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EDUCATIONAL ANNOUNCEMENTS. CARMARTHEN. GIRLS' COLLEGIATE SCHOOL, 10, QUAY STREET, CARMARTHEN. PRINCIPAL Mus. W. MA11LES-THOMAS PUPILS have passed the South Kensington Ait and -i- Science First Class College of Preceptors Junior and Senior Society of Art. Oxford and Cam- bridge Local Royal Academy of Music and Trinity College Examinations. First Class -Honours, Special Distinctions and Prizes, have been gained in the above Examinations. HIGH SCHOOL FOR GIRLS CARMARTHEN. A BOARDIN<: AN1) DAY SCHOOL. PRESIDENT OF COUNCIL THE LORD BISHOP OF ST. DAVID'S. LADY PRINCIPAL Miss ARTHY. M.R.C.P., Certificated in Honors, Cambridge University Certificated, 1st Class, by the Council of Education German Diploma. LADY SUPERINTENDENT MRS. ROBERTS. ASSISTANT TEACHERS Miss K. S. GILES, Certificated Cambridge, Oxford, and Trinity College, London, and in Mathematics, Mechanics, Chemistry, and Drawing by Science and Art Department, South Kensington.—Miss RANDALL, Certificated, 1st Class, by the Council of Education in Botany, Hygiene, Agriculture, Chemistry and Drawing by the Science and Art Department, South Kensington Trinity College, Theory of Music; Kindergarten, Needlework, and Drill Certificates.—Miss GILES Certificated, College of Preceptors in Drawing and Mathe- matics by the Science and Art Department, Souih Kensington. NON-RESIDENT -Mn;:5 BUCKLEY, Associate in Music, Trinity College, London; Senior R.A.M. and Trinity College Certificates (Organ, Piano, Theory); Society of Arts, 1st Class in Music Cambridge Higher Certificate. DRAWING MASTER—MR. W. JONES, Higher Certi- ficates South Kensington. MUSIC MASTER—MR. COOKE, Organist of Christ Church. 'NII DANCING MISTRESS—MISS AYLING. THE School gives an excellent education on very moderate terms. Admirable accommodation for Boarders, under the superintendence of a Clergyman's widow. Pupils prepared for public Examinations. Half-term Monday, June 16th. f £ 31~ The Council of the High School offers THREE ENTRANCE SCHOLARSHIPS of fifteen pounds each, available in September, IS'JO, and renewable at the close of each year. An Examination of the Candidates for these Scholar- ships will be held at the School in September. The subjects of this Examination with all particulars as to School fees, board and tuition, may be had on application to the Principal on or before September 1st, 1890. QUEEN ELIZABETH GRAMMAR SCHOOL, CARMARTHEN. FOUNDED, 1576. Chairman of Governors: VISCOUNT EMLYN. Head lIIaster-J. J. LLOYD-WILLIAMS, M.A., late Classical Scholar of Jesus College, Oxford Head Master of St. David's College School, Lampeter, 1883-87. ASSISTANT MASTERS. Mathematics—E. H. HENSLEY, M.A., late Scholar of St. John's College, Cambridge; Bell (Uni- versity) Scholar, 18S2; Twelfth Wrangler, 1885. The Xatural Sciences and Preparatory Side—W. S. WATERFIELD, B.A., Merton College, Oxford; 2nd Class Final School of Natural Science. Lower Mathematics and English-S. E. DAVIES. JIlIsic-Instrumental and Vocal— C. VIDEON HARDING, Organist of St. Peter's, Carmarthen. Drawing (in all its branches)—W. JONES, Head Master of the School of Art, Carmarthen. Drill-Instructor—Sergeant-Major COOPER. rpHE School is a first grade school, and prepares JL for Scholarships at Oxford and Cambridge, London University, the Welsh University Colleges, Law and Medical Examinations, Banks, etc., and all branches of business. All boys are taught Latin and French. Each form has a distinct classical and modern side. In the latter special attention is devoted to Mathematics, English subjects and modern languages, and teaching is also given in Chemistry, Physiology, Physiography, Mensuration, Mechanics, Physics, Principles of Agriculture,etc Two Board- ing-Houses (with private studies) under Head Master's Supervision. Spacious Laboratory, with benches for Practical Chemistry. Large Gymnasium (50 feet long by 25 feet wide) with all appliances. Cricket and Football Field. The List of Honours since January, 188S, includes Scholarships and Exhibitions at Oxford and Cam- bridge in Classics, Mathematics, and the Natural Sciences-total value over X750. Medal and two proximo accessit for Medal, Edinburgh University proxime accessit for Powis Exhibition, value £ 60 per annum. Over 90, first and second classes Science aud Art ExaminatioLs, South Kensington, riace in 1st and 2ud Division, Loudon, Matricula- tion. Higher and Lower (Oxford and Cambridge Schools). Certificates, Scholarships at Lampeter College, etc., etc. The Annual School Scholarships and Exhibitions, ranging from X25 to jj-t 4s each per annum, value in all about P250 per annum, are offered for com- petition on Tuesday and Wednesday, April 29th and aOth, lSOO. The Oakley Scholarship, value £0 8s per annum, confined to boys educated for at least three years in some public Elementary School within the Borough of Carmarthen, will be awarded at the same time. No religious restriction is attached to any of the Scholarships or Exhibitions. During the Examination, Candidates from a distance will be boarded and lodged, free of charge, in the Headmaster's house. Masters of Elementary and Preparatory Schools and intending Candidates can obtain now full particulars of subjects, &c., from the Headmaster. School re-commences Thursday, May 1st, 1890. LAMPETER. THE COLLEGE SCHOOL, LAMPETER. Head Master and, Tcachcr of English Subjects—Rev. T. M. EVANS,B. A., late Senior Scholar of St. David's College, and Prizeman and Exhibitioner of King's College, Cambridge. Classics—Rev. E. J. DAVIES, B.A., late Scholar of St. David's College. Mathematics and Modern Lttitguatics-A. FIELD, Esq., B.A., late Scholar of St. David's College. Scicncc LLEWELYN BANKES-PRICE, B.A., late Open (Science) of Jesus College, Oxford. Excellent intermediate education. Direct prepara- tion for the learned professions under peculiarly advan- tageous conditions. Thorough preparation for St. David's College and other places of higher educa- tion. For prospectus, &c., apply to HEADMASTER. PUBLIC NOTICES. A U I A N Al'ITAN, A R IAN jM i £ 500. Khoddir benthyg i Foncddwyr, Fferuiwyr, Mas- nachwyr, a phob dosparth o ddeiliaid tai, ar eu sicrwydd en hunain. Nid oes eisieu Bills of Sale. Mae yn hollol ddirgel a chyfrinachol. Ad- daliadau i gyfarfod cyfleustra benthyewyr. Am fanylion pellacb, ymofyner a Sol. Barnett, 15, Dynevor Place, Swansea. STIFF'S STARCH. Sold in Ib, Picture Boxes. Sold in 51b. Packets. Trade Mark Queen Bess. STIFF'S STARCH. Uniform Quality. Warranted Pure. ST*!tttp'C! tIT'ATT'TT Most Economical. J Irx1 o to±AIU,li. lmparts an Exquisite Gloss Makes Linen Look like New STIFF'S STARCH. For Collars. For Wristbands. C TIFFS STARCH. For Caps. STIFF'S STARCH. For (uff s- s For Lace. For Linen. STIFF'S STARCH. For Muslins. For Curtains. miwm.i r.m i llf,TT Eor Table Cloths. ^2 lllF S STAlxCH. Ask for Stiff's Starch. Note the Caution Label. STIFF'S STARCH. observe the Trade Alark. See Dr. Hassall s lestnnonia Mark what Dr. Griffin says STIFF'S STARCH. Read Pro. Herapath'sRepor ::1 Sold by Grocers. STIFF'S STARCH. SoldbyoSS^' Established 1818. Wholesale—Stiff aud Co., Redcliif-street, Bristol. WHITE'S PiLL OF HEALTH, AN UNRIVALLED FAMILY MEDICINE (TASTELESS). THE SAFEST DOMESTIC PILL KNOWN. INVALUABLE AT THE PRESENT SEASON OF THE YEAR. WHITE'S PILL OF HEALTH CLEANSES THE STOMACH, CURES HEADACHE, STOMACH COMPLAINTS, BILIOUSNESS, INDIGESTION, HEARTBURN, PAINS, COSTIVENESS, GIDDINESS, PALPITATIONS, PIMPLES, WIND, GRAVEL, PILES, COLIC, ERUPTIONS, LOSS