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BRECON OLD BANK. On Monday last circulars were received by the customers of this old-established Banking-house, that arrangements had been made for amalga- mating its business with that of Lloyd's Bank, Limited," of London, Birmingham, and else- where, who or whose predecessors had acted as its agent for nearly three-quarters of a century. With Lloyd's Bank there has previously been incorporated, by purchase or amalgamation, the long-established private Banks of Lloyds and Co., and Moilliet and Sons, of Birmingham Barnetts, Hoares and Co., and Bosanquet, Salt and Co., of London Stevenson, Salt and Co., of Stafford and Lichfield P. and H. Williams, of Wednes- bury A. Butlin and Son, of Rugby R. and W. F Fryer, of Wolverhampton Beck and Co., of Shrewsbury and Welshpool Pritchard, Gordon and Co., of Broseley and Bridgnorth; and the following Banking Companies, viz., the Birming- ham Joint Stock Bank Limited, the Worcester City and County Banking Company Limited, the Warwick and Leamington Banking Company, the Shropshire Banking Company, and the Coventry and Warwickshire Banking Company. It had, previous to the present amalgamation, a Head Office, London City Office, 68 branches in Lon- don and the provinces, 15 sub-branches, and 12 agencies. Its present subscribed capital is £ 8,125,000, in 162,500 shares of £50 each. The paid-up capital amounts to £1,300,000; uncalled £ 731,250, with a reserve liability of £ 6,093,750. The reserve fund on the 31st of December last was 1:780,000, being 60 per cent, of its paid-up capital, which is unusually high, and good proof of its excellent financial position. It has also recently greatly increased its business and its position. In December, 1888, its capital stood at £ 750,000 in December, 1889, at £ 1,300,000. The reserve in December, 1888, was only £ 375,000 in December, 1889, it was £ 780,000. Its investments in December, 1888, stood at £ 2,461,000; in December, 1889, at £ 3,772,000; and the loans upon current accounts in Dec., 1888, were £ 4,827,000 while in December, 1889, they had reached £ 7,891,000. The total of the balance sheet in December, 1888, was E13,128,000, which, in December, 1889, had increased to £ 19,262,000. The greater part of the increase was due to amalgamation, but a great part had also arisen from a general expansion of business throughout the whole of the banks. Its last declared dividend was at the rate of 16t per cent. per annum. Its business has hitherto been carried on principally in Birmingham and the Midland counties, where it is one of the most flourishing, if not the leading, Bank. By the amalgamation of the Brecon Old Bank it comes into an entirely new district, and secures branches at Brecon, Merthyr, Cardiff, Aberdare, Dowlais, Llanelly, Carmarthen, Cardigan, and Haverford- west. Brecon Old Bank was established in 1778 and a branch was opened at Cardiff in 1856, in pre- mises formerly occupied by the private bank of Towgood and Co., which undertaking was acquired by the Old Bristol and West of England Bank. The present partners in the Brecon firm are :—Mr William de Winton (Brecon), Mr W. S. de Winton (Haverfordwest), Mr H. J. Evans (Cardiff), Mr. T. J. Evans and Mr D. Evans (Brecon), and Mr E. B. Evans (Merthyr), trad- ing under the style or firm of Wilkins and Co. Our readers will be pleased to know that no change of the staff will be necessitated by the new arrangement. The only change will be the substitution of Lloyd's Bank, Limited, for that of Wilkins and Co. Mr William de Winton will join the directorate of the amalgamated banks, and the other partners will continue to be closely connected with the same. They do not, there- fore, ask the public to put their confidence in an institution which they do not thoroughly believe in themselves. The Carmarthen branch, under the able and painstaking management of Mr Harries, has met with a good and increasing share of the patronage of the town and district, and we have no doubt that the success which has hitherto characterised it will not only be maintained, but be materially developed under these new facili- ties. From enquiries made, we are given to understand that Mr Harries, who has fulfilled the onerous duties of manager of the Carmarthen branch for upwards of 17 years, will continue in the same capacity.