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CARMARTHEN. THE Glansevin Yale of Towy Otter Hounds will meet on Tuesday, July 1st, at Kilsane Bridge and on Friday, July 4th, at Llandebie each day at 10 o'clock a.m. CARMARTHENSHIRE IJ'i'FIlDL\RY.-J une25, 1HHO, the Secretary begs respectfully to acknowledge the following Daily Graphic," Mr. Spurrell "Illustrated" Papers, Mr Finch Flowers, Miss Jennings, Gellydeg; "Tit-Bits" and" Answers," two friends. OLD COLLEGE SCHOOL.—Messrs P. R. Williams (St. David's), and T. Hughes (Trelech), two students of the above school, were among the successful candidates who passed the entrance examination to the Presbyterian College this week. BLUE RIBBONISJI.—The weekly meeting was held on Sunday last, at the Peniel Chapel School- room, when there was a very large attendance. The chair was taken by the president Mr James Barns-row. SCHOLA',TIC.Nlr J. Cerridfryn Thomas, Park- y-velvet school, is for the 5th time selected to attend the short summer courses instituted for S.C., teachers at South Kensington. SCHOLASTIC APPOINTMENT.—Miss S. A. Evans to this town, was at a meeting of the Lampeter School Board held on Tuesday last, unanimously appointed Head-mistress of the Peterwell Girls School. ABERDARE POULTRY AND BIRD SHOW. --At the above show, held last week at Aberdare, we are pleased to learn that Mr Henry Spurry, St. Catherine-street, Carmarthen, took second prize in the Yorkshire (canary) class. THE PRESBYTERIAN COLLEGE. The annual examination of the students of this College, has just been concluded, and the result will be published to-day (Friday). We understand that on account of the recent Strike of the students, the Board have decided to withdraw all exhibitions and prizes, that were otherwise to be competed for at this examination. 1st P.R.V. On Monday, the H and I Companies (Carmarthen), numbering about 150, met under the command of Captain G. A. Hutchins, and proceeded by to Llandilo, where they were joined by the Llanelly and Llandilo companies. All afterwards proceeded to Dynevor Park, and were drilled by Adjutant Clarke, who highly complimented them on their general etticiency and appearance. WATER-STREET CHAPEL.—The annual meeting of the children of the above chapel came off on Thursday evening last. The tea, cake, Ac., were given this year by the superintendents of the school, Messrs W. Joseph, timber merchant, and G. Treharne, grocer. Tea being over, the children repaired to one of the fields of Alderman Norton and after an hour's recrea- tion, they returned to the public meeting, which commenced at 7 o'clock, presided over by the Rev. J. Wyndham Lewis, the pastor of the place. The singing, recitations, &c., wese adjudicated by Mr J. R. Lewis, A.C., Priory-street; and Mr S. E. Prydderch, Old College School. The choir was conducted by Mr T. Jones (Caeralaw). Y Weddi Iiwyrol" and Awn, awn ym mlaen," were very effectively rendered and the 15th Psalm was beautifully recited by the young folks. Prizes and neat little purses were presented to a very large number of the competitors. The meeting which lasted for two hours and a half, was brought to a close with the usual vote of thanks. LECTURE ON STANLEY. — The Rev. Thomas Evans, Lower Edmonton, delivered his popular lecture on H. M. Stanley, the African Explorer, at the English Congregational Church, Carmar- then, on Monday evening last, to a large audience, over which the Mayor presided. The lecturer spoke with great eloquence, producing a marked impression upon his hearers. He traced the career of the great traveller from his birth at Denbigh, at a cottage situated within the boundaries of Denbigh Castle, to the present. He graphically described an interview he had with Stanley's mother soon after he had returned from his journey in search of Livingstone, which settled the then debated question of his voyage to America, his adoption oi his masters name, Henry Morton Stanley. He described the young hero in glowing terms, his march in search of Livingtone, and the details of the journey connected therewith his difficulties along the Nile, his conversion of the King of Uganda. Then the lecturer recounted his new venture in search of Emin Pasha, his arrival in England, and the receptions, he was favoured with at the hands of all. At the conclusion of the lecture, Rev. J. W. Wyndham Lewis proposed a vote of thanks to the lecturer, which was seconded by Mr Charles Finch. A vote of thanks to the chairman was pre- posed by the Rev. Thomas Evans and seconded by Alderman John Lewis. On Wednesday night last, a presentation was made at the above chapel, to Mr Fred Lewis, of the College, and up till recently leader of the choir. A photograph of the choir in frame and inscription by Mr J. F. Lloyd was presented by the members, a purse of gold by the congregation, and an expensive book by Mr Finch. Conplimentary speeches were delivered by all parties and Mr Lewis suitably thanked all for their kindness.






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