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THE CAltMARTHEN DOG SHOW. The annual Carmarthen Dog Show was held yesterday (Thursday) in the Provision Market. The weather proved exceptionally fine, and there was an unprecedented attendance of both exhibitors and visitors. No less than 317 dogs were entered in the various classes. The Judges were Sir Marteine Lloyd, Bart., Bronwydd, and Mr L. C. P. Astley, of Dudley. It is gratifying to note that, although their task was an extremely difficult one, they discharged their duties admirably, and to the entire satisfaction of all concerned. The energetic hoii secretaries (Messrs J. Jordan Jones and Frank (wJIJ) carried out the arrangements without a hitch, aided by other members of the committee. An excellent luncheon was provided in the show yard by Mr Burgess, of the Nelson Hotel, which z, was presided over by Mr W. J. Buckley, M.F. H, the president of the show, supported by Mr Astley and Mr Vincent Thomas. The following is -,t LIST OF THE AWARDS. CLASS 1 (Foxhounds, in couples).—1, Silver Cup, Mr W J Buckley, Penyfai, Cruiser and Chorister" 2, silver medal, and h c, Mr T 11 H, Hughes, Neuaddfawr, Lampeter, Safety and Skylark, and Driver and Gainer, respectively. CLASS 2 (Pointers, dog or bitch).—1, Xi, Mr Wm Jenkins, Neath, June of Neath; 2, 10s, Mr Thomas Jenkins, Carmarthen, Dan"; 3 (extra), Mr Henry Norton, Carmarthen, Joe; reserve, Mr D II Thomas, Derllys Court, Juno; and h c, Mr R C Lawrence, Middleton Hall, Llanarthney, Pilot. CLASS 3 (Setters, dog or biteli).-I, .£1 Mr Tom Steadman, Dinnas Mawddy, De Beers 2, 10s Mr W Lewis, Albion Colliery, Pontypridd, Orange Lad 3, Mr SEC Lewis, Brechfa, Jack v h c, Mr Fred Sturdy, Falcondale, Lampeter, lap; v h c, Mr li G Lawrence, Middleton Hall, Llanarthney, Reta; vhc, do, Don Carlas; h c, Mr Lloyd Morris, Llanelly, Nell; h c, Dr Bowen Jones, Carmarthen, Rock h c, Mr James McAndrew, Lish Caity, Bridgend, Daisy; h c, Mr A Jefson, Mwyndy, Llantrissant, Grouse c, Mr Matthew Con mil', Kidwelly, Dash IX; res. Mr Alfred S Hall, Jeffres- ton, Belgelly, R.S.O., Sam X. CLASS 4 (Retrievers or Newfoundlands, Dog or Bitch)—1, Xi, Mr James A Sweeney, Bute Ship- building Yard, West Wharf, Cardiff, Noble Tipperary 2, 10s, Mr J. Reynolds, St. George- street, Tenby, British Queen"; reserve, do., Welsh Doctor. CLASS 5 (Greyhounds, dogs) 1, J':1, Mr D. Williams, Brynhafod, Llandilo, "Turk"; 2, 10s, Mr James Hooper, Water Wynch, Tenby, Echo" 3, 5s, Mr Thomas Jenkins, Carmarthen, "Tenby v.h.c, Mr David Evans, Shintor Fach, Kidwelly, Turpin Air J Jenkin Jones, Aberavon, "Mmeraiogist"; and Mr R. Lloyd, Mansel-street, Carmarthsn, 11 Treventy Steer"; h.c, Mr James Hooper, Water Wynch, Tenby, "Nelson"; c, Mr James Hooper, Gillard." Reserve, Mr T. R Jones, Llettycarn, Lord Emlyn. CLASS 6 (Greyhounds, bitch), 1, £1, Mr T G Sarvif, Aberdare, "Welsh (.2aoeu > 2, 10s, Mr J Y Davies, 32, New Road, Llandilo, Maid of Llandilo"; 3, 5s, Mr Charles Trevena, Redruth, "Maid of Cefn"; v.h.c, Mr James Gwillyni, Llandilo, Claribelle II Mr W