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LIFE! LIFE! LIFE! SAVE YOUR" CHILDREN FROM DEATti BY THAT TERRIBLE DISEASE CROUP. MANY THOUSANDS DIE ANNUALLY. ALL MAYBE SAVED BY GIVING THY. MORTIMER'S CROUP & COUGH MIXTURE IN TIME. Also a valuable remedy for,the Cough, Whoop- ing Cough, Colds, Influenza, Sore Throats, Hoarseness, Diptheria, Fever, and all Affections of the Chest and Lungs. Croup is a disease that mostly attacks young children, and those who have once had it are more susceptible of it than before; but this gradually wears off as they grow older. It sometimes ter- minates fatally within twenty-four hours; although when death happens, it more commonly occurs on the fourth or fifth day. It commences usually with a slight cough, hoarseness, and sneezing, as in a common cold; but soon succeeds a peculiar shrill- ness and singing of the voice, as if the sound were sent through a brazen tube; then comes the dread- ful and distressing hard singing, and crowing cough, not unlike the barking of a dog. Whenthis is attended with difficulty of breathing, the case calls for immediate attention, and most active treat- ment. In this stage persons generally begin to get alarmed; but as it comes on mostly in the middle of the eight, it often proves fatal, because of the delaj occasioned by waiting until the morning witiout medical aid. The Proprietor having found his CROUP MIXTURE 80 efficacious in his own family, and being blessed as a means of restoring his children repeatedly from this appalling disease, he thinks it his duty to parents to give it a greater publicity. He has had already the heartfelt gratitude of many mothers for being the means of restoring their children, tha t were once given up. While we hear of so many deaths from Croup, what-a comfort it must be to have such a remedy ready at hand. What love can that mothei have towards her child that will not procure for herself what has been such a blessing to others, when it can be obtained at such a trifling amount. The following are a few from THOUSANDS OF GENUINE TESTIMONIALS. Llancerdinan Farm, Conwil, Carmarthenshire. DEAR SIB,—I think it is my duty for the sake of other children to inform you that 3u or timer's Croup Mixture was the means of saving my child's life after the doctor had given him up. The first dose gave the child relief. He has had a touch of Croup Several times since, but the Croup Mixture given in time always prevents a serious attack. Yours respectfully, BENJAMIN THOMAS. 165, Richmond-road, Cardiff. Mr Francis. DEAR Sm.-Please forward per return post a bottle of Mortimer's Croup Mixture. Why do you not have an agent at Cardiff P I was obliged last night to send for a medical man to attend my child, who had an attack of Croup. Had I Mortimer's Croup Mixture in the house, medical aid would have been unnecessary, as I have always warded off a serious attack by giving the Croup Mixture in time. I have used it for many years, and neves find it fail. Yours truly, JOHN AARON. Penrhoa, Newham-road, Bedford. 8m.-I received the three bottles of Mortimer's Croup and Whooping Cough Mixture. Please send me twelve more bottles as my children have all got the whooping cough. I find it does them so much more good than anything else. Kindly send by return and oblige. Yours truly, A. BEES. Cobden Villa, Ferryside, Carmarthen. Mr Francis. DBAB SIB,—Please send me another bottle of that valuable medicine for children Mortimer's Croop and Cough Mixture. I never like to be with. out it in the house. From long experience I can truly say it is the best medicine I have used for croup, whooping cough, and all other coughs in children. A never failing remedy in an attack of croup. Yours faithfully, D. T. MORRIS. 