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ABERAYRON. TRINITY CHURCH.—The annual treat for the scholars of the Sunday School of the above Church will take place next Tuesd iy at Lam- peter. VISITOR' -T li ere is a good number of visitors in Aberayron at present, 0 chiefly of the countiy class. Several houses in the place have been engaged by English fam lies for the next few weeks, so there is every prospect of a good season before us. A TitF,.tT.Iberayroi is now so rarely visited by anything like a gJOd show, that a very larg j =1 cl nuiii er of people availed themselves of the opportunity offeied them last Saturday of seeing what was described as the "greatest show on earth," viz., Bostock <&; Bailey's Circus, Museum, Menagerie, and Hippodrome. People were c >ming into the town from all parts of the neigh- bourhood all day long, and it was admitted that they all had their money's worth. The show was undoubtedly the largest that has ever been seen here, the chief features being the menagerie and museum, the circus and hippodrome being nothing very superior. They gave two perfor- mances. Several thousands visited it during the day. The tent was erected in a ficid belonging to Mr Francis Evans, and which is suitably for that purpose. INTERMEDIATE EOUCATION. Vigorous efforts are now being made in the town to get one of the proposed intermediate schools located here, and the inhabitants show that they realise the impor- tance of the movement. If the decision of the Joint Education Committee will be made in favour of those towns which will show themselves most capable of public-spirited effort, it is confi- dently anticipated that Aberayion will stand an excellent chance. After the Joint Education Committee sat here on Thursday the enthusiasm of the inhabitants was thoroughly roused. A public meeting was held in the evening in the Assembly Room, which was full to overflowing, and the plan of campaign was discussed. The Rev W. O. Edwards, vicar, Mr Councillor John Huuh Jones, and Mr Evan Jones, Feathers' Hotel, were appointed to work the Aberayron district; while Dr Davies and Mr Thos. Davies, Compton House, were allotted the task of enlist- ing the aid of Llanon. Mr L. J. Roberts was re-appointed secretary, and Mr Thomas Hughes treasurer and we are glad to say that all are working indefatigably. At the meeting on Thursday evening over zEI50 were promised towards the erection of a building, and we under- stand that in two days the list had reached between £ 400 and R500. An appeal for £1,000 has been published, signed by the vicar, Messrs. J. H. Jones, Evan Jones, and L. J. Roberts, and we have no doubt that this will be obtained in a few days—a consummation devoutly to be wished. BOARD OF GUARDIANS.—A meeting of this Board was held on Wednesday (25th ult.), when there were present, Messrs. Thomas Jones, Llan- arth (in the chair), Jenkin Jenkins, Ystrad Zacheus Ellis, Llanbadarn Trefeglwys Morgan James, Llanerchaeron; Owen Lloyd, Llandys- silio Samuel Kvans, Llanllwchaiarn Evan Evans, Dihewid and B. C. Jones, clerk. Out- relief administered during the past fortnight Llansantffraid district, per Mr David Jones, £ 42 12s 6d to 136 paupers Llandyssilio district, per Mr David Davies, J634 19s 6d to 138 paupers. Number in the house, 11. against 13 last year. Vagrants relieved during the past fortnight, 42 corresponding period of last year, 37. Meetings of the assessment committee and school atten- dance committee were also held. PETTY SESSIONS.—These sessions were held on Wednesday (25th ult.), before Mr T. H. Maddy, Capt. Longcroft, and Mr John Parry.—Thomas Evans, licensed victualler, Cross Hands, Llanarth, was summoned for supplying adulterated rum at Capel Cynon. P.C. 24 proved the case, and defendant was fined ti and costs.—John Jones, mariner, Pantcefnfach, was charged with being drunk at Llanarth on the 17th ult. P. C. Phillips proved the case. Defendant did not appear, and was fined 5s and costs.—Thomas White, stone-cutter, 5, Darkgate-street, was charged with a similar offence, and was fined 5s and costs, or in default seven days'imprisonment. John Jones, cattle dealer, Cefngarn, near Llan- geitho, was charged with a similar offence on the 17th ult. Defendant did not appear, and the case was adjourned for a month, the Bench con- sidering the service of summons on the previous Monday too short.—Thomas William Morgan, mariner, Llanon, was charged with being drunk at Llanon on June 7th. P.C. David Thomas said that between 10 and 11 on the night in question he saw the defendant drunk on the high- way. On being advised lie went home quietly. The Bench fined defendant 6d and costs.




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