Harvey, Nott- square, Carmarthen, Bessie and Mr T. Hodges, The Docks," Carmarthen Miss Sunday \ight" h.c, Mr John Hay, Victoria lun, Pembroke," Silver Bell"; Mr A E Hiles, 2, Water-street, Llanelly, Bit o' Quality" c, Mr Henry Cadle, Half Moon Hotel, Carmarthen, "Semi Luua"; Mr T Rees Thomas, Burry Port, "Lady Lassie and Mr II T Clktrke, Abingdon, Berks, Reserve, Mr B Havard, Narberth, Couutess. CLASS 7 (Greyhounds, dog or bitch, the pioperty of residents of the County of Carmarthen).—-I, £ 1, Mr D Williams, Bryiihafod, Llandilo, Turk 2, 10s, Mr J Y Davies, :3:2, New Road, Llandilo, Maid of Llandilo 3, 5s,Mr Thomas Evans,Treventy, St. Clears, Treventy Spot v 11 c, Mr T R Jones, Llettycarn, Carmarthen, Los d i! v li c, lir Henry Cadle, Moon llottl, ( niinutheu, Semi Luna; v h c, Mr W Harvey, Nott-sqnare, Carmar then, Bessie VII; v 11 c, Mr T Lloyd, butcher, Cai marthen, Treventy Steer; vh c, Mr George Austin, Station Road, Llanelly, Morwin Dw; v h c, Mr Thomas Jenkins. Carmarthen, Tenby; h c, Mr Rees Thomas. Burry Port, Lady Lassie; h c, Mr A E Hiles, 2, Water-street, Llanelly, Bit of (Quality; h c, Mr T W Rees, Bankyfelin, Bettws, Amman- ford, al; h c, Mr T Jo tie <, Pante, Carmarthen Prince h c, W S Phillips, King-street, Carmarthen, Gcrncn; h c, Mr T II Thomas, Lammas-street, Carmarthen, Spring; c, Alr G P, Lewis, King- street, Carmarthen, Twister. CLASS 8 (Spaniels, dog or bitch, 281bs and over). -1, 1:1, Mr George Morgan, 21i, Chapel-street, Neath, Young Bachelor; 2, 10s, Mr John Macphail, King-Street, Carmarthen, Blackbeath; 3, 5s, Mrs i>irt whistle, Saunderfoot, Don. Giovanni; v b c, Mr W J Roberts, Mariner's-square, Haverfordwest, Castle Prince v h c, Mr W Felton, Penarth, Cardiff, igil. Res. Mr John Avery, nlton, near Birmingham Oltonian. CLASS 9 (Spaniels, dog or bitch, under 2Slbs) — 1 and 2, equally divided between Mr George Morgan, Neath, "Miss Madge"; and Mr J H Hassey? 10, High-street, Cardiff, Chimes" 3, Mr A S Hall, Jeffreston, Begelly, RS.O, Lass"; v h c, Mr John Averv, Olton, near Birmingham, Ottoti Liss"; v h c, Messrs Davies & Jenkins, 58, Water-street, Neath, Doris" v h c, Messrs Leyshon & Mizcn, f2, Craddock-street, Cardiff. "Gold" v h c, Mr W Felton, Penarth, Cardiff. Peeress h c, Mr D Grifluths, King-street, Carmarthen. Charlie." ( LASS 10 (Fox Terrier, Dog, siijooth)-I, JEI, aud 3, 5s; Mr W V Howell Thomas, Rossley Jockcraud Dandy Jack; 2, 10s, Mr Bertie Rees, ) Haverfordwest, Rifleman; v h c, Mr W C Evans, Haverfordwest, Rat Trap; Mr John Corfield, Swan- sea, Sketty Tramp; Mr R H Sampson, Tommy; and Mr F W Toomer, Gloucester Villas, Swin- don, Russley Trimmer. Reserve, Mr J P Lewis, Picton-terrace, Carmarthen, Leo. CLASS 11 (Fox Terriers, Bitch (smooth(—1, .