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LAMPETER. THE HALF-HOLIDAY MOVEMENT.—A deputa- tion from the shop-assistants waited upon the mayor (Mr T. Lloyd), on Friday evening last with view of seeking his assistance, to secure the long expected half-holiday. Mr Stephen Davies, Pontfaen shop, introduced the deputation, and said that their object as shop-assistants, was to obtain a little more relaxation than they had at present, and as they knew his Worship to be in sympathy with their cause, they approach him with confidence that he would use his influence in their favour, and help them to secure the much needed reform. He (Mr Davie") thought that with a little co-operation and unity no one would suffer by the proposed arrangement, and if all the tradesmen agreed to close their shops at 2 o'clock in the afternoon once in the week, he was sure that the ladies and gentlemen of the town and neighbourhood would be willing enough to do their shopping in the morning. The shop- assistants would do all they could to facilitate the business and make it run smoothly, so that the employers could have no grounds for com- plaint. Mr D. J. Mejicks, Corner Shop, also spoke, and said that the half-holiday had been adopted at less important places than Lampeter, and there was every reason for adopting it here as well. Some gentlemen might think that they wanted to drive away customers who came on that afternoon. Of course they were desirous that no customers should be lost, and, in fact, they would do all they could to bring in customers, and in considering what afternoon should be elected, they were quite willing to submit the choice to the employers, so as to study their convenience tirst. The Banks had a half- holiday, and so did the solicitors' clerks, and it was rather hard upon the shop-assistants to be denied a few hours recreation once in a week. The Mayor, in reply, said that he was wholly in sympathy with the movement, and would readily give the matter any support that lay in his power. He regretted that the half-holiday had not been obtained in the face of the many resolu- tions which had been passed initsfavour, namely, by the Foresters at their anniversary on the 9th November last, and afterwards at a meeting of the ratepayers, and finally by the Town Council. All seemed to agree that it ought to be granted, but somehow there was nobody to take the matter up there and then. He was glad that the assistants had now taken the matter up and went about it with a good spirit, and in so gentlemanly a minner. He would suggest that a memo- randum be drawn up, and signed by all the tradesmen, consenting to close on some afternoon in the week, and if they liked he would draw it up, and undertake to lay it before those tradesmen who were members of the Town Council, who, no doubt, after the resolution they had already passed, would willingly subscribe it first. On his asking the deputation how soon they thought the half holiday could take place, they replied about the beginning of July. His Worship thought that the 7th of July would be very suitable it being Ffair-fach-yr-haf at Llan- ybyther on that day. After thanking the mayor, the deputation left with joyous hearts. It appears that with one exception all the trades- men of Lampeter have either already signed or consented to sign the memorandum drawn up by the Mayor, but hopes are entertained that this gentleman will relent as he is not at all a bad un" at heart. BOAHD OF GUARDIANS.—A meeting of the board was held on Friday, the loth inst. Present John Fowden, in the chair; Mr Lewis Davies, Gelly Rev. Daniel Jones, vicar, Lam- peter; Mr David Davies, Lampeter Messrs Samuel Davies, Bettws Bledrws; Thomas Price, Llanycrwys; William Williams, Llanfairclydogau William Williams and Evan Jones, Llanllwni Daniel Evans, Llanfihangel- rhosycorn; William Rees, Llangybi David Thomas and Evan Davies, Llanwenog Thomas Evans, Llanwnen Thomas Evans, Llanybyther John Rees and David Evans, Pencarreg John E. Marsden, Silian and D. Lloyd, clerk.— The out-relief for the last fortnight was—per David Parry, Lampeter district, for 320 paupers, JE36 Is. per David Evans, Llanybyther district, for 320 paupers, £35 17s. total, £71 18s.— Number in the house, 31 corresponding week last year, 26 Vagrants rclieved during the past fortnight, 19 last year, 32.—It appeared by the treasurer's book that he had a balance of £5041s. Md. ill his hands.—The monthly state- ments of the collectors of the parishes of Cellan, Llanycrwys, Llanllwni and Silian, for the month of May last, was laid before the board.