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IMPORTANT SALE OF FREEHOLD PROPERTY. Mr John Francis, auctioneer, Carmarthen, held a highly important and largely attended sale last Saturday, at the Ivy Bush Royal Hotel, on the outlying portions of the valuable estate of the late General Wemyss, comprising freehold properties in the parishes of Llanfihangel-ar-arth, Penboyr and Cilrhedyn, the borough of Kidwelly, and the town of Carmarthen. The bidding on some of the lots, which numbered 68, was brisk, and the prices realised on the whole, were very good. The vendor's (Captain Walter Wemyss, Aberystwyth) solicitor was Mr Wm. Hughes Jones, of the same place. The following are the several lots, with the names of the buyers, &c. :— PARISH OF LLANFIHANGEL-AR-AKTH. Lot 1. Freehold farm, Cross Inn-fawr, com- prising 64a. Or. 6p. and large dwelling-house with outbuildings, started at .£900, and knocked down to Mr Jones, Tyssil Castle, Llandyssil, for £ 1,100. Lot 2. The farm, Cross Inn Fach, part of Cwrt-y-Gollen, comprising 122a. 2r. 30p with very fine plantation of larch and oak, bought by Mr Jones, Glancorwg, Llanpurapsaint, for < £ 1,600. Lot 3. The farm, Bwlchnewydd, situate ad- joining lot 1, comprising 38a. 2r. 4p., sold to Mr Thomas Jones, the present tenant, for .£500. Lot 4. Four fields or closes of accommodation land, part of the farms of Cross Inn Fawr and Cwrt-y-Gollen, containing 6a. 2r. 4p., were secured by Rev J. T. Hughes, Llanfihangel-ar-Arth, for .£250. Lot 5. Valuable freehold field of accom- modation land, known as Caedanyffordd and Waun, adjoining lot 1, containing 4a. Or. 12p., bought by Mr Ptighe Davies, Carmarthen, for .£300. Lot 6.—Plot of building ground, part of field held with Cwrt-y-Gollen, having a frontage of 141 feet to the main road, sold to Mr Samuel Evans, Lampeter, for £ 30. Lot 7.—The dwelling house and premises, Cwrt- y-Gollen, with smith's forge and building site ad- joining, containing 13,328 square feet, knocked down at EIOO to Rev J. T. Hughes, Llanfihangel- ar-Arth. Lots 8 to 15 (inclusive). Plots of building ground, adjoining each other and lot 7, were sold at an average of .£25 each to neighbouring gentlemen and farmers. Lot 16.—Three fields or closes of land, known as Clyubach Allotment, near the farms of E-gairgarn and Brynrhydgoch, containing 12a. 3r. 10p., bought by Mr W. Morgan Griffiths, solicitor, Car- marthen, for £ 85. Lot 17. — A yearly grant or rent-charge of .£31 13s on premises, held by the M. and M. Railway. Bidding started at £ 200, but was withdrawn at £ 650. BOROUGH OF KIDWELLY. Lot IS.-Field of accommodation land, known as Cae-shon-hal-issa, close to the Quay. containing 4a. 2r. 31p., sold to Mr D. Griffiths, Kidwelly, for .£330, who -,il.,o bought lot 11), three fluids, situate near h.t 18, containing 8a. 3r. 5p., for .£360. L )t 20.—Caebach Stockwell, coutaiuing Ia. Or. 23i)., kriocke I donva to Mr D. Hugh, Kidwelly, for Lots 21 to 39 (inclusive).—Plots of building ground, part of one of the Holloway Farm fields, put in one lot, and sold to Mr John Walters, Kidwelly, for .£150. PARISH OF PENBOYR. Lot 40. The farm, Penllwyn-coch-fawr, with dw.lling-hoiise and fann building0, containing 141a. lr., and £ 60 worth of timber, bought l>y Mr Jones, C^tfee Tavern, Carmarthen, for £ 2,080. Lot 41. — Danygiibbin Factory, together with 2a. 2r :i" of land, knocked dowu to Mr Rowland Brow no, solicitor. Carmarthen, for £ 400. Lot 41a.— Two fields, situate near lot 41, suitable for building sites, containing 2a. lr. 28p., knocked down to Mr Jonah Davies, Carmarthen, for £ 160. PARISHES OF PENBOYR AND CILRHEDYN. Lot 42.—Two closes of land, known as Godre- ffoes-gelen (formerly a common allotment), con- taining 15a. 3r. 10p., knocked down to Mr Brunei White, solicitor, Carmarthen, for .£55, THE TOWN OF CARMARTHEN. Lot 43.—The freehold dwelling-house and shop, NOE. 17 and 18, Chapel street, bought by Mr George Rogers, the present tenant, for .£430. Lot 14.-No. 19, Chapel-street, bought by the tenant, Mr John Lewis, for £ 165. Lot 45.—No. 20, Chapel-street, bought for X140 by Mr Jones, builder, Carmarthen. Lot 46.—Six small dwelling-houses in Jackson's Lane, passed to Mr Winter, Carmarthen, for JE200. Lot 47.—No. 3, Catherine-street, withdrawn at .£180. Lot 48.—Garden, situate between Nos. 8 and 10, St. Catherine street, containing about 4,896 square feet, sold to the tenant, Mr Thomas Morris, for .£205. Lotfll 48 to 68 (inclusive).—Two large gardens and premises, situate in Pentrepoth, divided into lots, but by request put up in one lot, started at £ 250, and sold to Mr Bowen, Granby, Carmarthen, for .£500.


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