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PENBOYR. A VERY successful children's festival, number- ing about 350 members, from the parishes of Penboyr, Llaugeler, Bangor and Henllan, Llanfair, Llandyfriog, Llangynllo and Newcastle Emlyn, was held at St. Barnabas Church, Penboyr, on Tuesday of last week. A sacred cantata called, Iesu, y Bugail Da," by the Rev. G. Williams, curate of Wrexham, was performed in a highly creditable manner by the children of the above named parishes, under the leadership of Mr. Rees, Penboyr National School. Great credit is due for the punctuality observed by the schools. They were, almost without exception, in their places at 2 o'clock, and a short rehearsal was held before the commencement at 2.30 p.m. The Church was literally crammed with attentive and reverent listeners, most of whom failed to have sitting room. The Rev W. Powell, rural dean, officiated in his usual efficient manner, and addressed the children before the close in fatherly and loving words, impressing upon them the duty of obedience and love to the Good Shepherd. The singing throughout was most satisfactory, but the rendering of "Yr oedd cant namyn un and Arglwydd lesu'r Bugail mwyn," deserve special mention for the pathos infused into the different verses. The rendering of the solo, Fel Bugail y portha ei braidd," by a young female Sunday scholar, Miss E. Jones, from St. Barnabas School, was very effective and praise- worthy for so young and untried a soloist. The recitation of the different schools also was good, the wording being quite distinct and intelligible. Miss Evans, of Pentre, presided at the harmonium in her usual masterly manner. The clergy of all the above named parishes were in attendance, and took active interest in the pleasant pro- ceedings of the day. Much praise is due for the arrangement in the Church, which was arranged so judiciously, that all shifting and confusion was avoided. Everything was carried through decently and in order. At the close of the festival, the children of the different schools were entertained by their several clergy at different places in the neighbourhood. Advantage was also taken of the day to regale all the members of the two Sunday Schools of Penboyr with tea and cake at the schoolroom. Over 250 members sat to enjoy the abundant good things provided, and ample justice was done to them. Thanks are due to Miss Jones, of the Rectory, and the Misses Evans, Pentre, in getting up the treat, and also to Mrs Jones, the Rectory Miss Griffiths, Pentre the Misses Elliott, of Dolhardd-fach; Mrs Jones, Tyhen Mrs Jones, Spring Garden Mrs Jones, Dangribin and other kind ladies, who assisted to wait on the different tables. Mr Jones, the worthy rector, was most attentive and indefatigable to make all happy and comfortable. It was an encouraging sight to the rector and teachers to see their Sunday scholars so numerous and promising. It is a proof of the Church work carried on in this parish. The weather marred the complete success of the entertain- ment as it turned out wet, which prevented the children from indulging in any out-door sports. It is to be hoped that the children's festival, which was the first of the kind held in this neighbourhood, will be continued in future years. The success of this one should stimulate everyone concerned to further efforts to perfect and perpetuate a children's festival, which will prove a blessing to the rising generation, and a source of strength to the Church in the district.