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THE PRIMROSE LEAGUE. ST. CLEARS. The annual meeting of the St. Clears Habitation (1032) of the Primrose League took z, place on Thursday week. The day being gloriously fine, a very large number of members and friends attended from far and near, and the proceedings throughout were carried out very successfully. Athletic sports were held in the afternoon, followed by a sumptuous spread ef tea and cake in the National schools of the town. After these the regular business of the Habitation was proceeded with. The following ladies and gentlemen have been unanimously re-elected officers for the ensuing year :—Ruling Councillor, Dr. Henry Lawrence executive council, Mrs Falkener, Laugharne Mrs Phillips, Clyngwynne Mrs Pugh, St. Clears Mrs M. Davies, Bankyfelin Miss Traffow, Plas Pantheol Miss Howells, Penrheol Miss Gelverton, Whitland Abbey; Miss Bowen Jones, Gwarmacoed. To these were added, Mrs Carver, Blaencorse and Mrs Thomas, Perkie. In the evening a public meeting was held in the schoolroom, under the presidency of the Ruling Councillor, and there was a large at- tendance. In his preliminary remarks, the worthly Chairman said he had to apologise for the unavoidable absence of Captain Jones-Parry, owing to a domestic bereavement. They all felt very sorry that Captain Parry was thus unable to be present and address them. Fortunately, they had found a true friend of the cause who, at the last moment, kindly came forward when asked to assist them, and who had the rare qualification of being able to address them eloquently both in English and Welsh. He begged to introduce to them Mr Pughe Davies. The Speaker was heartily received, and delivered able addresses. His Welsh speech was evidently a very telling one, and it was marked with frequent and hearty applause, his hearers being deeply impressed with it. Mr Thomas, Derry, then proposed a vote of thanks to the speaker for the able and convincing addresses they had just had. He urged them to consider well all that had been told them that evening, and strive to do their best for the party and the organisation they belonged to. Mr Pughe Davies replied, and proposed a vote of thanks to the Ruling Councillor for so ably presiding over that meeting. He was agreeably surprised to find such a large muster of good and enthusiastic supporters of the Primrose League at St. Clears. Their courteous Ruling Councillor had informed him that they numbered nearly 500 members. They had a powerful organisation —one that would have to be reckoned with when the next election came. He trusted they would all be firm and united in their action, and faith- ful to their principles. He hoped they would not be influenced by petty jealousy, but be content with the positions they found themselves in, and do all they could to assist their officers to increase the usefulness of the League there. Mr Guest Gardiner seconded. The Ruling Councillor, in acknowledging the vote, thanked the audience for the kind way they had responded. He felt he fulfilled the duties in anything but an efficient way, but what he did do was done in a true spirit. He urged one and all to try and assist him in strengthening their cause and adding to their numbers. He could only repeat the good advice of the speaker and Mr Thomas to lose no time in beginning to work and organise, and not to leave things to chance, not waking up until the last moment when too late, and making frantic and useless efforts to avert a defeat. By timely organisation and genuine work, we could in time convert our recent reverses into then well-earned successes. The singing of the National Anthem brought a most enjoyable afternoon and evening to a close. The warm thanks of the League are due to the following amongst other ladies for their kind assistance at the sports, the tea, and the evening meeting — Mrs and Miss Traffords, Mrs and Miss Howells, Mrs Phillips, Mrs Thomas, Mrs Mansfield, Miss Dixie, &c. HAVERFORDWEST. A most successful entertainment for the warden- ships of Wiston, Walton East and Clarbeston, was given at the Magistrates' Room, Clarbeston Road, on the evening of Thursday, June 19th. The proceedings commenced with a tea, and at 8.30 the chair was taken by Mr Lloyd-Philipps, of Pentypanc, the place of meeting being crowded to its utmost capacity. Addresses were delivered by Colonel Esmonde-White, the Rev. D. E. Williams, vicar of Llanhaden, and the H.ev. J. G. Lloyd, late hon. secretary to the Habitation. Colonel White spoke upon the improved condition of Ireland consequent upon the vigorous and statesman like policy of Mr Balfour, and lie also quoted some most interest- ing Irish election statistics as proving that, not- withstanding the present mis-representation of that country, a clear majority of voters at the last general election was in favour of the Union. Mr Lloyd criticised the Gladstonite idea of Welsh Home Rule, and showed the injury to the inhabitants of Wales, which would inevitably result from the coming into action of a policy of disintegration, and Mr Williams, in the course of a maiden speech in this district, urged upon all present the im- portance and the duty of beeoming thoroughly acquainted with political truths. Some excellent songs were then sung by Mrs Williams (Llanhaden Vicarage), Colonel White, Mr Williams (Wiston School), and Mr Duckfield (Clarbeston School). Mrs Lloyd-Philipps kindly acting as accompanyist. Colonel White afterwards gave a very amusing conjuring performance and a vote of thanks to Mr and Mrs Lloyd-Philipps and the other ladies and gentlemen who had taken part in the enter- tainment, which was proposed by Captain Higgon, R.A. (Scotlon) having been carried by acclamation. The National Anthem was sung, and the gathering dispersed. Mrs Lloyd Philipps has recently been ap- pointed (with the sanction of Lady Philipps, of Picton Castle, dame president), a vice dame president of the Habitation with especial charge of the Walton East, Wiston and Clarbeston wardenships. It is confidently anticipated that this appointment will be the cause of increased efficiency in these already flourishing warden- ships. 0