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CARMARTHENSHIRE COUNTY COUNCIL. A meeting of this council was held at the Shire Hall, Llandilo, on Wednesday. Present The chairman (Alderman W. O. Brigstocke), the vice-chairman (Mr Gwilym Evans), Aldermen, Col. W. Gwynne-Hughes, D. Randell, M.P., Sir James Hills-Johnes, Bart., K.C.B., V.C., R. Scourfield, J. Lewis Philipps, J. Bagnall Evans, W. R. Edwards, Joseph Joseph, Lewis Davies, Hugh Nevill, T. Williams, John James, and J. A. Jones; Councillors T. Morris, Llanstephan W. Howell, Llanelly J. Davies, Trelech Rev. W. Thomas, Whit-land D. C. Parry, Llanelly; J. W. Gwynne-Hughes, Llandilo; Thomas Jenkins, Carmarthen C. E. Morris, Llangunnor; J. Lloyd Thomas, St. Ishmael; D. R. Morgan, Carmarthen W. N. Jones, Ammanford H. 11 Wilkins, Llanelly Rev. Philip Phillips, Llanelly; Col. D. E. Jones, Llandovery. Rev. W. Thomas, Gwynfe; J. S. Tregoning, Llanelly; R. G. Lawrence, Llanarthney Henry Wilkins, Llanelly; George Jones, Llandovery Rev. T. Evans, Cilycwm T. Evans, St. Clears W. J. Wilson, Llanelly D. C. Parry Llanelly; Joseph Mayberry, Llanelly; D. L. Jones, Abergwilly E. Davies, Cenarth J. Glyn Thomas, Llangenuech T. Jenkins, Llanelly Colonel H. Davies- Evans, Llanybyther W. J. Buckley, Llanelly; Rev. W. E. Evans, Llanon Dr Howell Rees, Cwmamman Owen Bonville, Llanelly D. Stephens, Kidwelly Evans, Llanfihangel-Rhosy- corn; Evan Evans, Llanedy John Bourne, Llanelly the clerk of the peace (Mr T. Jones); the county treasurer (Mr D. LongPrice); the chief constable Mr W. Philipps), and various other officers of the county. A large number of the public were present, and took an evident interest in the proceedings. The minutes of the last ordinary meeting and of a special meeting held on the 15th of January, were confirmed and signed. COMMUNICATIONS. The Clerk read a letter from the Newcastle- Emlyn Highway Board asking that the Council's Main Roads committee pay half the cost of con- structing a bridge over the river Bargod, near Trefelin, in the parish of Llangeler. Also, another communication, stating that on the 7th January, a young man, named Wm. Rees, was drowned by crossing a ford on the Sawdde river, in which case the jury returned a verdict of "found drowned," with a rider that a bridge be built over the river at that point, and requesting that the matter be brought forward at that meeting. A letter was read from the Board of Agri- culture ,with reference to the great slaughter of cattle suffering from pleuro-pneumonia, and stating that the cost entailed upon the rate- payers in paying compensation to the owners of the cattle, should be defrayed out of imperial funds and not out of local rates, and that the present order be modified. The Board said they were prepared to meet the views of local authorities as far as possible, without interfering with the slaughter order, pending the Govern- ment's decision on the matter. On the proposition of Councillor W. J. Wilson, it was referred to the General Purposes Com- mittee. TECHNICAL EDUCATION ACT. The Clerk said he had been instructed to write to the Glamorganshire County Council, asking 11 that a committee of that Council be appointed to meet a committee of the Carmarthen County Council, to consider the proposal of starting an Agricultural School under the Technical Edu- cation Act, and had received a reply to the effect that at present they did not think it advisable that an Agricultural School for Glamorgan should be placed at Carmarthen. WEIGHTS AND MEASURES ACT, 1889. The Clerk also read a letter from the Board of Trade, calling attention to the Weights and Measures Act, 1889 especially to sections 1, 9, 10 and 12: which required that weighing machines, and z, 11 scales be stamped by the inspector, before next year, and suggesting that the Council should get the regulations under the new Act. It was resolved to authorise the clerk to get I the regulations. ° | A communication was read from the Surrey County Couucil, asking them to support a resolution passed by that body: "That the o:\istin" law as to superannuation allowances payable out of local l'ates and funds at the disposal of County Councils is unsatisfactory, and should be modified by legislation." The Clerk was on the point of reading another letter, when Mr J. S. Tregoning said he should like to ask when they proposed dealing with all those matters. They were asked to do something in every letter that had been read, but they had simply been read and put on one side. They had gone over I many things which the Councillors would like to give their opinion on, but they had net had the chance. Mr W. J. Wilson asked whether they were to deal with those matters afterwards, or as they arose. The Chairman said that if, after a little had been read, no one moved anything, it was to be left on the table. A letter was read from the Hants Council with reference to the Prevention of Floods Bill, and the Chairman said he thought that if any gcntle- in in wished to move anything, they ought to make it a specific motion, as they would get as many motions as letters, and they would never finish the business on the agenda. BOARD OF CONSERVATORS. The