66, Miskin-street, Cardiff. To Mr W. Francis, Chemist, Carmarthen. Dear Sir,—I have to acknowledge the receipt of the two bottles of Mortimer's Croup and Cough Mixture." I have found this preparation so very effective in cases of croup and severe colds that, during the cold season especially, I always like to have a supply at hand. Wherever there are children at all subject to croup, it is invaluable. I firmly believe that it has on more than one occa- sion saved the lives of some of my children. I am by no means a believer or an advocate of the indis- criminate use of patent medicines, but my experience of "Mortimer's Croup Mixture" has been such that I feel impelled, from a sense of duty to other parents, to send you this voluntary testimony. I am, dear Sir, very faithfully yours, B. G. EVANS. From the Rev. J. Thomas, Baptist Minister, Taber- nacle Villa, Carmarthen. DEAB SIB,—I have great pleasure in testifying to the efficacy of Mortimer's Croup and Cough Mixture. We always have it in the house and find it most beneficial, Yours truly, J. THOMAS. 22, Francis Terrace, Carmarthen. DEAR SIB,—Kindly send me a bottle of Mortimer's Croup and Cough Mixture. I cannot understand Why you do not give greater publicity to it. I have found it a most excellent remedy in cases of Croup, having given it to my children on several occasions, and have never found it fail. I always recommend it to my friends (having children) as a most valuable medicine to keep in the bouse in case of emergency, a rule I have always adopted myself since I had occasion to make use of it. Yours truly, CHAS. N. PHILLIPS. Mr W. Francis. PATRONISED BY THE PUBLIC FOR OVER 50 YEARS. Sold in Bottles, Is. lid. and 2s. 9d. each; sent by post to any address for 3d. extra. FBBPABED ONLY BY THE PROPRIETOR- W. FRANCIS, A.P.S., (LATE D. LL. MORTIMER) CHEMIST, CARMARTHEN. Sold by all Chemists and Patent Medicine Vendors. AMERICAN LINE. UNITED STATES MAIL STEAMERS LIVERPOOL TO PHILADELPHIA, EVERY WEDNESDAY. First-class, full powered Iron Steamships. Accommodation for passengers, equal to any European Line. Passengers and goods landed at Philadelphia on the Wharf of the PENNSYLVANIA RAILROAD. THIS IS THE SHORTEST AND BEST ROUTE TO THE WlSTi Apply to RICHARDSON, SPENCE & CO., 19 and 22, Water Street, LIVERPOOL. ESTABLISHED 1854. THOMAS WILLIAMS, GENERAL BOOKBINDER, 10, CHAPEL-STREET, CARMARTHEN (Opposite to the English Wesleyan Chapel) Bibles, Music, Albums, and Old Books Bomd and Repaired with the greatest cam BICON1). BOOKS BOUGHT, SOlID, OB EXCHANGED SELLING OFF! SELLING OFF! MANCHESTER HLOTJSE CARMARTHEN. WILLIAM MORRIS begs to thank his numerous Customers for their kind patronage during the few W years he has carried on business on the above Premises, and, owing to circumstances over which 1 he haa no control (the Premises having been purchased by another Tradesman), he is compelled to SELL OFF AT THE LOWEST PRICES all his EXTENSIVE STOCK OF FURNITURE OF EVERY DESCRIPTION. Those requiring good, useful, and sound NEW FURNITURE AT CHEAPER PRICES THAN SECOND HAND will do well to inspect the STOCK some day during the course of the 14 DAYS' SALE, COMMENCING FRIDAY, 26TH OF JULY. TERMS-CASH. SANITARY CLOTHING. PURE WOOL "UNDYED CLOTH AND FLANNEL Made from specially selected English and Foreign Wools. n i *•> n FOR PATTERNS AND PRICES APPLY TO THE MANUFACTURERS, TYUEii & CO., ':í'1. Maesllyn Mills, Llandyssil, South Wales OR THEIR AGENTS, MESSRS. GREENISH & DAWKINS, HAVERFORDWEST. MESSRS. T. & G. BIDDLECOMBE, LONDON HOUSE, NEYLAND. TYLER & CO. have gained the following Exhibition Awards for their various manufactures:— LIVE RPOOIJ, 1886. 