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AMMANFORD JOTTINGS. What ii going to be done about the water ? is a question that is now being, frequently asked in Ammanford. I interviewed a gentleman (who is versed in local politics) this week, to enable me to answer the question. The first of what he told me is as follows :—The Llandyfan or some other water scheme is certain to be adopted, since Mr Bircham has demanded, on behalf of the Local Government Board, that something shall be done at once. You will remember that Doctor Lloyd, of Llandilo, seemed satisfied that the local springs were amply sufficient for the supply, and also that Lord Dynevor had promised that what water was needed for flushing drains, etc. was forthcoming. The Guardians on the other hand are determined to have water from afar, and, although, I (the gentleman interviewed) was formerly inclined to I y kick against the scheme. I am now convinced that we must bow to the inevitable, as the forces against us are too strong to fight against. ..4f: Having got this interview over, I sought one or two other old opponents of the water scheme, and I found their opposition very luke warm com- pared to what it used to be, so much so that as one of them said, "it will be useless for us to fight since those who have no wells are many more than those who have, and they all want a water scheme." The next man I talked the matter over with was an uncompromising anti-scheme man, and he was very bitter against the action of the authorities in forcing it upon us. He said amongst other things that having plenty of water at our doors, it was a sinful waste of ratepayer's money to spend £2,500 on a scheme for bringing it from afar. He said, It has yet to be proved that the water we have is insufficient. We know it is of excellent quality, and we believe we have plenty of it under our feet where we now stand. The distance usually reckoned in soil, such as ours for safety from contamination, is fifty yards, and no existing well is within that distance of any possible source of danger." I must leave the matter here, merely remaik- ing that I think public opinion in Ammanford, which was dead against the scheme, is now work- ing round. The conversion is slow, but give evidence of being fairly thorough, and when the scheme is ordered to be carried out, I don't think the opposition will be very strong. # I hear that a fencing class is about to be formed in Ammanford. I am heartily glad to hear it, and wish it every success. There is far too little rational amusement in the place, and if boxing and general gymnastics were included in the scheme, I have no doubt there would be less loafing, and a great improvement in the general tone of the place. < Speaking of athletics, brings me to a feat ac- complished by a youth on Monday last. Just to see what he could do in the way of walking, he left home at 5 a.m., and before 5 p.m. he had covered slightly over 50 miles along the road. # What has become of the Ammanford sports 1 I thought we were to have some for the cricket club funds. I fear the old enterjjrisiiig spirit is dead on the cricket committee. A quondam inhabitant of Ammanford is this week celebrating an event, which it is rarely the lot of man in this short life to enjoy. Mr and Mrs Callard, senior, late of Devonia (which was built by Mr Callard), this week have completed 50 years of happy married life, and surrounded by their sons, daughters and grandchildren, are celebrating their golden wedding. One son (the eldest), who is a prosperous merchant in London (Canada), visits the old country for the first time for 23 years, and completes the family circle. I am sure readers of THE JOURNAL will join me in felicitating the old couple. The time is fast approaching when the people who have so far with impunity polluted the river Amman will be called to a strict account. I take credit to myself that my voice has been heard in THE JOURNAL for a longtime, like one crying in the wilderness against the iniquity of pouring pickle liquor wholesale into our pretty stream. The County Council and the Carmarthen Bay Fishery Conservators are at last moving in the matter. If they work earnestly, the wrong doers may easily be discovered, and I hope severely punished.






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