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BORTH. ON Wednesday last a bazaar was held at this fashionable little watering pltce, to clear off the debt yet remaining upon the new victrar-e. It is gratifying to find that the appeal made by the popular, energetic, and excellent vicar met with a hearty response, and that the res-ult of the first day's sale promised the reward of perfect success to those who devoted time and money to the furtherance of the enterprise. A neat and capacious timber building had been erected for the occasion, and will remain as an assembly room for future entertainments. The room was decorated with flags and floral wreaths. The various stalls were arranged with great taste by their several holders, and presented a gay and inviting appearance. Many of those present having come considerable distances it was only natural that their first attention should be drawn to the refreshment department, which was estab- lished on a raised dais, and presided over by Mrs Jones, wife of Dr. Jones, of the Hydropathic establishment, was deservedly well patronised. The excellence of the provisions, the taste with which they were displayed, and the careful atten- tion of the smart waitresses, amongst whom we noticed Miss Watkin, and Misses Grace and Mina Weymss, rendered a prolonged visit to this department truly enjoyable. On entering the room the first stall was kept by Mrs Francis, of Wallog, who appeared to be doing a roaring trade in fancy articles, and whose cash bag assumed weighty proportions before evening set in. The second stall was presided over by Mrs Feilden and Mrs Penson, the latter well-known to our readers in the neighbourhood of Llandebie. Mrs Feilden also had a table arranged in the centre of the room, and loaded with fruit, flowers, and vegetables but the portion of her display that attracted the greatest attention was a splendid collection of stuffed gulls, hawks, and other birds, killed and set up by Mr Francis Feilden, who, with his brother Col. Feilden, is well-known in the sporting world. The third stall, kept by Miss Corfield, of Oswestry, assisted by Mrs Holcroft, Miss Thomas, and Miss Holland, we can hardly describe. The crowd that surrounded this establishment made access to it somewhat impossible, and all that we could see was that the fair holders were most becomingly dressed in white and old gold, and must ere nightfall have contributed heavily to the financial success of the day. The adjoining stall was presided over by Mrs Donelly, a visitor to Borth, who kindly inter- ested herself in the day's proceedings. Then came an art pallery, contributed by Mrs Morgan, of Nantceirio the well-known artistic taste and practised execution of this lady answered the ready sale of her productions, which she had priced at exceedingly modest figures. A stall supplied by Miss Davies, of Penpompren, and her sister, Mrs Anwyl, contained many very beautiful objects, including a large screen painted by Miss Davies. We must not forget the very useful establishment kept by Mrs Griffiths, assisted by Misses Williams, Jones, Owen, and Jenkins, where the emblem of Wales displayed its tempting proportions, and mighty cauliflowers and giant marrows reposed side by side with purple plums and brilliant posies. Gambling, in the form of raffles, went on briskly all day, one prize appearing to contain an entire farm yard stock. There were also insinuating damsels who guaranteed a good fortune for 3d., and extra good for a higher fee-as well as all the usual attractions of a fancy fair. A shooting gallery outside, kept by Mr Corfield, becomingly attired as a Cow Boy," was always well patrouised unsuccessful sportsmen certainly complained that the rifles were better calculated to shoot round corners, but such remarks we set down to the sourness of the grapes, and their own unskilfulness. The bazaar was opened at two o'clock by Mrs Davies-Evans, who, in a short speech, wished every success to the enterprise. The Lord Lieutenant and a large party from High mead, including the Rev. Henry Russell, of Wollaton, and family, accompanied Mrs Davies- Evans. We hope to publish next week the financial results of this pleasurable gathering.