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ONLY A LITTLE. —A FRIENDLY WARNING. ONLY A LITTLE COLD, and a. little cough, and only neglected for a while it will lead to Bronchitis, Consumption, and the grave. Only take a regular course of GWILYU EVANS'S QUININE BITTERS at the start, and the threatened dangers may be averted. ONLY A LITTLE PAIN in the stomach, a little less taste for food, a little feeling of heaviness now and again, are the first symptoms of Indigestion and Dyspepsia. Only take GWILYU EVANS'S QUININE BITTERS in time, and every meal you take can be thoroughly enjoyed. ONLY A LITTLE TIRED FEELING, a little pain between the shoulders, a little stiffness in the joints, show danger from the Liver. GWILYM EVANS s QUININE BITTERS is the ONLY CERTAIN remedy for all sorts of Liver Complaints. ONLY A LITTLE OUT OF SORTS, a little low spirited, was the beginning of the trouble which plunged the poor man into a hopeless chronic melancholy from which the only hope for cure is a persistant course of GWILYU EVANS'S QUININE BITTERS. ONLY A LITTLE WEAKNESS, a little paleness, were the first outward tokens of the Debility which took the Youth or Maiden to an early grave. If GWILYM EVAINS'S QUININE BITTKRS had only been takeu in time the patients would have recovered. Think seriously of these, and then, if at any time you are troubled with any of these apparently slight ailments, lose no time, but send at once for GWILYM EVANS'S QUININE BITTERS, which is the ONLY SAFE and CERTAIN means of repelling the invasions of disease, of eradicating all traces of its evil effect, and restoring the whole system to its normal healthy state. The chief medical men in our own and foreign countries are unanimous in recommending Quinine as a safe and certain restorative in seasons of prostration of their patients, after suffering severe attacks of FeVers and other maladies. im- CAUTION—Ask plainly for GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS, and see that the name GWILYM EVANS is on the label, stamp and bottle. Sold by all Chemists in 2s. 9d. and 4s. Gd. bottles, or direct from the Proprietors, carriage free by Parcels Post for the above price. QUININE BITTERS MANUFACTURING COM- PANY, LTD., LLANELLY, SOUTH WALES. AMERICAN DEPOT: R. D. WILLIAMS, Plymouth, Penn.


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