0 HIGHEST AWARDED MEDAL, GOLD MEDAL, SYDNEY, 1888. HIGHEST AWARDED ORDER OF MERIT, ADELAIDE, 1887. W. S. PHILLIPS, IJ, ¡" WINE, SPIRIT, ALE, AND PORTER MERCHANT, LATE 5, QUEEN STREET, CARMARTHEN. W. S. P. has always in stock a large variety of ,r BRANDIES, SCOTCH, AND IRISH WHISKIES, LONDON GIN, RUMS PORT WINES, SHERRIES, CLARETS, & CHAMPAGNES. AGENT FOR BASS'S ALES AND GUINESS'S STOUT, AND OTHERS. SOLE AGENT FOR THE CELEBRATED STRETTON HILL'S MINERAL WATERS. PLEASE OBSERVE THE ADDRESS— No. 7, KING STREET, CARMARTHEN. HENRY HARRIS, CABINET MAKBR AND UPHOLSTERER 41, KING-STREET. CARMARTHEN. (ESTABLISHED UPWARDS or 40 YEARS). (¡ A LARGE STOCK OF WARDROBES, BOOK CASES, WRITING TABLES. CHAIRS, &< AU made on the Premises by Experienced Workmen. INSPECTION INVITED. FEATHER BEDS DRESSED AND PURIFIED BY STEAM AND HOT AIR PRICES MODERATE—LIBERAL DISCOUNT FOR CASH. 13 O 1ST T READ THIS Unless you want to buy your Suits at wholesale prices, and save from 25 to 40 per cent. Tweeds, from h. 6d. to 5s. per yard; Vicunas, Serges, and Worsteds, from 4s. to 15s. per yard, 54 inches wide. Try our special parcels which we are offering for a few weeks only. No. 1.-00r 25s. parcel contains i Stylish Suit (length, 61 yarda) of very pod quality, and 1 dast coat (length, 2i yards), also of excellent quality. No. 2.—Our 40s. parcel contains 1 very Stylish Suit (length, 6} yards), 1 Bffrfish Trousers (length, 2i yards), together with 1 •stTperior dust coat (length, 2t)., Of course all the^cloth in this parcel is of a better quality than in the No. 1 parcel. N.B.—1The Customer CHOOSES HIS OWN CLOTH by means of g&tnplM in both the above parcels. Any length cut. Carriage paid on orders of JM and upwards. Terms cash. Samples post free, on application, to any address. Write at onee for samples to—E. A. STOTT & Co., Albany Mills, Hoddersfield. .o: MOUNT HILL NURSERIES, OARMARTHEN. JOSEPH COYSH. 1 .¡" FOREST TREES! FOREST TREES!! WHITE THORN QUICKS FOR HEDGES. CHOICE TREES AND SHRUBS, FRUIT TREES AND ROSES, AND ALL KINDS OF NURSERY STOCK. SILVER FIR, ALDER, ASH, BEECH, BIRCH, ELM, SYCAMORE, POPLAR, HORNBEAN FOR HEDGES, Ac. PRICES ON APPLICATION. ^^( IMPORTANT NOTICE. T. B. VAUGKEEAISr, 6, DARK GATE, CARMARTHEN, Begs to inform the Public generally that he has opened a TAILORING ESTABLISHMENT, Under the management of an experienced London Cutter (16 years in the West End) and he hopes, by strict attention to business, to merit a fair share of their patronage. Special Attention given to CLERICAL GARMENTS, LIVERIES, BREECHES, A LADIES' HABITS HIS STOOK COMPRISES ALL THE LATEST NOVELTIES IN SCOTCH, IBISH. AND WEST OF ENGLAND TWEEDS. He also begs respectfully to add that he holds the Largest Stock of Gents' Mercery in the Town Hats and Caps by the Best Makers: a large Gentlemen's Gloves, Shirts, Scarfs, Collars, variety to select from, Handkerchiefs, Braces, icc., etc. LADIES' AND GENTLEMEN'S UMBRELLAS. Gentlemen waited upon at their own residences on receipt of Post Card. Perfect Fit and Style guaranteed. AN INSPECTION IS RESPECTFULLY SOLICITED. PEIBABR NOTE THE ADDBB88-~ 6, DARK GATE, CARMARTHEN. ESTABLISHED 1809. R. A. HOLDING & CO., (LATELY J. H. SMITH & CO.) WHOLESALE AND FAMILY WINE AND SPIRIT MERCHANTS, WHOLESALE DEALERS IN BASS', ALLSOPP'S, and other PALE ALES, AND IjON"DON & DUBLIN STOUT. Stores :-19, QUEEN-STREET, CARMARTHEN. 