Clerk said that as directed, he had written to the Board of Trade, asking for their sanction to add to the number of conservators for the Towy, Taff, and Loughor Fishery District, to such an extent as the Council should judge to be sufficient, and he had received a reply requesting the Council to give the Board the reasons for such application. The Chairman said that the same reply had been received by the Cardiganshire County Council, and he thought that the matter should be sent back to the committee, and that such committee furnish the Board of Trade with the reasons. Mr Howell thought it would be better to post- pone the matter until after the meeting of the Conservators, which was to be held on the 10th of March, and it was resolved to do so. APPLICATION FOR INCREASE OF PENSION. A letter was read from Mrs John Johns, Waterloo terrace, Carmarthen, asking for an addition to the pension received by her husband, who had been a warder in Carmarthen County Gaol. He had joined the staff of Her Majesty's Prisons in 1867, and had served altogether a period of 22 years, but had had a paralytic fit, and was now quite helpless. He had never been right since the time he attended David Rees to the scaffold some time ago. The Superannuation Fund now allowed him £ 29 8s. Id., of which J69 18s. were out of county rates, and the re- mainder from money allowed by Parliament. Had he served 20 years before the Act had come in force he would have received the full two- thirds of his salary, but the present allowance was far short of that amount. The Visiting Com- mittee had recommended that he be allowed the two-thirds of his salary. Alderman John Lewis said he could only con- firm all that was stated in the letter, and would move that two-thirds of his salary be granted to him. Mr W.R.Edwards said that Mr Johns had been on the staff for over 20 years, and was now 60 years of age. He continued in the force until he was struck down with paralysis, and he thought they ought to allow him two-thirds of his salary as a pension. As he was senior warder, he had to attend David Rees on the scaffold in 1888, and that had affected him so much, that he was not the same man afterwards. He hoped they would send a recommendation to the Commissioners in London to increase his pension. The Chairman said he understood that at present he only received the minimum pension. Mr John Lewis said, they ought to treat him exactly as they treated Wozeley some years ago. His salary was 970. On being put to the meeting it was agreed to send the resolution, as proposed by Mr John Lewis, to the Home Secretary. PETTY JURORS. A petition was read, the same to be sent to Parliament, praying that the law as to petty jurors be amended. The compensation of Is. per day at present given being very small compared with the cost incurred by the jurors. The Chairman said that the Council was asked to affix their seal to the petition. He asked if a poor man required a petty jury, and had not the funds to pay them, who was to compensate them ? Mr Tregoning said, it seemed to him that they could not at once grasp the full meaning of that resolution, and he proposed that it be referred to the General Purposes Committee, to he fully discussed. Mr Randell, M. P., seconded, and it was unani- mously carried. On the proposition of Mr W. J. Wilson, it was agreed to send a cheque for £ 28 railway rates to Mr Balfour Brown, of the Mansion House, London. ELECTION OF RETURNING OFFICER. The Clerk said he had received four applica- tions, viz., Mr Wm. Howell, Llanelly; Mr Thomas Walters, Carmarthen Mr Rowland Browne, Carmarthen and Mr Henry Anthony Jeremy, Llandovery. It was decided to vote by ballot, with the following result — Howell, 27; Jeremy, 15; Browne, 8 Walters, 4. The Clerk said according to standing orders the first was to get more votes than all the rest together. The Chairman gave his casting vote in 0 favour of Mr Howell, who was elected, his election to hold good until after the 1891 elections. Mr Howell, who is a member of the Council, will have to resign his seat before he can fulfil the office. TOLL-HOUSES. The Clerk said that, as instructed, Messrs Howell Thomas and Co., surveyors, Carmarthen, had sent in their valuation of the toll-houses throughout the county. Mr Tregoning asked what was the difference between the valuation of their own surveyors and that of Messrs Howell Thomas and Co. The Clerk said there was a difference of over £ 400. Their own surveyor's valuation .was zCI,762, and the other £ 1,351. The Chairman suggested that they call a special meeting of the Council to consider the question. The Clerk said that a valuation had been given, and according to law, they were bound to offer them to the surrounding landowners for their estimated value. He read five letters from land- owners, who had agreed to buy the toll-houses on their land. Mr W, J. Wilson proposed, and Mr Tregoning seconded that the matter be referred to the Main Roads Committee, to report what houses had better be pulled down, as some were a great obstruction, and that the rest be put up by public auction, and it was carried. On the proposition of Mr Gwilym