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LLANDILO CHRONICLE. SUNDAY SCHOOLS' EXCURSION. The members of the Sunday Schools of the Tabernacle and Ebenezer, Llandilo, together with Penybanc, had their annual excursion on Mon- day, when like last year, Tenby was made the place of visit. It is believed that about 800 availed themselves of the opportunity of attend- ing the favourite watering place at the moderate fare of 2s. 6d. The morning opened dull with some rain, but the climatic conditions of the afternoon were more favourable, and some six hours stay in the Pembrokeshire town was highly enjoyed by all. The excursionists returned home about 9.30 p.m., no hitch nor accident having taken place. PETTY SESSIONS. These sessions were held on Saturday, before Messrs A. S. Gulston and J. Lewis Thomas.— Theophilus Davies, landlord of the New Inn, Llandilo. was mulcted in the sum of 1;1 13s. for being drunk on his own licensed premises on two occasions. The complaints were laid respectively by P.S. Harries and P.C. Mitchelmore.—P.C. A. Bryant, of Ammanford, charged Thomas Hopson with being drunk and disorderly. Fined 10. It will be remembered that at a previous sessions, a •' charge was preferred agunst Lwis Edwards, landlord of the Cennen Arms, Trapp, for keeping his house open illegally on Sunday. The magistrates at the said Court adjourned the case to the present sessions, to permit of the distance from the abode of Thomas Jones (one who was found on the licensed premises) to the said premises being measured. The distance was measured by Mr E. Jones, surveyor, Glancennen, who deposed it was three miles and 118 yards. who deposed it was three miles and 118 yards. The Bench, therefore, dismissed the case.— Charges of drunkenness were brought byP.S. Henry Evans and P.C. D. Nicholas, both of Garnant, against the following persons, who were fined the sums inserted after their names Wm. Jenkins, lis. 6d. John Williams, 16s Isaac Lewis, tl John Thomas, 12s. Thomas Jones, 12s. 6d. Joseph Michael, 15s. some of whom were also guilty of disorderly conduct —Garibaldi Philipps, of Smithfield Cottage, Manordeilo, was fined 14s. at the instance of P.S. J. Harries with being drunk.-P.C. George Mitchelmore charged Thomas Williams with being drunk. Fined 9s, 6d. CRICKET The Llandilo and Amrtianfjrd teams tried conclusions on home ground on Saturday in splendid weather. The following is the score :— 'Ammanford, 1st innings:—D. H. Lloyd, b A. Philipps, 0; A. Prytherch, b A. Philipps, 4 W. Williams, run out, b A. Philipps, 1 John Phillips, b O. Richards, 0; H. Morris, c J. Evans, b 0. Richards, 5; W. N. Jones, c C. Philipps, b Cowbourn, 40; W. W. Brodie, b Cowbourn, 19 D. Davies, b 0, Richards, 10 Joe Phillips, b 0. Richards, 3 D. Phillips, not out, 4 Wm. Jones, b Cowbourn, 3 extras, 6 total, 95. Llandilo, 1st innings C. Cowbourn, run out, b D. Davies, 5 A. Philipps, c Brodie, b D. Davies, 1 W. P. Philipps, c Phillips, b W. N. Jones, 1 J. Davies, b W. N. Jones, 3 J. W. Nicholas, b D. Davies, 5; Owen Richards, c and b W. N. Jones, 0 Purkiss, b D. Davies, 0 C. Philipps, 1) D. Davies, 0 J. Evans, c D. Davies, 1; J. Gwillym, b W. N. Jones, 0; C. Thomas, not out, 1 extras, 1 total, 18. Llandilo, 2nd innings C. Thomas, c Morris, b D. Davies, 0; A. Philipps, by Brodie, 21; W. P. Philipps, b W. N. Jones, 23 J. Davies (retired to catch train), 2; J. W. Nicholas, c and b W. Jones, 24; Owen Richards, b W. N. Jones, 4 C. Cowbourn, b W. N. Jones, 0 Purkiss, b W. N. Jones, 2 C. Philipps, run out, b W. N. Jones, 2; James Gwillym, not out, 1 J. Evans, b \V. N. Jones, 2; extras, 3; total, 84. Time did not permit of Ammanford playing their second innings. STRAY NEWS AND NOTES. Last week we inserted an extract from the reply of the Local Government Board to the petition against charging the maintenance of the town clock out of the rates. It is not easy to conceive what it really means. One part of the answer says that it was not legal to expend money out of the Local Board funds towards keeping in repair, lighting, itc. of the now re- nowned horologne, in consequence of its not be- ing vested in the Local Board, while the other part states that the Local Government Board saw no sufficient ground for interfering with the auditors decision, and they accordingly decided that the allowance should stand. It may be that the reply in that form is intended to pacify both the pros and cons on the question, but will it effect that purpose ? and how about its future maintenance ( Once for all, the much vexed question whether the "Cennen Arms," Trapp, is beyond the three miles limit from Llandilo, has been decided. Now, any in- habitant of the town, who chooses to take a stroll on Sunday as far as the licensed premises mentioned, can obtain thereat without fearing the foe, a blue," to refresh the inner man," provided, of course, his mission is not solely or entirely for drink. It will be observed that the distance from the Cennen Arms to the King's Head Inn is only 118 yards beyond the three miles, which has been certified on oath in a court of law by a local surveyor. The issue was, therefore, a very narrow one. Will the Llandilo cricket team venture upon a "dinner" match again this year with Amman- ford after the signal good play of the latter on Saturday, and the defeat of the home team. If they do intend to, they can rely upon it that their opponents will once more use the knife and fork" to their dear cost, unless better form" is acquired generally by the team. The excursion of Sunday School folk on Monday to Tenby should have not taken place until August, when the season would be in its heighth, and the weather more settled, instead of that, the excursionists beheld the beautiful watering place looking anything but lively, besides the weather on that day was very bleak for the time of the year. Probably, the outing was fixed earlier than usual to have regard for the convenience of the farming community, but they numbered comparatively few amongst the hundreds who went. There must be very few people at Llandilo who are "astronomically inclined," judging from the ap- parent unconcernedness which they regarded the solar eclipse on Tuesday, as scarcely any could be seen with their eyes uplifted towards the heavens, gazing through a smoked glass or a telescope upon the phenomenon. Perhaps, after all, their own business was to them a matter of more supreme importance. The male voice party, who are now rehearsing Valiant Warriors," under the leadership of Mr George Cobner, preparatory for the competition at the forthcoming Llanelly eisteddfod, had calculated upon the assistance of a few of the best voices of the Brynamman party, who took the prize in rendering that piece at an eisteddfod held some time ago at Swansea, but now learn to their chagrin that such party intend competing them- selves. Some of the members of the Llandilo party, therefore, hope now only for second honours, but our friends must remember that there is many a slip between the cup and the lip, and so it is, perhaps, as equally possible for them to get first as to be out of the running altogether, for like rifle shooting, glorious uncertainty sur- rounds vocal competitions as well.


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