7K ROYAL NATIONAL EISTEDDFOD OF WALES, BRECON, J.889. A.TJG-TJST 27th, 28th, 29th, and 30th .1,100 IN PRIZES. LARGE NUMBER OF ENTRIES IN LITERATURE AND ART. GRAND CHORAL CONTESTS EACH DAY. 4,800 COMPETITORS. 500 SOLOISTS. GRAND EVENING CONCERTS. 32 ARTISTES EISTEDDFOD CHQIR 260. IN NUMBER. GRAND ORCHESTRAL 5S PERFORMERS. Splendid Military Band of the 1st Battalion, South Wales BordororV from headquarters, DHblia (By tbo.kind permission of Col. Farque Glounit). MAGNIFICENT PAVILION CAPABLE OF SEATING 10,000 PEOPLE. ? Special Railway Anaaf•meats o. all the Liaes. V Prices of Admisaioti :-Reserved Seats numbered; Season Tickets, 30b. (8 meetings) Ditto Single Tioket, 5s.; First Class Season Ticket, 20s. (8 meetings); Ditto Single Ticket, 3s. Second Class Season Ticket, 12s. (8 meetings); Do. Single Ticket, 2s. Third Class Single Ticket, Is. each. Ticket offices will be open on Monday, July 15th, at Mr Link, Mr Hughes, and Messrs. Heins & Co., High-street, Brecon. Full particulars will be found in large posters at all Railway Stations, and in the official programme ready by 10th August next. All information can be had of RHYS DAVIES, Brecon, 4th July, 1889. Secretary. '■ QUEEN ELIZABETH GRAMMAR SCHOOL, CARMARTHEN. FOUXDBD, 1576. Chairman of Governors: VISCOUNT EXLYN. Head Master-J. J. LLOTD-WILLIAMS, M.A., Classi- eal Scholar of Jesus College, Oxford. ASSISTANT MASTERS. Jfafhematies-E. H. HZNSLBY, M.A, Scholar of St. John's College, Cambridge; Bell University Scholar; Twelfth Wrangler. Natural Sciences—J. F. HARTIN, B.A., Scholar of Downing College, Cambridge; 2nd Class Science Tripos. Modern Languages-Taeght as a form subject. Master of Preparatory School-C. J. HANRETTE, Oxford and Cambridge Higher (Schools) Certifi- cate with distinction. Drawing-W. JONBS, Higher Certificate, South Kensington. Musk-C. VIDBON HARDING, Organist of St. Peter's. Drill-Sergeant-Major COOPER. 1. Senior Department prepares for the Univer- sities and all Public Examinations. II. Preparatory Department (for Boys between 8 and 14). Several Scholarships offered for competitioa on or about May 1st, 1889. Successes in year 1888:—JB50 classical Exhibi- tion, Oxford; A50 Open Science Scholarship, Cam- bridge; Proximo Accessit for Powis (classical) Exhibition, A60 per annum; first-class London Matriculation; two higher Oxford and Cambridge certificates; two distinctions, do. History and Chemistry; four lower do. 13 first classes, 53 first and second classes May examination Science and Art, South Kensington; passes in Preliminary Law and Medicine; do. for National Provincial Bank; Matriculation Trinity College, Dublin, and Lampeter. N.B. —In last lower certificate examination a boy from this school obtained highest number of first classes among Welsh candidates. from this school obtained highest number of first classes among Welsh candidates. Apply for terms and subject of next Scholarship examination, to Headmaster. The next Term commence Thursday. May 2nd. HIGH SCHOOL FOR GIRLS, CARMARTHEN. pRfcSIDENT OF COUNCIL THE LORD BISHOP OF ST. DAVID'S. LADY PRINCIPAL Miss ARTHY. M.R.C.P.. Certificated In Honors, Cambridge University Certificated, 1st Class, by the Council of Education; German Diploma. LADY