£1, Mr Cecil Paget, London, Ebor Enrichment; 2, 10s, Mr J E Spikett and Mr Thomas Jones, Pontypridd, Eaton Tutoress; 3, 5s, Messrs Thomas Gomage and Liros., Weslbnry-street. Swansea, Spline; v h c, Mr F \V Cavil, Response, and Mr S W Morgan, Sally, Carmarthen; h c, Mr E A L Powell, Nant Eos, Aberystwith, Purchase; and MrD H Thomas, Derllys Court, Carmarthen, Glad Tidings. CLASS 12 (Fox Terriers, Dog or Bitch (wire hair) -1, 11, tnd 2, 10s, Mr H L Hopkins, Llandilo, Ch. Bushey Broom and Dirleton Prompter; 3, 5s, Mr E A L Powell, Nanteos, Aberystwith, Brigand Brigade; h c, Mr John Jenkins, 2o, King-street, Carmarthen, Vital Spark; reserve, Dr Vachell, Ebbw Vale, Gay Reveller. CLASS 13 (Fox Terriers, under 12 months at date of show, smooth or wire hair)-I, .£1, divided between Mr W V H Thomas' (Carmarthen) Russ- ley Joker and Mr H L Hopkins' (Llandilo) Dirleton Prompter; 2, 10s, and 3, 5s, divided between Mr D 'ones' (Swansea) Quite Ready and Mr R H Cade's (ililston) Cai-ntibian Ruuy; vhc, Mr J Jenkins, King-street, Carmarthen, Vital Spark; Mr D H Thomas, Derllys Court, Glad Tidings; Mr L Pugh, Haverfordwest, Furzy Rip; Mr R H Sampson, Pontardulais, Tommy; Mr John Corfield, Sketty, Swansea, Sketty Tramp; and Mr RM Butler. Radnorshire, Back Stitch; h c (twice), Mr J LVrcival, Pembroke, Bushey Broom and Furzy Vick. CLASS 14 (Irish and Welsh Terriers, dog or bitch).—1, j £ l, and 2, 10s., Mr W J M Herbert, 49, Oakfield-street, Roath, Cardiff, Cardiff Taffy and Cardiff Jester; 3. Mr W V H Thomas, Carmarthen, Siukcr; v.h.c, Mr D Morgan, Carmarthen, Biddy Morgan; Mr David Jones, Market Restaurant, Swansea, Mona; Mr D C Davies, Ferndale, Welsh Gipsy; and Mr Fercy J Pelly, Mersth am, Breda Sally reserve, Mr John Williams, Wesbury-street, Swansea, Gipsy h.c., Mr T Hodges, The Docks, Carmarthen, Wasp. Entries 11. CLASS 15 (Hull Dogs and Bull Terriers, dog or bitch).—1, .£1, and 2, 10s., divided between Mr E L Enock's, Swansea, Gambler, and Mr John If ti-i ies' Carmarthen, King Bendigo; 3, Mr T R Seudmore's Young Gladstone; v.h.c., Mr C Harris, X l'a t h, Billy Y III. j and Ilr'I'E Bowen, Merthyr I'ale, Lowland Chief h.c., Mr J Harries, Carmarthen, White Lily; and T E Bowen, Sweet Rose. Entries S. CLASS LFI (Terriers of any breed, dog or bitch)- 1, X-1, 2, 10s., Mr F Roberts, Cardiff, Taffaide Lance and Taffside Wist extra prize, Mr Daniel Lewis, Carmarthen, Tiny v.h c., Mr D P Thomas, Pontypridd, Stonehouse Colonel; tnd AN-in Cheyne, Briton Ferry, Ettrick Tain c, Mr E HlorgaD, Waunarlwyd, near Swansea, Jack. Entries 13 ° CLASS 17 (St Bernards, dog or bitch) 1 11, and 2, 10s., Mr Thomas Shillcock, Birmingha'sj, Lord BILe and Sabrina 3, Mr A Walker, Herefordshire, G uilderoy; reserve, Mr E T Parker, lirl stol, Bristol Victor; v.h.c., Mr A Young, Kidwelly Nelson; Mr F H Oldfield, Tenby, Doti Mr John Cole, Haverfordwest, Snow King IL.; and Mr W Lawson, Neath, Baron Warlaby. The winner is reported to be the largest dog in the world. CLASS IS (Colley, Dog)-I, fl, Mr A. J Spiuks, Llandudno, Earl of Llandudno; 2, 10s, Mr S W Phillips, Haverfordwest, Peppo;3, 5s', Mr F h' Lloyd, London, McDougal reserve, Mr Robert Millar, Hereford, Mac Crea v. h.c., Messrs Rosser and Clarke, Port Talbot, Sunlight 11; h.c., Mr F Bradford, Swansea, Royal CLarlie c, Mr J Davies, Pontardulas, Turk. Entries 12. CLASS 19 (Colley, Bitch)-I, .