Evans, itwas agreed to carry the five contracts already made by the Council. The report of the Finance Committee was read. NEW POLICE RATE. The Chairman said that a new rate was recom- mended by the Joint Standing Committee, and on the Treasurer being asked, he said that a I-Ld. rate would be sufficient for the whole year. 4 The report was adopted. The report of the Main Roads Committee was read. AMMANFORD BRIDGE. Mr W. N. Jones said* he had a motion that day to bring forward asking the Council to erect a bridge over the river Amman, between Amman- ford and oettws. He said they had no one to represent them in that district on the County Roads Board, and that was the first time they were able to make their petition. He said there could be no doubt as to the necessity of getting it, as Ammanford was an ever-increasing place, 82 new houses having been built there during the last two years, and an important colliery was about to be opened close by. As to the means of getting the money for such work the Highway Board had offered them £ 400 on condition that that the Council contributed a similar sum, and he hoped they would not let that £ 400 pass out of their hands. Mr T. Morris said lie had great pleasure in seconding that motion, and he thought lie could join his application to the motion that two small bridges be built over two small rivers in the districts of Ammanford, Newchurch, and Mydrim which were subject to floods. The cost would not be more than £100 or £ 120. In justification of L I his application a petition had been got np, signed j by most of the rate-payers in those districts. Mr Howell llees suggested that the matter of building bridges be deferred until it had been decided b the Main Roads Committee, what alterations were to he made as to which were main roads, and which were not. Mr Morgan Davies said that there was not so much traffic between Brynamman, Llanellyi and Ammanford, and a bridge built in I the place proposed would bo quite unnecessary. There was, at present, a bridge about i a milo from the spot mentioned. Mr Gwilym Evans said that 8 bridges had been asked for in the Council, he thought a committee of inspection should be appointed to visit those places, and that the money be dealt out fairly. After a very long discussion, it was decided to adopt the cemmittee's report which suggested that the bridge be left for the present.—The report of the inspector of weights and measures was read and adopted. INTERMEDIATE AND TECHNICAL EDUCATION. Mr Glyn Thomas said lie had been requested to move the suspension of the standingordersfora matter of urgency, and that the Council appoint a committee to consider whether the recent Act upon Technical Instruction should be applied to the agricultural interests of the county or not, and that the Clerk be instructed to ask the I other councils of Wales to appoint committees to meet a committee of that council, and get their opinions thereon. Mr Tregoning seconded the motion. Mr Glyn Thomas said it would be quite un- necessary to get two committees, one for Inter- mediate Education, and the other for Technical Instruction, but that the committee, which they had appointed under the Intermediate Education Act, consisting of Lord Emlyn, Mr Tregoning, Mr GwiIym Evans, Mr J. Evans, and himself, would be sufficient. Mr W. J. Wilson contended that two separate committees would be necessary. The Inter- mediate Education Act would not do for teaching agriculture, for instance. On the motion of the Rev W. E. Evans, "That the present number of members on the Main Roads Committee be reconsidered, and altered in such a manner that every Rural Division be represented on it." It was resolved to refer it to a committee of the whole Council. By this time, most of the members had left for the train, and about a dozen motions were post- poned or withdrawn. CHARITY PROPERTIES, &C. Rev W. Thomas, Whit-land, proposed, and Rev W. E. Evans secolided. That the General h Purposes Committee be instructed to prepare and furnish to this Council, as early as possible, a printed return, containing a complete Schedule of all Charity Properties, Education and Ap- prenticeship Endowments, and Doles, which may be available for Intermediate Education in Carmarthenshire, and it was carried. ROROUGH OF KIDWELLY. Mr Daniel Stephens proposed "That this Council desires to support the application of the Borough of Kidwelly, to the Queen's Most Ex- cellent Majesty, for a separate Commission of the Peace, the same having been their jirivilege for many centuries past, but was not renewed on the grant of their new Charter in 1885." Mr Randell, M.P., said he had great pleasure in seconding Mr Stephen's motion. It was a pity for the ancient borough to lose hold of such a privilege. It was unanimously carried. It was decided, on the motion of Mr W. N. Jones, to have the date of the meetings printed in the County Council Hand-Book in future. This ended the business. All the members were invited by Mr Gwynne- Hughes, Tregib, to a luncheon at the Drill Hall, in eelebration of their first meeting at Llandilo during the adjournment.




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