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TALSARN. 'I WEDDING.-un rrtaay weeK last were soiemnisea the nuptial bonds between Mr Edward Davies, Clynglas, Cribin, and Miss Mary Davies, the only daughter of the late Mr Saunders Davies, Felin- fach. The interesting ceremony took place at the pretty little seaside town of Aberayron. The in. habitants of the village and the immediate neigh- bourhood were aroused at what must have proved an unusually early hour, for as early as 3.3U a.m. the loud and frequent reports of fire-arms sounded through the valley and echoed in the distance. As the morning wore on these early birds were re- inforced, and the shooting became general. The inhabitants turned out en nuisse to give the con- tracting party a hearty welcome on their departure. Arches spanned the road, and flags waved in the breeze. The village school bell tolled its merry peals from an early hour, and all seemed to unite with one heart and one wish for the young couple. A capital dinner was supplied to a large circle of friends at the bride's home by her brother, Mr Saunders Davies, and in the afternoon the female portion of the inhabitants and the children were treated to a sumptuous repast of tea and cake. The wedding presents were both numerous and valuable. Appended is a list of the same:—Bread and cake plates, T. Jones, Dolfridi; cheese stand and butter cooler, Hannah Evans, Ddol; parlour clock, Mr and Mrs Davies, The Mill; cruet stand and sugar basin, Margaret Davies, Commercial House, china teapot and stand, Mrs Jenkins, Aeron Villa; flower pot, Mrs Jones, Board School; egg- stand, Mrs Hughes, Rhydyfydyr; china teapot, Mr Jones, Ddol; china tea-kettle, Mrs Thomas, Hengell, New Quay; two water bottles, Mrs Evans, Mynach Arms; china tea kettlp, Mrs Evans, Gil- fach dessert plates, Miss M. Watkins, Bedlwyn alarm clock and album, Mr and Mrs Jonathan, Llwynderi; bread stand, Miss Howells, Ystrad House; water jug, Mrs Jones, Tyngwndwn; cream jug, Miss Elizabeth Davies, Tyny- gwndwn; teapot and pair of ornaments, Mrs Jones, Penbont; pair of vases, Miss E. Hughes, Nanthenfoel; antimacassars, Miss Jane Hughes, ditto; antimacassars, Miss H. Hughes, ditto; pair of jam dishes, Miss Jane Jones, Plasbach teapot and egg stand, Mr & Mrs John Williams, Plas- cauol; egg stand, Miss Catherine Williams, ditto; water bottle and tumbler glass, Mrs D Lvies, Plas- newydd winne glasses, The Misses Davies, ditto jam plates, David and John D,ivies, ditto; glass water jug, John Owen, Salem; china candle sticks, Anne and Margaret Owen, ditto sugar bowl, Mrs Jones, Cwmere; basket, Miss Rachel Jones, ditto; candle- stick, Timothy Jones, ditto; sugar basin, Miss Jane Davies, Aeron Villa; money, Mr Jenkins, Post Office; bottle of whisky, Mrs Jenkins, Llain. manal; sugar basin, Hannah Evans, Tyngwndwn money, Mr Jenkins, Blaenplnryf; ornaments, Mrs Jones, Pencnwc; sugar basin, Martha Jenkins, Llainmanal; set of three jugs, Mrs Jenkins, Glan- wern; ornaments, Hannah Owens, Old Post Office cheese, Mrs Davies, Blaencwm; money, Mrs Evans, Tanygraig; pair of glass globes, D. Jones, Pen- bont; china teapot, Jane Davies, Pen« ernfach bottle of whisky, Mrs Evans, Red Lion; handsome parlour lamp, Miss Davies, Penbrech; bottle of whisky, Mrs Rees, Vale of Ayron; silver cruet stand, Miss Jones, Bush, Lampeter; spiral flower vase, Miss C. Jones, Old Shop, Cribin bottle of rum, Mrs Morgans, Gronwy Arms; bottle of liquor, Nathaniel Jones, Eden; cream jug, Nancy Hughes, Llainmanal; pair of ornaments, Miss Jane Jenkins, Board School; spill holders, Miss Jane Howells, Brynog; ornamental tea-kettle and candlesticks, Mrs Thomas, Plough, Lampeter; teapot, Mrs Jones, Troedyrhiw; tea-kettle and stand, Mrs Evans, Hengell, New Qllay; butter cooler, Mrs Owen, Tycam; candlestick, Gwen and Hannah Owen, ditto; toast rack, Elizabeth Jones, Cwmere; china candlesticks, Dinah Thomas, Cwmereucha; china cruet btand, Mrs Jones, Cwmereucha; water bottle and glass, Mrs Jones, Graig; pin-cushion, Mary Ann Matthias, Brynog; ornamental flower pots, P.C. Thomas; silver tablespoons, D. Price Jones, Rbydygof; sugar husiu, Mrs Jones, Fron- issa; set of jugs, Mrs Richards, Brynog Arms; egg cups and niugs,, Mary Aun, Willie, and Maggie Richards, ditto; cruet stand, Miss Jones, Penwern cheese stand, Mrs Jones, Castle Green biscuit stand, Mrs Phillips, Temple Bar; cheese stand and butter cooler, Mrs Davies, Pontmarchog; cup and saucer, Anne Jones, Brynog Arms ornaments, Jane Jones, Vale of Ayron; ornamental jug and two glasses, Esther Davies, Cefn Ystrad; pair of vases, Mary Davies, ditto; ornaments, Elizabeth Jones, Post Office; jug, Catherine Jones, Llwyn- deru hot water jug, Miss Morgan, The Vicarage biscuit dish, Anne Evans, Cwmere; canister and jug, Sarah Williams, Belle Vue; cheese stand, Mrs Evans, Danrefel; hot water jug, Mrs Evans, Oak Cottage; flower pot, D. Jones, Maesllan; butter cooler, Mrs Jones, Llettybowen; pair of ornaments, Elizabeth Howells, Dolboidy; ornaments, Margaret Williams, Belle Vue; wedding cake, Messrs T. Evans & C, Walton, Liverpool; ditto, Mrs Evans, Hengell, New Quay.



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