£1, Mr JH Hassey, Cardiff Busy 2, 10s,Mr R B Fmdon, Hereford, Fay Lassie 3, 5s, Mr D Parry Thomas, Pontypridd, Clifton Beauty; c, Mr W J Buckley, Llanelly, Morwyn. Entries 5. CLASS 20 (Sheep Dog, any other variety, Docr or Bitch) -1, « £ !1, Mr J S Gaskell, Newport, Mon Mayor of Newport; 2, 10s,Dr J G Lock, Tenby, Sir Cavendish reserve, Mr J Thomas, London. Wall- eyed Bob v h.c, Mr D. P. Thomas, Pontypridd, Welsh Sensation. CLASS 21 (Sporting Puppy of any Breed, except t-ox Terriers, under ]2 months old at date of Show, Dog or Bitch)-1, jgl, Mr W Jenkins Neath, Juno of Neath; 2, 10s, Mr J H Hussey' Cardiff, The Curate; 3, 5s, Mr Carver, Llan- stephan, Ruby Roy; reserve. Col. Wilson, Car- marthen, Tagloni v.h.c, Mr Jonathan Jones, butcher, Ammanford, Murder; Mr J. Williams, Guildhall-square, Carmarthen, Nell; Mr J. Reynolds, St. George st., Tenby, IVelsh Doctor; Mr John Hay, Pembroke, Silver Belle h.c., Mr J Hay, Pembroke, Pious Pembroke; Mr Roberts 11 west, Castle Prince; AIr T. R. Jones, Llottycaiu* Carmarthen, Morgan; Mr George ScourfieJd, Carew, Pembroke, Dongodaruy; and Major J T# Glascott, Wcnallt, Carmarthen, Duchess • c" Dr. W L. Hughes, Carmarthen, Eileen. CLASS 22 (Any variety of Dog not named, Doo-or Bitch) 1st prize, M 2nd, 10s.; 3rd, 5s. The first aud 2nd prizes were equally divided between Mr W Aldrit Rocklauds, Weston-Super-Mare and Captain F R Crawshay, Swansea. Celir- 3rd, Mr W G Barron, Port Talbot, The Comforter vh.c. Mr Davies, Sheaf, Carmarthen, Spider;h.c. Mr R M Davies, Carmarthen, Valkman MrR M Davies Post Office, Llandyssil, Nell and Mr E T Parker' Bristol Marie Antionette; c. Mr John Davies Carmarthen, Sam entries, 14. CLASS 23 (Selling Class, Dog or Bitch, any breed not to exceed £ t)—1, £1, Mr J H Hussey, Cardiff Brack 2, 10s, Mr A S llall, Begelly, Sam X; 3, Mr D P Thomas, Pontypridd, Stonehouse Colonel; v h c (twice), Mr E T Parker, Bristol, Danny and Marie Antionette. SPECIAL PRIZES. Silver cnp (given by Messrs. Spillersand Bakers, Limited), for the best sporting dog or bitch in the Show, won by the fox terries-, Mr II L Hopkins, Llandilo, Ch. Bushey Broom." Silver cup (given by the Committee) for the best non-sporting dog or bitch in the show, won by the Sr. Bernard, Mr Thomas Shillcock, Newton Row, Birmingham, Lord Bute." Special prize of £1 Is. (given by Mr Thomas Jenkins, Esq.), for the best Greyhound in the show, won by Mr T. G. Sarvis, Aberdare, Welsh Queen." Special prize of .Et. Is. (given by Mr W. V. Howell Thomas, E?q.), for the best Fox Terrier (wire hair or smooth) that had never won a prize before, previous to the day of the show, won by Mr HL Hopkins, Llandilo, Ch. Dirleton Promptor- The donor did not compete. At the close of the show, a sale was held 1 Vincent Thomas, who sold about 25 dug highest price realized being 1:20 for th Welsh Sensation" LV, years old, the prop Mr D. Parry Thomas, Pontypridd, and them being two stray dogs from the HI une for lost dogs. e have been enable to comment on classes, owing to pressure on our columns.

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