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LAUGHARNE ECHOES. (BY ABERCORRAN) Laugharne, Tuesday. ANNUAL REGATTA MEETING. The annual regatta meeting was held in the Town Hall, Laugharne, on Monday evening last. Mr T. David, The Pynes, occupied the chair, and there also present: — The hon. treasurer and secretary (Mr Thomas Richards, Grove House); Mr W. H. Saer, Victoria Buildings Alderman John David, King-street; Rev. J. M. Jones, assistant curate Mr F. Lanning, Rose Cottage Mr Charles David, Gosport-street; Mr Robert Bevan, Newbridge; Mr Thomas Griffith, Ivy Cottage Mr David Brown, Gosport-street Mr G. D. Wilkins, Melbourne House; and Mr John Jones. The chairman, in opening the meeting, said they had met again another year to see what could be done to keep the sports going. They would, no doubt, be glad to hear from the secretary as to how the funds stood.—The Hon. Sec. "Very well, indeed" (applause). The secretary then read a balance sheet that had been duly audited, which showed a balance in hand of £1 lIs. 3d.; Receipts; to balance in hand, 8s. lid subscriptions, (hon. sec)., jE17 14s. Od (Mr Morton), lis; (Mr J. John), (Master M. David), £2 2s. Od; entrance fees, £2 3s. 6d sale of programmes, Is. 4d total, £24 15s. 5Jd. Payments by prizes, £16 7s. 6d general expenses, 16s. 8id; balance, JE1 lls 3d. The balance sheet was unanimously adopted. It was then proposed by Mr li. D. Wilkins, and secnded by the Rev. J. M. Jones, that the regatta be hfld on Tuesday, the 12th of August. — An amendment was proposed by the secretary, and seconded by the chairman, that the date be fixed for the 26th of August. Mr Wilkins' proposition was carried by a large majority.—Mr Morgan Jones (the genial and popular squire of Llanmiloe) was unanimously and with acclamation elected president. The Rev. W. H. Harrison, B.A., curate of Langharne, was elected vice- president. The following were unanimously appointed coirmittee:—Mr J. John, Post Office; Mr T. David, The Pynes Mr M. S. David, Mr Robert Bevan, Newbridge; Mr W. H. Saer, Victoria Buildings; Mr H. F. David, Mr G. D. Wilkins, Melbourne House Mr B. R. Thomas, Raven House; Rev J. M. Jones, MrF. Lanning, RoBe Cottage; Alderman John David, King- street Mr Charles David, Gosport-street; Mr Charles Hughes, Victoria-street; Mr Peel, Fern Hill; and Mr William Griffith, "Ship and Castle." Mr T. Richards, Grove House, was then re-elected hon. treasurer and secretary amidst considerable applause. The programme was subsequently gone through, in event No. 1, the question of tonnage, or measurement overall, was left open. The secretary will, in the mean time, obtain the opinion of Captain Harrison, J. P., and notify the result to the committee. In event 5 (for boats to be sculled by one woman) the Rev. J. M. Jones has offered to give a "consolation" prize, to the amount of 5s.—Mr W. H. Saer suggested an alteration in event No. 8 (swimming race for boys under 16 years). He thought the 150 yards had better be made 100, and a few more prizes given. This was unanimously agreed to. In event No. 13 (landsmen seamen), it was resolved that the landsmen should have the pick of their boat. A discussion arose as to whether or not the little Falcon should be allowed to compete in event 3 (for colliers), as she only drew three feet of water, but the matter was allowed to drop.—The chairmm, responding to a cordial vote of thanks, said that a 'great deal more could be done in Laugharne if only there existed more unanimity. He thought it a great pity that the garden society had gone down, and he sincerely hoped that it would yet be resuscitated (applause). The regatta and the garden society were two things well deserving of their support. The regatta induced them to keep their boats in better trim, and it afforded great pleasure to other people. The garden society tended to encourage the cottagers t(1 raise good crops, and to make the best of their little gardens (applause). We cultivate as good crops as many places, and, with plenty of material, might yet do something if we only pull together (applause).—The Secretary said they only wanted a man to come forward and take an active interest in the work, in order to get up a good flower show.—The chairman remarked that when the society was first started he had written to, and received support from, people at a distance, who thought the flower show did much good in the town. Mr Jones, of Pontisford House, Pontisford, promised to support the show as long as it lasted. The proceedings then terminated.