SUPERINTENDENT MRS. ROBERTS. ASSISTANT RESIDENT TEACHERS Miss GILES (Certificated Canibri"Oxford, and Trinity Col- lege),-MISS RANDALL, Certificated, lat Class, by the Council of Education; Certificated in Botany, Hygiene Agriculture, and Drawing by the Science and Art Department; Kindergarten, Needlework, and Drill Certificates. NON-RESIDEKT -MISS BOOKLET, Associate in Music. Trinity College. London; Senior R.A.M. and Trinity College Certificates (Piano, Organ, Theory); Society of Arts, 1st Class in Masio Cambridge Higher Certificate. ASSISTANT MASTERS Mr. W. JONES (Higher Certificates S. Kensington); Music, Mr. COOK., Organist of Christ Church. DANCING MISTRESS—Miss ATUNG. IJ1HE School gives an excellent education on rery Admirable accommodation for Boarders, tinder the superintendence of a Clergyman's widow. Pupils prepared for public Examinations. Exhibitions of Ten Guineas per annum, tenable for 3 years, will be offered for competition on Tuesday, May 7th. Entrance Exhibition of 10 and 15 Guineas. School re-opons September 18th, 1889. For full particulars apply to the Lady Principal. GIRLS' COLLEGIATE SCHOOL, 10, QUAY STREET, CARMARTHEN. PRINCIPAL MM. W. MARLES-THOMAS PUPILS have passed the South Kensington Ait and Science; First Class Ceilege of Preceptors Junior and Senior Oxford and Cambridge; Junior and Senior Royal Academy of Music; Junior and Senior Trinity College Pianoforte Playing and Theory of Music Examinations, with first-class Honours. THE COLLEGE SCHOOL, LAMPETER. Head Master and Teacher of English Subjecú-Rev. T. M. EvANs, B.A., late Senior Scholar of St. David's College, and Prizeman and Exhibitioner of King's College, Cambridge. Classics—Rev. E. J. DAVIES, B.A., late Scholar of St. David's College. Mathematics and Modern Languages-A. FIELD, Esq., B.A., late Scholar of St. David's College. Science—A. THOMAS, Esq., B.A., late Scholar of St. David's College. Excellent intermediate education. Direct prepara- tion for the learned professions under peculiarly advan- tageous conditions. Thorough preparation for St. David's College and other places of higher educa- tion. For prospectus, ice., apply to HEADMASTER. THE PROVINCIAL ADVERTISING, PRINTING AND PUBLISHING OFFICES, LYDNEY, GLO'STERSHIRE. ADVERTISERS should send for Prospectus to A the Provincial Advertising Offices, Lydney. Qle'btershire. ■VTERV0US DEBILITY, WEAKNESS, &c.—A _13l minister, having suffered from youthful impru- dence, lost manhood, &c., in its worst form, has dis- covered a simple self-cure. He will send free the physician's prescription which cured him on receipt of stamped envelope to Rev. J. Wood, Busby House, 5, Busby Plaoe, London, N.W. IRON BUILDINGS. BRUCE AND STILL, NORFOLK STREET, LIVERPOOL, CONTRACTORS FOR IRON BUILDINGS and ROOFS, Churches, Schools, Mission Rooms, Hospitals, Cricket and Lawn Tennis Pavilions, Colliery Roofs, Warehonses, Stores, Billiard Rooms, Clubs, Shoot. ing Lodges, Cottages, Vuts, FARM BUILDINGS,! Hay and Corn Sheds, Barns, Dairies, Stables, &c. Highest Testimonials from the Leading Clergy, Architects, and Agriculturists. Estimates and Designs on application. Contractors to H.M.'s Government. AT HOME AND ABROAD. ACCIDENTS OF ALL KINDS INSURED AGAINST BY THE Railway Passengers' Assurance Company 64, CORNHILL, LONDON. Hon. EVELYN ASHLEY Chairman. Annual Income, £ 248,000. Invested Capital and Reserve Fund, £ 275,000. COMPENSATION PAID FOB 126,000 ACCIDENTS £ 2)600.000. MODERATE PANXICUMB-FAVOURABLZ CONDITIONS- NEW