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WHATELEY'S "WHAT NOTS." WHITLAND. THE HAY HARVEST. The prevalence of cold, showery weather, although interspersed with occasional sunshiny days, cannot but be prejudicial to hay harvest prospects in South Wales. Farmers are on the qui iive for a cessation of this obstacle to mowing and harvesting the abundant crop Nature has kindly placed before their very eyes, but hitherto, somewhat tantalizingly, will not permit them to gather in, for another winter, a store of fodder for their cattle. However, it is fondly to be hoped that with July merciful Providence will usher in the promised season of settled dry weather, with warmth and sunshine enough to counteract to some extent the effects of the too plentiful showers of June, which would gladden the hearts of agriculturists in general, and act as an incentive to bring them "into His gates with thanksgiving and into His courts with praise." A TEMPERANCE DEMONSTRATION. One of Whateley's" trusty "Pals," who identifies himself with the Independent or the Presbyterian persuasion, reports on a teetotal demonstration which came off at the Henllan- Amgoed Chapel on Wednesday, the 25th ult., when the following ministers attended and took part in the proceedings —Revs. D. E. Williams (Henllan), D. Jones (Nazareth), W. Thomas, councillor (Whitlaud), — Rees (Lleehryd), — Phillips (Hebron), and the deputation, Morris Morgan (Swansea). AFTERNOON MEETING. After the singing of a hymn by the Henllan children, a catechism on total-abstinence was gone through, the Rev. D. Jones (Nazareth) conducting the juvenile exercise. Tea having been served up gratis to abstainers, but with a penalty of 6d per head inflicted on every alcoholist that had a craving for the cup that cheers but muddles not, an evening meeting was opened at 7 p.m. with prayer by the same minister, and the singing of a temperance hymn, the veteran abstainer, Mr Howell Davies (Whitland) being voted to the chair. Rev. — Phillips (Hebron) then read a paper on "Beer at Haymaking," and combated the usual arguments in favour of the practice, viz. (1) Its being an old custom (2) The example of haymakers; (3) The alleged strength derived therefrom (4) The difficulty to get people to work without it and (5) The reproach of niggardliness attaching to it.—Rev. — Rees (Llechryd) considered abstinence as a heavenly blessing, as the drink prevents our seeing the second coming of our Lord (Luke 22nd).—The Rev. M. Morgan followed with an eloquent address. A petition against the Licensing Bill was adopted, which in the face of the with- drawal of the same by Her Majesty's ministers, was no more than the putting up of a man of straw for the fun of knocking him down again. STUDENTS' SUNDAY. Last Sunday, at the same meeting house, Whateley hears that the young men at the Whitland School officiated at ten, two, and six o'clock, and that collections were made in aid of a fund for their maintenance as ministerial students at our Academy. Whateley allows that such a practice is very commendable, but would warn their hearers not to spoil our 1,oy preachers by lauding their lusty tin-trumpets over-much, and somewhat too soon to shew them every kindness and contribute liberally towards enlightening and relining their, as yet, necessarily raw and uneducated young minds but beware of placing too high a premium on the rising capa- bility of Balaam's brute companion. Whateley" bears them no ill-will, but wishes to protect them against the dangerous enthusiasm of their unsophisticated though well-meaning patrons and admirers. Young men, take this honest piece of advice from a well-wisher. Read and think a great deal more but bawl and bray a great deal less if you wish to be of real service to your God and your congregations. Rather than awkwardly ape the good old revivalists of a bygone age, naturally ape yourselves, and your efforts will be surely rewarded in due time. "Whateley" hopes to accompany you and watch your boys' career if his ledgers will allow him an occasional outing. His colleague informs "Whateley" that the Rev. B. P. Griffiths, temperance secretary for this Diocese, is to be vicar of Llanybyther and Llan- wenog, and highly approves of the clerical appointment of his friend. DEGREE DAY AT LAMPETEI;. Many thanks to Dean Owen and the other speakers for the Catholicity of spirit which appears in their addresses on the above gala day. "Whateley" thinks that with such men at the helm the Church may yet weather the storm for some years to come.