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PRESBYTERIAN COLLEGE, CAR- MARTHEN. The annual oral examinations of this college, which is now in the 182nd year from its first establishment at Carmarthen, were conducted on Thursday and Friday, June 26th and 27th, by Mr W. J. Evans, M.A., the principal, and his colleagues, the Revs D. E. Jones, M.A., and Philemon Moore, B.A., in the presence of the deputation from the Presbyterian Board, the governing body in London, composed of Alder- man S. S. Tayler, of the London County Council, and the Rev T. L. Marshall, secretary. About 30 students were under examination, two or three being absent from ill-health. The examinations, which were of the usual character, comprised the various subjects in the classical, theological, and mathematical departments, including also chemistry, ethics, psychology, logic, and English literature. In the course of the examination sermons were delivered by four of the out-going students, Messrs David Phillips, David Thomas, S. I. Davies, and Frederick Williams. The pro- ceedings were brought to a close on Friday, the 27th ult, at 12 o'clock noon, when Alderman Tayler took the chair in the library, which was nearly filled by the students, ministers of the town and neighbourhood, and several former students from various parts of the country. Mr. Christopher Thomas, J.P., of Bristol, who has lately presented to the college about 120 valr able books, selected from his choice library, was also present, and took part in the proceed- ings. The Principal, after a few introductory remarks by the chairman, announced the results of the written examinations, from which it appeared that most of the students had earned money prizes of different amounts proportioned to proficiency, according to a novel system intro- duced of late years in this college, which has proved very efficient in its operation. Exhib- itions of the annual value of £10 are also awarded to students who matriculate at London University. It appeared, however, that a serious breach of academical discipline, in which the students as a body took part, had occurred within the last month, on account of which they had incurred the formal censure" of the board, involving as a consequence the penalty of forfeiture of all prizes and exhibitions for the current session—amounting in the aggre- gate to some JE130 or more. The students were addressed in appropriate terms by the secretary, who stated the circumstances under which this penalty was incurred, and expressed the deep pain with which, as an old friend of the college, he was compelled to make the announcement; by Mr Christopher Thomas, who gave some inter- esting personal and literary reminiscences, and by the Rev Lewis James, of Narberth, the secre- tary of the Independent Committee, who also closed the proceedings with prayer. It may be added that ten students have completed the regular four years course, and received the usual college certificates, and that out of nine candi- dates for admission, the following six were accepted on probation :—John Howells, Llan- boidy Thomas Hughes, Trelech E. T. Jones, New Quay J. G. Phillips, Maenclochog George A. Thomas, Ammanford and R. J. Williams, St. David's. The next session will open on October 1st. We append the official class list, which gives the order of merit as determined by the written examinations. Several students who had uni- versity examinations or were ill are not included Fourth Year (senior class)—S. I. Davies, Thomas Evan?, T. Wedros Jones, Frederick Williams, David Phillips, David Thomas, and T. Morris Phillips. Third Year—Stephen Thomas, Jenkin Thomas, Jonah Williams, Owen Enoch, David Evans, Rhys Williams, and William Evans. Second Year—T. Lloyd Jones, James Williams, H. J. Phillips, and Ben Evans, First Year (junior class) — James Davies, Joseph Walters, Thomas James, Dewi L. Evans, Enoch E. Jenkins, John Davies, and Benjamin James. Special competitions:- Biblical Studies (third and fourth year students only)—S. I. Davies, Stephen Thomas, and Owen Enoch. English Literature (third year students only)— Jenkin Thomas, and Jonah Williams, equal. English Language (first year students only— Enoch Jenkins, and Joseph Walters.