CONCESSIONS. Prompt and Liberal Settlement of Claims. WBST END OFFICE 8, GRAND HOTEL BUILDINGS, W.C. I Head Office64, CORNHILL, LONDON, E.C. WILLIAM J. VIAN, Secretary. Just Published, a book for Young Men, By DR. J. A. BARNES, M.D., (U.S.), entitled: ",HOW TO ENSURE HEALTH." On the LAWS GOVERNING LIFE, and the CAUSES, STMFTOMS, and TREATMENT of all diseases depend- ing on Exhaustion of Nervous Vitality, such as Nervons Debility, Mental and Physical Depres- sion, Palpitation of the Heart/Noises in the Head and Ears, Indecision, Impaired Sight and Memory, Indigestion, Prostration, Lassitude, Depression of Spirits, Loss of Energy and Appetite, Pains in the Back, &c. Sent post free for 2 Stamps; or by letter pest, 8 Stamps. "THE FEMALE'S FRIEND AND ADVISER" Will be sent GRATIS to any address on RECEIPT OF STAMPED ENVELOPE. Address, DB. BARNES, 48, Lonsdale Square, Barnsbury, London, N. W t TOOLS FtLES SAWS A very LARGE STOCK to suit all Trades. DAVIES, TOWT WORKS, CARMARTHEN. HARVEST! HARVEST!! HARVEST Abundant crops and first class quality is the report we get at home and from abroad. TEA HARVEST Just commenced. Proves no exception as the New Season Teas, some of which have just arrived, speak for themselves, and can be seen at T. SMITHS, 38, KING-STREET, CARMARTHEN, Who has some exceptionally fine Teas, both China and India Teas. 8. d; Very Fine Ceylon Teas 26 Do. Do. 2 0 Do. Do. 1 8 Very Finest Moning and Kaisow 2 6 Do. Do. Do. 2 0 Do. Do. Do. 1 8 Do. Do. Do. 1 4 Farmers and others desirous of getting good, strong, fine, flavour Teas, should try my 2s. Ceylon Teas, which cannot be equalled at the price. If you suffer From, Biliousness, Headaches, Indi- gestion, or Live)- Complaint, Try Kernick's VEGETABLE PILLS. They are easy to swallow, being very small, require no confinement indoors, strengthen the system, and have been tried by thousands who pronounce them to be the BEST MEDICINE IN THE WORLD. TESTIMONIAL from J. BALBIRNIE, Esq., M.A., M.D., Lecturer on Physiology," Author of A Treatise on the Turkish Bath," &c. :— I have examined the Pills known as Kcrnick's Vegetable Pills.' I certify their composition to be purely vegetable. I have also tried their effect, and consider them one of the best Aperient Pills for con- stipated habits that I know of." (Signed) JOHN BALBIRNIE, M.A., M.D. # Kernick's Vegetable Pills strengthen the system, brnce the nerves and purify the blood, and are universally declared to be the best medicine erer discovered. They are specially recommended to females of all ages, Sold in 7id., Is Id., and 2s. 9d. Boxes. Sold by all Chemists, &c., or direct of KERNICK & SON, Cardiff. ASPINALES r -N oll E NAME L LARGE POTS, lOi-d. j SMALL DITTO, 5d. SPECIAL AGENT: DAVIES, TOWY WORKS, CARMARTHEN ANCHOR LINE. M 7ll R + LJ|\V\LIVERPOOL TONEW YORK VTA QUEENSTOWN. BESSFFASHP EXPRESS SERVICE. S.S. CITY OF ROME. 8,144 Tons 12,500 Horse-power. This magnificent Bteamship will sail from LIVER- POOL to NEW YORK (via QUBENSTOWN) on WEDNESDAY September 4. WEDNESDAY. October 2 SALOON RATES, £ 12 to 25 Guineas, according to position, &c., of State-room. RETURN TICKETS at moderate rates. INTERMEDIATE and STEERAGE PASSAGES at Reduced Rates. Apply to HENDERSON BROS., Mersey Chambers, Old Church Yard, and 17, Water Street, Liverpool; or Or to W. FINCH, 16, Nott-square, Carmarthen. UNITED COUNTIES HUNTERS SHOW, Open to the Counties of CARMARTHEN, PEM- BROKE, CARDIGAN, J: GLAMORGAN. PRESIDENT: THE EARL CAWDOR. THE following Prizes will be offered for competition at Carmarthen, on Thursday, 22nd August, 1889 (being the twenty-fifth Annual Exhibition). £ B. d. CLASS I.