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LAMPETER BOARD OF GUARDIANS. A meeting of the Board of Guardians was held on Friday last. Present Mr John Fowden, Bank Hall, in the chaIr Mr T. R. R. Hughes, Noyaddfawr; Revs. Daniel Jones, Lampeter, and Daniel Griffiths, Trefilan; Messrs David Evans, Cellan David Davies, Lampeter Thomas Price, Llanycrwys William Williams and Evan Jones, Llanllwni; John Rees and David Evans, Pencarreg; and J. G. Marsden. Mr Biroham, the Local Government Board Inspector, was also present. OUT-RELIEF, &C. Lampeter district, per Mr David Parry, 233 lf). to 160 paupers Llanybyther district, per Mr David Evans, JE32 5s 5d to 140 paupers. Number of paupers in the house, 26; corresponding week last year, 21. Vagrants relieved during the past fortnight, 27 corresponding period last year, 35. el MASTER'S REPORT. The Master reported that a man named Charles Milligan, a tramping grinder and compositor, was admitted into the house .on the 31st ultimo, by order of the medical, officer. That Thomas Evans, referred to in the last report, was discharged on the 5th instant, able to go on his journey. Mr Bircham explained the position of the Union as regards out-relief, &c., as compared with other Unions, and bore good testimony to the manner in which the house was conducted. He said it was one of the cleanest and best managed of the workhouses in his district, a fact which speaks well for the officers. TREAT TO THE INMATES. The Master stated that the Chairman (Mr David Davies, Velindre) had very kindly offered to take the inmates of the Workhouse to the sea- side for a day, provided the guardians would approve of it. The guardians thought Mr Davies's offer a very kind one, and granted the request unanimously. The inmates will, therefore, be conveyed to Aberayron next Wednesday, in the four-in-hand of Mr Jonah Evans, of Bridge- street. LLANYBYTHER VACCINATION OFFICER. A letter was read from the Local Government Board declining to sanction the proposal of the guardians to pay Mr Evan Davies, the vaccina- tion officer for the above district, a salary of C5 per annum instead of a fee for each case as at present. MEDICAL OFFICER FOR LLANYBYTHER DISTRICT. A letter from M-r E. C. Thomas, surgeon, was read applying for the appointment of medical officer for the Llanybyther District, and it was unanimously resolved that he be appointed sub- ject to the approval of the Local Government Board. ASSESSMENT COMMITTEE. This committee was held after the Board, Mr John Fowden presiding. ASSESSMENT OF TITHE RENT-CHARGE. It was resolved that the motion of the Rev. Daniel Griffiths, that the rateable value and gross estimated rental in respect of tithe rent- charge in the various parishes in the Union be revised," be adjourned to the next meeting. A supplemental valuation list of the parish of Llanfairclydogau was put in, and the considera- tion of the same was adjourned to the 23rd inst. SCHOOL ATTENDANCE COMMITTEE. Rev. Daniel Griffiths in the chair. Mr David Parry, school attendance officer, reported that the summons against John Morgan, of Castell Trefilan, for neglecting to send his child to school, had been dismissed by the magistrates. A letter was read from the Local Government Board sanctioning the appointment of Mr David Evans as school attendance officer of the Llany- byther district, at a salary of B3 10s. per annum. HIGHWAY BOARD. F A meeting of the above was also held on the same day, Mr T. H. R. Hughes in the chair. MAIN ROADS. The Rev. Daniel Griffiths proposed (pursuant to notice) that the Cardiganshire County Council be aaked to take over the following roads, and' declare the same to be main roads, under the Local Government Act, 1888 :-The road leading from Aberystwith to Carmarthen, from the Ystrad Boundary to the Llanybyther Bridge, 4 miles 9 chains; the road leading-from New Court to Llanybyther Station, 3 miles 20 chains the road leading from Lampeter to Tregaron, from Troed- yrhiw, Lampeter, to Almarch, 5 miles 4 chains the road leading from Lampeter to Llanddewi- brefi, from the Lampeter Municipal Boundary, by Llettytwpa, to the boundary dividing the parishes of Llanfairclydogau and Llanddewi- brefi, 3 miles 64 chains. The motion was seconded by the Rev. Daniel Jones, and carried unanimously.






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