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On Sunday night two young men, supposed to be tramway conductors, were drowned while bathing in the Mersey close to Seaeomb landing- stage. A cabman heard screams, and ran for a lifebuoy, but before he returned the bodies had disappeared, Both bodies were discovered on Monday The place at which the accident happened is known to be very dangerous, and bathers have been warned against using it. It is doubtful whether the Scotch grouse season will be an average one. The dry summer has iffected the birds much, and large numbers have been found dead on the banks of dried-up streams. The moors of West Sunderland and paithness have not suffered soseverely as those urther South, and on these moors some good iport will still be obtained. Deer forests are more latisfactory than grouse moors, deer being report- n good condition. On Saturday afternoon Princess Beatrice and rrince Henry of Battenberg visited Southampton or the second time, the occasion being the laying if the foundation-stone of the new headquarters If the Gordon Boys' Brigade. Messrs Charles Hill and Sons, shipbuilders, of Bristol and Cardiff, launched from their Albion )ockyard on Saturday afternoon a splendid steel marque, built to the order of Messrs Troop and on, St John s, New Brunswick. The vessel, which •as christened the Nellie Troop, is 237ft. long nd her carrying capacity 2.200 tons. She was built under the special survey of Lloyds to class 100 A. Hundreds of spectators gathered on the banks of the river to witness the launch, and as the vessel left the stocks the National Anthem was played. Great activity in the gun and ammunition I trade is noticeable at the Birmingham shops, particularly at the works of the Gatling Gun Company, where large contracts are in hand from several Continental and Eastern Governm«nt« A very large order has just been rece"ed?rom Roumama for military pistols and cartridges, and the Home Government has placed an order with the Gatling Company for a-pounder quick-firing cartridges, in additioi, to the large order for Martini rifle ammunition in process of delivery. t mliff -e caPab,e of firi»g 850 shots a minute, ia being constructed for the Shah of i-ersia, to embody the positive feed and other important improvements recently added to this well-known weapon. Another order is for Gatliligs for the new fortifications at Copen- hagen. r COLMAN'S SlNAPISIII. Tbe improved Mustard Plaster. Certain in effect, safe for young children and persons of deHcate skin ready for use at any moment; does not scorch or blister, aod is perfectly cleanly. Of all Chemists and Grocers. Wholesale of J. & J Colman, 108, Cannon Street, London.