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NEW QUAY NEWS. The regatta, which is an annual and at- tractive institution, was held at this charming little watering phce on Thursday, the 8th inst. The date is ahvays fixed in the early days of August to catch the agricultural classes, who take their brief holiday between the two har- vests. Indeed New Quay, as well as the whole of the lower coast of Cardiganshire, is becoming increasingly attractive to English visitois, and it only needs a railway to bring untold wealth to the district. The beautiful and wide expanse of scenery, together with the bold cliffs and safe sea bathing, ought to make the ports and inlets in South Cardigan- shire the resort of thousands of health- seekers from the large town*. To add to the pleasure of the visitors, and to advertise the place, a regatta committee was formed some weeks ago, consisting of the principal resi- dents, with Capt. R. Lloyd as treasurer, and Mr J. S. Evans as secretary. On the appointed day the little old-fashioned town presented a gay and enlivened appear- ance. The day was tine, with the exception of a few drops of raiti about- ten o'clock. Every available bed had been engaged the previous night, and streams of carts, carriages, drags, and various vehicles kept pouring into the town from 5 till 11. The pier was crowded, the gay colours of the ladies' dresses contrasting well with the more sober garments of'the men, hile;, overhead strings of flags. gave a very brilliant effect to the place. Most of the competitors in the sailing races had taken up their moorings on the previous evening, but two or three boats from Aberay- ron arrived at about 10 o'clock, and were much cheered as they glided, swiftty past the jetty, and came to ananckor among their rivals. About 11 a.m. a gun gave the signal f*r the cutters to get under weigh, and about tfeft minutes Inter a second gun signalled the start. The course of about 14 miles was accomplished in a wonderfully short time, considering that the breeze was slight. The other chief races were a sailing race for small cutters, a four-oared race, a two-oared race, and a lady's race, which, as usual, created much excitement. The stern fore- most race would have been won by the coast- guards had not an accident happened to them by the breaking of a rowlock. The Tivyside Brass Band was in attendance, and a steamer from Aberystwith brought a contingent of excursionists to witness the contests. The programme contained the following items:- SAILING BOATS course twice roand three buoys, a distance of about three miles.. Light breeze from west—1, Lana (Capt. Jones), £ 4; 2, Nanta (Capt. Griffiths), tl 15% -0 3, Gomer (Capt. Davies), 91. "Packet" which had ten minutes' start, came in fifth. FOUR-OARED BOATS— 1, Lizzie (Coxswain, J. Phillips), 91109; 2, John Ewing (E. P. Jones), 18s 3, Lily (D. Richards), 7s (id. PAIR-OAREDIBOATS-Cosistgttard boat, Lily, and Anne, all three fouled. Prizes divided amongst the three, 10s 8d each. LADIES' PUNT-Boats again fouled, and prize divided between Coastguard boat and Lily, 5s each. PAIR OARS, STERN FOREMOST-I, Playmate, 4s 2, Coastguard punt, 2a 6d. BOATS NOT EXCEEDING Six FEET KEEL-I. Little Anne, 2s 6d. SCULLING RACE FOR Bon; under 16-1, Play- mate, 5s 2, Lily, 2s 6d 3, Anne, Is. At the sports in the evening, which were held in a field iapar the town under the patronage of the Rector; Captain Davies, harbour master, Captain J. Lewis, aud Mr Davies, sailmaker, acted as starters, and Captain Kelly as judge. The usual amusing features of these annual InriMNIrsJ^iz., the duck hnftt and greasy pole, were not indulged in. The committee of management would do well to consider whether the programme might not be yet more attractive and appropriate if made entirely aquatic. Sailing races necessarily form the solid part of these entertainments, but they are of little interest to strangers, whereas a small pig in a basket at the end of a greasy pole is always interesting. Duck hunts—the duck to become the prize-are also amusing, and tend to encourage the art of swimming. Races in washing tubs, swim- ming races, water steeplechases, diving matches, tub hunts, where one man in a small short boat is pursued by crews in large boats; many other minor sports might well be indulged in during the intervals between the more important events, and at small cost would add much to the enjoyment of the day. It is a great pity that commwnication with 0 the towns on the Cardiganshire coast remains in Such a primitive state. The scheme for wo railway communication laid before the County council, oy Major Price Lewes, if carried to a practical conclusion, will prove of immense advantage to these-pliicoa and to the county in general. New Quay Would then become the most important harbour.,in. the bay, and not only would its fishing trade be immensely increased, -but- this lowly spot would "be rendered; accessible to the great „J)Ostt o £ pleasure-seekers. x


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