst., before Mr John Fowden, Bank Hall, Charles Phelp, of Plymouth, a tramp was brought up in the custody of P.S. Denis Williams, charged with begging at Lampeter, on the 28th inst. Prisoner on being brought up was very violent and used abusive language. He was committed to prison for 14 days with hard labour. CHRISTMAS DAY.—Christmas came and went, and Lampeter is once more settling down to business after its relaxation. The frosty weather preceding the 25th, was welcomed with joy by old and young alike, not only because it was seasonable, but it also gave promise of some enjoyable skating. On Christmas Eve the Lam- peter Brass Band paraded the streets, playing various Christmas selections also on the following afternoon, at 2.30 p.m., they took their stand on Rarford-square, and enlivened the town with their music. Christmas was celebrated in the usual way at the Parish Church of St. Peters, which had been very tastefully decorated for the occasion by Misses Harford, Mrs Jones, the Vicarage Miss Jones, Teify Villa Miss Barrow, MiEs Hnghes and others. Morning service was held fit 8 a.m., in the morning, when the Rev. Ll. Green, S.D.C., and the Rev. W. J. Evans, curate officiated. Welsh services were held at 10.30 a.m., and at 6 p.m and an English one at 3.30 in the afternoon. The Church choirs had got up anthems suitable to the day, which they sang in a manner that reflected great credit on their able singing master. The afternoon witnessed most of the young folks of both sex up at Henfeddau Lake, which was covered with ice to the depth of two inches or more. Mr J. C. Harford, of Falcondale, to whom this sheet of water with its pretty little islands belong, had very kindly given permission to skate on it. Thither, therefore, most of the neighbourhood wended their way in the afternoon, where they indulged in a game of hocky on the ice. A most enjoyable afternoon was spent. In the evening the Rev D. S. Davies, Carmarthen, gave a lecture at the Shiloh Chapel on the life and times of George Washington. The meeting was well attended. BOARD OF GUARDIANS.-A meeting of the Beard was held on Thursday, the 24th ult. Present Mr David Davies, Velindre, chairman; Mr Lewis Davies, Gelly; Rev Daniel Griffiths, Trefilan Messrs Samuel Davies, Coedpark David Morgan, Nantymedd Daniel Jones, Garth; John Jones, Cilgwyn David Evans, Coedmorfach; Jame3 Jones, Caerau Thomas Evans, Llysfaen Abel Evans and E H Griffiths, medical officers; and D Lloyd, clerk.—The outrelief, &c., Lampeter dis- trict, per Mr David Parry, .£37 lls Id to 144 paupers; Llanybyther district, per Mr David Evans, £ 36 18s 6d to 140 paupers. Number in the House, 32; corresponding week last year, 39.— The Treasurer's book showed a balance of Xl 6i1 31d against the Union. Cheques were drawn for the tradesmen's quarterly accounts and salaries of officers.—Mr David Evans, Pencarreg, gave notice that at the next meeting he will call the attention of the guardians to the present mode of rating in this U-iion, and to move that all property in the Union be assessed upon the same principle as tithe rent-charge.—The Clerk was directed to apply for summons against the overseers of the parishes who had not paid the contributions payable during the past quarter.—A meeting of the assessment com- mittee was held after the Board, Mr Lewis Davies in the chair. The Clerk was directed to write to the overseers of the various parishes in the Union, requesting them to supply him with particulars of the number of school buildings in each parish, and the gross estimated rental and rateable value of each.—Reductions were made in the assessment of the Earl of Lisburne and Mr J A Vaughan's tithes, in the parishes of Bettws Bledrws, Silian, Trefilan, Llanfairclydogau, Llangybi and Llanvrenog.











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