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zocietv aiio Pex:Oiial. rhe wedding reception on the occasion of the marriage of Miss Dorothy Tennant and Mr 11 Stanley will be held ill the garden at Riehmolld- terrace, after the ceremony, on July 12th. Sir John T. Dilwyn Llewelyn, Bart., of Penllergare, is now staying in London, where his address is 39, Cornwall Gardens, S. W. Sir James Hills Johnes, of Dolaucothi, is also in the town, and resides at 38, Loundes-street, Loundes-Square, W. :f: # The Lord Bishop of St. David's left Abergwili Palace last Tuesday for London, where his lordship will make a short stay prior to going abroad. He will be away until August 5th. *#* The London Gazette of last Tuesday night contained the intelligence that Capt. Wm. R. H. Beresford, of the Royal Welsh Fusileers, has been appointed Adjutant in the room of Capt. 11. H. W. Dunn, who has resigned that appointment. In the Carmarthen Artillery (Western Division) second lieutenants E. E. Richardson, and F. C. Keane, have been made lieutenants. # Colonel Davies Evans, of H ighmead, Lord Lieutenant of Cardiganshire, has been on a short stay in Norfolk. He leaves Cromer to-morrow (Saturday) for London. Mr. and Mrs. Barker returned last Wednesday evening by the mail from their wedding tour. The town was en fete, flags and banners, waving all along the road to their new home—Green Hall. The station and the streets were also numerously lined with the good wishers of the young pair. In another column we publish a list of the dates for sending in claims for votes, etc., which we commend to the close and earnest attention of all our readers, who have not yet claimed to have their voices heard in the elections of their country.

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