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THE United Counties Hunters' show, which takes place at Carmarthen on Thursday next, promises to be quite above the average, as no less than 140 horses have been entered. The jump- ing prizes, for which there is an entry of 16, will create a deal of excitement, some of the best known hunters in the country having entered, and the jumps will be of all sorts. PARLIAMENTARY ITEMS.—Petitions were pre- sented to the House of Commons in favour of the Closing of Public-houses in England on Sunday by Mr Lloyd Morgan (West Carmarthen) from school boards in Car- marthenshire, and from Mr W. Davies (Pem- brokeshire) from St. David's, Conwil-Elvet, &c. -Col. the Hon. F. C. Morgan (Monmouthshire) has paired with Mr W. Davies (Pembrokeshire) in favour of the Government on the Tithe Bill, and also for the remainder of the session. THE MAESGWVNXE FOXHOUNDS.—On Saturday afternoon a meeting of gentlemen interested in foxhunting was held at the Ivy Bush Royal Hotel, Carmarthen, to consider the desirability of taking steps towards retaining the celebrated Maesgwynne pack of foxhounds (now advertised for sale) in the Carmarthen county. Mr Grismond Phillipps, Cwmgwilly, presided, and there were present Messrs T. Morris, Coomb T. Parkinson, Castle Pigin; H. G. Lawrence, Waungron A. W. O. Stokes, Ystradwrallt; J. Beynon, Trexern; Protheroe, junr., Cwmgwilly, D. Howell Thomas, Derllys; A. R. Carver Maesgwyn; H. Cadle, Carmarthen and D. E. Williams, Carmarthen. After a brief discussion, it was decided to approach Mr W. J. Buckley, of Penyfai, on the subject, and the meeting was adjourned for a fortnight. AUGUST FAIR.—August fair was held at Car- marthen on Monday and Tuesday last. On Monday a very large number of horses were brought in, and in spite of the very much lower prices offered by the dealers, a good clearance was effected. Superior horses fetched from JE40 to 950 inferior ones, £ 20 to £30; while screws" sold at from 25 to il5. Two-year-old colts and fillies reached 914 to £ 20; yearling", 28 to £14; and ponies RILO to 214. The show of cattle brought in was smaller than usual, and the demand was not so great as had been expected, neither were the sums. realised so high as had been given of late. The greatest demand was evinced for two-year-old heifers. The qrota tions were Steers, 215; yearlings, 9 to E12; two-year-old heifers, ;CIO to £ 15 yearlings, £ 6 to £ 10 and cows and calves, tl2 to £20. At the pig fair on Tuesday there was a very large show of pigs, and in consequence of this the sale of them was slow. Good sized store pigs realist d from 30s to 40s smaller pigs, from eight to t- n weeks old, selling at from 16s to 22s each. A large number of nice fat pigs went at 9a a score, and the coarser kind sold at about 8s. a score. A great many old sows were brought in, but there was no demand for them. THE JOURNAL WAYZ(;OOSF,. -The employes of THE JOURNAL CO., Limited, this year, in accordance with an old custom newly revived, had a most pleasant outing, the place selected for the trip being the picturesque little watering-place, Pendine. Though assembling at THE JOURNAL Office at about eight o'clock on Friday morning, the employes delayed their departure for about an hour, owing to the heavy rain which fell. At 9 o'clock, therefore, they got into the large break they had provided, and after a very pleasant drive, their destination was reached about 12 o'clock. Lunch almost directly afterwards was sat down to in one of the caves, and after justice had been done to it sports, such as racing, jumping, &c., were indulged in. About five o'clock the party returned to Laugharne, where an excellent dinner was provided at the Pelican Inn by Mrs Perrott. After dinner a short survey of Laugharne was made, and again a move was made to the Pelican, where a pro- gramme, consisting of speeches, songs, and dancing was gone through, Mr Hurt Horobin, of London, kindly presiding at the piano. The health of The Directors," coupled with the name of Colonel H. Davies-Evans, was proposed, and received with musical honours and other toasts, such as THE JOURNAL," "The Jobbing Department," &c., were also giv. n during the course of the proceedings. Mr J. H. Spurry, Carmarthen (district representative of the Rudge Cycle Co.), who, at the foreman's invitation, had come down on purpose by the 7 o'clock train to take part in the musical pro- gramme at Laugharne, delighted the company with a number of comic songs, several of which elicited loud applause. Before separating, three cheers were given for those gentlemen who had contributed towards the expenses of the trip, and an adjournment was then made for the break, and Carmarthen reached about 11 o'clock. Despite the rain which fell during the earlier part of the day, a most enjoyable day was spent.





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