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THE Tithe Debate is proceeding, and it is instructive to note the Gladstonian attitude on the Tithe Debate Subject. Mr Gladstone has lately told us in a letter which appeared in all the papers that he does not consider people are justified in refusing to pay the tithes they owe as a protest against the use to which those tithes are now put. Mr Stephen Gladstone, who draws some thousands a year from the Rectory at Hawarden has signed the petition, got up by the Bishop and Clergy of St. Asaph, imploring the Government to pass the Tithe Bill, and explaining if it fails that it means simple starvation to many of the Welsh Clergy. There can be no doubt, there- fore, as to their opinions on the principle of the little Bill which simply and solely aims at substituting the antiquated and disagree- able process of distraint with all its incite- ments to ill-feeling and riot, for the one applicable to all other species of debts, viz.— the County Court. It is impossible to believe they can disapprove of this; and yet what is their course of action 1 Air Gladstone, who thought it was imperative on him to remain in London for the Irish Debates when his eldest son lay dangerously ill at Hawarden, is there now giving garden parties, and exhibit- ing his golden wedding presents. Mr Herbert Gladstone has left town for good on a sporting tour in Scotland, he being an enthusiastic sportsman as a Gladstonian Daily gives by way of explanation. These are the important excuses which keep the largest tithe pro- prietors in Wales absent at this critical moment, and silent when the whole Princip- ality would like to know their definite and distinct views on the subject. Is this c. conspiracy of silence," right or honourable 1 or, is it not rather suggestive of those stopped up ears" to the crime of Ireland when its apologists can muster eighty five votes ?

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