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CARMARTHEN COUNTY PETTY SESSIONS. SATURDAY. Before Messrs Grismond Phillips (in the chair), J. L. Pbilipps and C. W. Jones. HUSBAND AND WIFE. Elizabeth Davies applied for a judicial separation from her husband, Samuel Davies, collier, Pontyberem, she being in bodily fear of him, owing to his cruelty towards her.—Mr James John, solicitor, Carmarthen, appeared for de- fendant.—The plaintiff said that on the 1st of July about eight o'clock in the morning she was in the house with her husband, when he beat her with his band without any cause, and called her filthy names. He hit her agaiu about 10.30 that night on her bead. He a^so used very threatening language towards her. She left the house hat night, and bad not been back since. She used to be constantly ill-used by him. He was kind to her when sober, but not when drunk. Her husband got £ 1 Is. standing wages a week, and 8s. 3d. com- mission on every X. He bad only given her 27s. altogether for the last month. Cross-ex,,i ini tied: The children were with her in the house till that day week. They were now in the house with him. They had six children, four being at home. He did not go to his work that morning, but to the Star public-house. He bad no cause to say that she was always out, and not looking after the children. Mr John said that his case was a dis- tinct denial of the charge. If they decided to grant the order, he hoped they would take into due con- sideration the amount of maintenance, as there were six children, one of whom only would go with the wife, and he would have to keep the rest, one of whom was subject to fits. The woman was cap- able of doing something for herself. His clie,it told him that he gave her XLI regularly every fortnight. Tho Bench decided to grant a separation order with 10s. a week for applicant's maintenance. Defendant was also fined 5s. and costs for the assault. DRUNK AND DISORDERLY. P.C. J. Morgan, Llanstephan, charged David John, of the same place, with being drunk and dis- orderly on the 4th inst. His mother appeared, who said her son had not sent her there, but she was quite wiiling to pay for rim. He was 24 years of age, and unmarried. Fined 5s. and 8. cost.s- P.C. Wm. Richards charged David Williaiii,, fipherman, Ferryside, with the same offence o»i the 7th inst. Defendant appeared in Court with a mouiti adorning his breast, which was awarded him for raving life at sea. Mr Brunei White appeared for defendant.-P.C. Richards said that on the 7th inst. he saw defendant on the Ferryside beach very drunk and disorderly, and using very abusive language to some gentlemen. Mr White, in defence, said that on the 7th inst., the men were rallying round the lifeboat ready to go out to a schooner in distress on Cefn Sidan sands on receiving the order, but the secretary of the institution, Mr Risley, who was at his tea, did not come down for a long time after the signals were seen consequently, a great deal of feeling was aroused. When be came down, the de/eodaut, who might have had beer, perhaps too iiiiit-ii bed, spoke his mind to him. He asked the Bench to consider the circumstance.; under which it had happened, and dismissed the case. Defendant was an old man, had saved life, and had gone out in the lifeboat that night, when several lives were saved.— Mr J. L. Philipps: Did he want to go out in the boat?—Mr Whtt": Yes.—Mr Pbilipps: But he was drunk, and it would be very dangerous to let them co out with drunkenness on board.—MrlWhite: ) I saw t.hem going myself, and I could not say but that there were others in the boat" bo were not sober, but they certainly saved the lives of the schooner's crew.—Defendant was fined 10s. Gd. in- cluding costs, and allowed a week to pay. I GATE LIFTING. Joseph Daniel, Shop, Pentre, Rhydygaeau, charged John Matthias, Penlan, with wilfully breaking some gates in his possession.—Mr White appeared for defendant. Joseph Daniel, sworn, said that on the 5th iust. about twelve o'clock at night he was in bed, when defendant passed the house and shouted on him to get up, at the satre time using abusive language. Witness's little girl came upstairs, and told him to get up. He went out, and saw defendant breaking the gate leading to the hay field. Having smashed that be went on, and broke a second gate. From there be went through a cornfield, and smashed a third, and further on he broke a fourth gate. The gates were worthless.-P.C. William Thomas said he visited the place the following morning, and saw the gates broken to bits. He saw defendant coming from bed, but he denied having been near the place.—Cross-examined: There was a public road running alongside the first gate.. He had known defendant to have committed similar offences. Mr White said that defendant emphatically denied the charge. There was a rumour about that there was bad feeling between the tuen.-Tliomas Thomas, Bwlchmawr, farmer, gave evidence as to defendant being sober, and as to gates being broken regularly in that part.— After some consideration the Bench decided to fine defendant 18s. 6d. including costs. SUMMONS AGAINST A POLICE SUPERINTENDENT. Mr J. D. Valentine Jones, solicitor, Swansea, np- peared a second time before the Bench, and made an application on behalf of Daniel Jones, Cross Hands, collier, for a SUlUmona for assault against Superintendent Scott, Llanelly. He said that although the Bench had refused his application last week, be was sure they would grant it if his client was put into the witness box.—Daniel Jones, the applicant, said that on the 12th of Juno be was going home from work, and he turned in!o the Union Tavern, Six-roads, to have a glass of beer. He remained there about two hours, during which time he drank four glasses of beer. On going out he saw a carriage by the door with one man and three or four ladies inside. He subsequently found that the man was Superintendent Scott. He went on, and asked if they would please give him a lift to Cross Hands. There was enough room for him. He bad no answer, and on asking a secou,l time Superintendent Scott jumped down, took hold of his throat, turned him round, and pushed him back into the passage of the Inn, where he tripped him, and knocked his head against the door. He had his knees on his breast when on the floor. Witness was nearly suffocated, and he lost a week's work in consequence of it. The Superintendent was not in his official clothes.—The summons was granted, and the case is to be heard next Saturdiy.