—The Master reported as follows:—1. "That Martha Evans, aged 71 years, an inmate, belonging to the parish of Llanybyther, died on the 1st inst., cause of death being debility and old age. 2. That Mary Jones, an inmate, belonging to the parish of Lampeter was discharged on the 10th inst. 3. That Margaret Dudley, wife of David Dudley, of Abergiar, Llanllwni, and her five children, were brought into the house fn the 9th inst. by Mr David Evans, relieving officer. David Dudley attended the board, and consented to pay 7: per week towards the maintenance of his wife and children. ASSESSMENT COMMITTEE.—A meeting of the assessment committee was held after the board, Mr Lewis Davies in the chair. -Supplemental valuation lists for the undermentioned parishes were allowed, viz., Llanllwni, Cellan, Cilian, Llangybi, Pencarreg, Lampeter, Llanfairclydogau, and Llanllwni. Notices of appeal had been given on behalf of the Manchester and Milford Railway Company against the recent valuation of Mr D. P. Davies, and Mr R. G. Smith, from Messrs. Griffith Jones A: Co., Aberystwyth, attended the meeting, and asked that a day be fixed for hear- ing the appeal. CRICKET.—On Monday last the St. David's College School played on their own ground, a scratch team got together by Mr J. W. Edwardes of St. David's College. The visitors went in first and made 7G runs, 47 of which were contributed by Mr D. H. Williams, (S.D.C). The school on going in commenced to play carefully and steady, but when Mr J. S. Jones made his appearance at the wicket, the complexion of the game was suddenly changed as he soon made the fielders to look a little lively. He pu nished the bowling unmercifully, and was not long in running up his score to 60, when, however, he was clean bowled by the Rev. Pryce Jones. The Rev. T. M. Evans, D. C. Morris and Leaker, were the only others who got double hgures. The bowling of Mr J. W. Edwardes and the Rev. Pryce Jones for the visitors was good throughout, and Leaker for the school promises to turn out an useful bowler. Appended is the score — Mr J. W. Edwards, Rev. Pryce Jones, 1 D. H. Williams, 47; J. W. Edwards, 2; J. W. Jones, 0; S. D. Jones, 0; L. R. Bowen, 5; D. P. Thomas, 0; H. T. Millett 8 J. B. Thomas, 3; F. D. Pierce, 1; T. Daviet:" 2 cxtras, Ii; total, 71). St. David's College School D. Sproule, 7 S. D. Leaker, 10; Rev. E. T. Davies, 1 M. E. Alban, 4 J. S. Jones, 60 T. A. Davies, 1; Rev. T. M. Evans, 10 D. C. Morris, 10; H. J. Stewart, (i; G. E. Davies, 1 W. D. Thomas, 1; extras, 23 total, 1:3(i. THE COMPENSATION CLAUSES. — We are informed that the Rev. Daniel Jones (vicar), has received the following letter from Mr Goschen's secretary — "I am directed by the Chancellor of the Exchequer to acknowledge the receipt of your letter forwarding a resolution protesting against compensation clauses of the Government Local Taxation Bill, which will create a permanent vested interest for the sale of intoxicating liquors, these licences being now conferred for the term of one year only.' I am to point out, in reply, that the resolution repeats the widespread error that the clauses in the Bill confer any right or property which is not acknowledged or has not been acknowledged hitherto. The good will attached to public-houses has always been assessed for probate duty. The interest attaching to a licensed house has been bought up whenever municipal bodies had to acquire public-houses for street improvements. If the contentions of lC opponents of the Bill were well founded, muni- cipal bodies would simply have waited for the expiration of the annual licences and have them shown the magistrates that the street improve- ment rendered the renewal of the licence unnecessary. But what may best convince you of the error of your friends is that Mr Gladstone himself has spoken of the 'vested interest of the liquor tr: de and f title.' ■ The declarations of th lea 1 jr of Ll)fl Lt x- I party, endorsing as they did what was the pre- vailing sense of equity, assurred the trade, far more emphatically than the Government Bill, that had rights beyond the year in which the licence was granted. The clauses of the Bill, at all events, only authorise county councils to purchase for the purpose of extinction a certain of a number of public-houses which otherwise might be sold in that market, while the previous declarations of Mr Gladstone and other acknow- ledge 'vested rights.' Every fair-minded person shou'd accordingly admit on learning these facts that these clauses neither create nor admit any right which has not existed or been acknowledged to exist before."