OF APPETITE, &c. THEY PROMOTE A HEALTHY ACTION OF THE LIVER, AND ARE INVALUABLE AS A BLOOD AND SKIN PURIFIER. SOLD ] Y BOXES A T ONE UNIFORM PRICE, Is. I d each. copy OF ANALYSIS BY DR. HOl'KINS. GENTLEMEN,—I have made a careful Analysis of WHITE'S PATENT PILL OF HEALTH, and found them to be compounded of genuine and pure ingredients. I think them the best Aperient and Antibilious Pills known—a warm stomachic, and admirably adapted for Wind and Constipation generally. (Signed) JOHN MORGAN HOPKINS, M.D., 11, Quay-street, Carmarthen." Prepared only by J. E. WILLIAMS, M.P.S., (LATE WHITE BROTHERS), PIIA R MACE U T ICAL C II E M I ST, 7, GUILDHALL SQUARE, CARMARTHEN. IRON BUILDINGS. BRUCE AND STILL, NORFOLK STREET, LIVERPOOL, CONTRACTORS FOR IRON BUILDINGS and ROOFS, Churches, Schools, Mission Rooms, Hospitals, Cricket and Lawn Tennis Pavilions, Colliery Roofs, Warehouses, Stores, Billiard Rooms, Clubs, Shoot- ing Lodges, Cottages, Huts, FARM BUILDINGS, Hay and Corn Sheds, Barns, Dairies, Stables, &c. Highest Testimonials from the Leading Clergy, Architects, and Agriculturists. Estimates and Designs on application. Contractors to H.M.'s Government. XfEW ORIENTAL BANK CORPORATION JA (Limited). West-End Office, 25, Cockspur Street, S.W. Edin- burgh Office, 23, St. Andrew Square. Dundee Office, (i, Panmure, Street. Branches and Agencics-Anstralia, India, Ceylon, China, Japan, Straits, Madagascar, Mauritius, Seychelles, Aden, Paris, New York, San Francisco. The Bank receives deposits, buys and sells bills of exchange, buys foreign coupons and interest warrants, makes telegraphic transfer, issues letters of credit and circular notes, forwards bills for collection, and transacts banking and agency business generally INTEREST ALLOWED ON DEPOSITS. At .'5 months' notice. 3 per cent. per annum. At (j months'notice. 4 At 12 For o years certain .5 Interest paid half-yearly in London—31st March and 30th Sept. Interest paid half-yearly in Scotland—11th May and lith Nov. The fullest information can be obtained at any of the Branches, or at the Head Office, 40, Tlireadneedle Street, E.C. A REMARKABLE RED WINE. BALFONTAIN. 30S. PER DOZEN. _D Of exquisite Bouquet and Delicious. Flavour, guaranteed absolutely pure, possessing the body and quality of Port. Keeps perfectly in the decanter for one or two weeks. FOR LUNCHEON. Compares favourably with Burgundies and Clarets at double the price. "A full bodied and generous wine."—The Lancet. FOR DINNER. Especially suitable for Invalids by reason of its daintiness and easy digestibility, for winter or snmmer, Sales increase rapidly wherever introduced. 80s. PER DOZEN, Mr ClIAS. ESTCOURT. F.I.C., F.C.S., certifies —"The bouquet and flavour show it to be a Natural Wine of superior quality, with keeping properties." Sole Consignees SANIFORD & SON, King Street, Manchester, will seud 3 Dozen, carriage paid in U.K or placed Free on board ship, on receipt of remittance, Special discounts for 12, 24, and 48 dozens. or in Wood. AGENTS APPOINTED ON APPLICATION. JgALFONTAIN. Just Published, a book for Young Men, By DR. J. A. BARNES, M.D., (U.S.), entitled "HOW TO ENSURE HEALTH." On the LAWS GOVERNING LIKE, and the CAUSES, SYMPTOMS, and TREATMENT of all diseases depend- ing on Exhaustion of Nervous Vitality, such 11" Nervous Debility, Mental and Physical Depres- sion, Palpitation of the Heart, Noises in the Head aud Ears, Indecision, Impaired Sight and Memory, Indigestion, Prostration, Lassitude, Depression of Spirits, Loss of Energy and Appetite, Pains in the Back, &c. Sent post free for 2 Stamps; or by letter postl 3 Stamps. "THE FEMALE'S FRIEND AND ADVISER" Will be sent GRATIS to any address on RECEIPT OF STAMPED ENVELOPE. Address, DIè. BARNES, is, Lonsdale Square, Barnsbury, London, N.