—For the best Hunter, Colt or Filly, two years old (bred in the Counties of Carrnarthep, Pembroke, Cardigan, or Glamorgan) 15 0 0 Second best 10 0 0 • Third best 2 10 0 CLASS II. Best Hunter, Colt or Filly, three years old (bred in the Counties of Car- marthen, Pembroke, Cardigan, or Gla- morgan) 20 0 0 Second best 10 0 0 Third best 2 10 0 CLASS III.—Best Hunter, four years old (bred in the Counties of Carmarthen, Pembroke, Cardigan, or Glamorgan) 25 0 0 Second best 15 0 0 Third best 5 0 0 CLASS IV.—Best Hunter, five years old (bred in the Counties of Carmarthen, Pembroke, Cardigan, or Glamorgan) 25 0 0 Second best 15 0 0 Third best 2 10 0 CLASS V.- Best Hunter of any age, up to not less than 12 stone 20 0 0 Second best 10 0 0 Third best 2 10 0 CLASS VI.—Best weight-carrying Hunter of any age, up to not less than 14 stone 20 0 0 Second best 10 0 0 CLASS VII.—Best Brood Mare, having pro- duced a foal to and served again by a Thorough-bred Horse in 1889 20 0 0 Second best 10 0 0 CLASS VIII.-Beist Jumper, of any age 10 0 0 Second best 5 0 0 Entrance -Subscribers 5s Non-subscribers, lQII. All entries close on or before 12th August. For entry forms and rules apply to the hon. secretary, Lieut.- Col. W. Lewes, Tenby. GREAT WESTERN RAILWAY. EVERY SATURDAY until SEPTEMBER 28th JL CHEAP EXCURSION TICKETS will be issued from CARMARTHEN to ABERYSTWITH by ordinary trains, returning same day or following Monday. Fare, 3rd Class, 7s. Cheap Excursion Trains will run as under:- WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 21st, DAY TRIP to VV Tenby and PEMBROKE DOCK from Car- marthen at 8.45 and Carmarthen Junction at 9.0 a.m. On THURSDAY, AUGUST 22nd, AN EXCUR- SION for 8 or 15 days to TAUNTON, Barnstaple, Exeter, Torquay, Plymouth, Penzance, and other Stations in tne West of England, by the new and direct route, via the Severn Tunnel, will leave .Pembroke Dock at 7.55 a.m., *Pembroke 8.3, *Tenby 8.35, ttSaundersfoot 8.44. *Narberth 9.5, *Whitland 9.45, "Carmarthen 10.5, and *Carmarthen Junction at 10.20 a.m. *ALSO TO SWANSEA. Merthyr, Car- diff, Bristol, Bath, Ac., for 2, 5, or 8 days. For full particulars see special bills. HY. LAMBERT, General Manager. CARMARTHEN BOROUGH CONSER- VATIVE ASSOCIATION. THE Parliamentary Lists are now published, and JL may be seen at my Office. Conservative occupiers and lodgers whose names are not already on the Register, are requested to com- municate with me at once, August 20th being the last day for sending in claims. JAMES JOHN, Registration Agent. Queen-street, Carmarthen, August 8th, 1889. THE Joint Standing Committee of the Court of Quarter Sessions and County Council for the County of Carmarthen invite Tenders for Forms. Account Books, and Stationery for the use of the Police Force of the above County. Specimens of the Books and Forms can be seen, and all other information obtained, at the Chief Constable's Office, Llanduo. lenders to be sent in to the undersigned at his office at Llandovery not later than the 23rdInstant. THOMAS JONES, Clerk to the Council. CARMARTHENSHIRE. SALE OF VALUABLE FARMS NEAR WHITLAND. THE Farms of "EAST and WEST REOWM" and ■' PANTYGWRYG," in the Parish of Llanboidy, will be offered for SALE by PUBLIC AUCTION, in the early part of September next. EATON EVANS & WILLIAMS, Solicitors, Haverfordwest. Haverfordwest, August 8th, 1889,