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MARKET S. CORN. CARDIFF, Saturday.—(From the Report of Messrs. James Tucker, Limited).—There was a slow trade for wheat at our market to-day, at barley last week's prices. Grinding barley was rather cheaper. Maize was steadier at the recent decline. Oats were quiet. Beans were unchanged in valne. GLOUCESTER, Saturday.-(From Messrs. W. C. Lucy and Co's., Circular)—With a very thin attendance there was hardly any English wheat on offer at our market to-day, but prices were the same as last week. Foreign wheat was slow, and late rates were not obtainable. Grinding barley was 3d per qr. lower. Maize was easier. Oats were unaltered in Talue. BUTTER.. CARMARTHEN, Saturday. (William Pugh's Report )-A fair supply of cask butter at our market to-day, which sold at 9d to !}id per Ib, Fresh market pound sold at lOd to lOid. CORK, Wednesday.- Firsts, 77s; seconds, lits; thirds, 65s fourths, 49s. Mild.cured firkins- superfine, 80s; fine, 73s; mild, 67s. In market- 1,266 firkins, 324 mild. CHEESE. CARMARTHEN, Saturday.-(William Pugh'sReport) A small supply of new cheese, which sold at about 18s to 20s per cwt. PROVISIONS. MONMOUTH, Saturday.—At our market to-day there was a good attendance, and the supply was large, but trade was very stick. The following were the ruling quotations:—Fresh butter, Is 9d per lb. Hen's eggs, 14 for a Is. Dressed poultry Fowls from 4a 6d to 5s per couple; ducks, 6s per couple. Butchers' meat (prime joints) Beef, from 8d to 9d per lb; wether mutton, from 9d to lOd per lb; and pork from 7d to Sd per lb. Vegetables New potatoes, Is per qr j cabbages Id each green peas, Is 4d per qr; carrots and turnips (new) 2d per bundle; cucumbers, 4d to 8d each. Fruit: Straw- berries, Is 6d per qt; gooseberries, 3d per qt; pine- apples, Is 6d to 2s each; cherries, 8d per lb; bananas, 3d each tomatoes, Is 3d per lb. Fish Wye salmon, Is 5d per lb; mackerel, 4d each turbot, Is per lb; soles, Is 8d per lb; lemon soles, 8d per lb; plaice, Id to 5d per lb; whiting, 6d per lb halibut, 6d to 8d per lb haddock, Id per lb sand dabbs, 4d per lb; kippers, 8 for 6d; cod, Id per doz; red herrings, 8 for 6d shrimps, 6d per qt. HAT AND STRAW. WHITECHAPEL, Saturday.—Clover, prime, 75s to. 92s; inferior, 46s to 75s; best hay, (ios to I'.¡s inferior hay, 26s to 50s; straw, 20s to 38s per load. Short supplies, with dull trade, without quotable change in prices.

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