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AMMANFORD JOTTINGS. There was another scene on the Cross Roads on Saturday 'night last. This time no one can say it was the fault of the police, for they were about the village on duty, and their backs were only just turned when a scuffle arose, which must have been alarming to the peaceful inhabitants. Nothing serious happened, but really when such things are possible we do want more police. Will no one of influence speak in behalf of this ? I observed in the IFfstem Mail last week an admirable letter about Bettws new bridge, and I have since been making some enquiries on this t. point. The arguments in favour chiefly have been on behalf of farmers, who would wet an" immense saving in fetching lime but a"larger field is opened up in the Swansea trade. A waggoner froni Swansea, who has travelled tho road for a dozen years, says the bridge woukl- save ium 25 minutes each way. He is only one of very maMy. A little enterprise shown bv the Glamorganshire and Carmarthenshire County Councils would enable the tradespeople of Swan- sea to crofes the mountain and find a good road and a short cut to Attirratiford and other neigh- bouring places. ° « '1 • Again, Pontardulais is a growing place, and a good road from the new bridge to Pontardulais would be a great boon-in f;tctl the road from Pontardulais to Swansea being fairly good, I am not sure that that route would rot°be better between Ammanford and Swansea than the one through Llangyfelach. It is a serious public question, and should be brought before the respective County Councils. „ :■ t IS>1 r ¡f. 1-, I hear a rumour about the water scheme, viz., that our County Councillor, Mr Jones, of Tiiy- dail, is in favour of postponing the question for two years. Now I have given expression to some views of the opponents of the scheme, so I have pleasure in giving now expression to the feelings of a supporter. He says, "If the scheme is worth carrying out, it is worth doing at once. It would be a great pity to have a water ftmine, and possibly an epidemic of fever, and then to have to go in for a water scheme after all. A public meeting ought to be called, and Mr Jones ought to be present to hear what the feeling of the inhabitants is on the subject. I quite approve of the suggestion in THE JOURNAL that we should have a rural sknitary authority of our own. and deal with this question and the drain- age. So far my friend —1 ### "I I may as well give some statistics from an impartial point of view. The Llandyfao scheme with 6-inch mains and 4-inch branches will cost wTith mains and 3-inch branches, t/,000. It would be folly to sink the ship for a u ?i°rt i °5 tar,' an<* is carried, I shall vote for the larger one. Now, for such a purpose, the Local Government Board will lead the money at 4 per cent., repayable in, say, 30 years, so this will not mean £100 a year. There are some 350 houses built and building at the present moment, which would be fed with this water in Ammanford and Bettws alone. It it worth while ? The place is growing every day more houses will have to be built at once—pro* bably another 150 before next year is out. V 1 am told that a competing scheme to the Llan- dyfan scheme is to sink for water at Ammanford, and pump the supply from a large well. This seems impractical and costly. When once the pipes are laid from -Llandyfan the cost of maintenance will be trifling-hardly worth men- tioning. I learn that there will be plenty of competition at the Eisteddfod. There is a lot of hard practis- ing going on locally for it, and several choirs and i parties are known to be coming from a distance. Every inhabitant of Ammanford and the neigh- bourhood must wish the undertaking success. I am sorry to find that the cricket club officials are too inert to get up athletic sports this year. There seems to be a want of backbone in the club, which is fatal to any great success in any direction. There are a lot of people who love cricket in the place. Cannot some one be found who will infuse a little life into the club. V # Ou Tuesday, Miss Prothero, of Cwmcoch, gave her annual treat to her Sunday School. The whole of Penygroes was alive with excitement and happiness the sight of which must have been a reward to Miss Protheroe for all her trouble and care. I am told that the Cwmcoch Sunday School n the largest in the whole neighbourhood and that, too, in Llandebie parish, where there are two other large Church Sunday Schools. I wish, without offending anyone's susceptibilities, I could stimulate leaders of other schools to emulate Miss Prothero's successful work. It is true that she occupies an exceptional position, and consequently has a better chance of success. A friend of mine told me once that he did not know which would have most effect in Penyuroes a proclamation by the Queen or one by Miss Prothero. But with all this in her favour the success of her school is due to more than her popularity, and I fail to see why other ladies should not become as successful as she is. V I have been promised an account of the Prim- rose League Fete at Wernoleu on Thursday. It is said that Professor Clarence's entertainment was wonderful. I shall be able to send a full account next week.

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