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Dr Forester, aged 61, who had been in practice at Barnstaple for 33 years, but had lately been de- pressed, committed aaicide on Monday by hang- ing himself in his bedroom. On Monday, at the Dublin Commission, on the application of counsellor the Crown, the trial of the railway officials for ctiminal negligence in connection with the, Armagh disaster was post- poned to next commission. A racing match for £ 25 a-side, between John Beynon, of Trealaw, and Thomas Steven, of Tre- herbert, came off on Monday on the Treforest Running Groand in the presence of some hun- dreds of spectators. The distance was 130 yards. 1 Both men were in the pink of condition, and ran I Well, the race being a close and exciting one. Beynon won by about a foot. At a meeting of the Dublin Corporation on Monday, it was unanimously resolved to nomi- nate Councillor Edward Kennedy for the office of Lord Mayor for the ensuing year. Alderman Winstanley, Protestant Home Ruler, had been selected for the office some time since, but his unexpected death rendered another nomination i necessary. Councillor Kennedy occupied for some time a seat in Parliament as one of the Irish parlia- < mentary party. < At the Criterion Theatre visitors to the stalls i will notice in the back of the chair before them a 1 neat box with a slit conspicuously displayed. 1 On dropping a shilling into this aperture the I box opens, and an opera glass is presented for I use, to be returned at the end of the perfor- mance. This is a modern innovation on the old atyle where one borrowed an opera glass from c the attendant who, as the company dispersed, c stood bawling at the top of the staircase ready to t return the deposit in exchange for the opera i glass. The new system has done so well that it r is likely to be extended not only in theatres, but 5 in other directions. The latest development of S the put-your-money-in-the-box device is attached w to Park chairs. In Hyde Park and other nii)il;, a resorts in London chairs are let out at the rate of one penny, which is collected, sometimes de- manded twice over, by a bustling attendant. The new idea is a chair the seat of which springs up automatically when relieved of weight- and clamps firmly at the back. There is the inevi- table slit, the dropping of a penny in which releases the seat and the weight of the leaseholder keeps it down. The obvious difficulty is that a gentleman seated in the Park rising to salute a lady the seat of his chair would disappear, to be J released only upon production of another penny. THROAT IRRITATION AND COUGH.-—Soreness and dryness, tickling and irritation, inducing cough and affecting the voice. For these symptoms use Epps's Glycerine Jujubes. In contact with the glands at the moment they are excited by the act of sucking, the Glycerine in these agreeable con- fections becomes actively healing. Sold only in boxes, 71d., tins Is Hd., labelled "JAMES Epps and I Co., Homoeopathic Chemists, London." Dr. George Moore, in his work on "Noseand Throat Diseases," says: "The Glycerine Jujubes prepared by James Epps and Co. are of undoubted service as a curative or palliative agent," while Dr. Gordon Holme, Senior Physician to the Municipal Throat and Ear Infirmary, writes: "After an extended trial, I have found your Glycerine Jujubes of considerable benefit in almost all forms of throat disease." í


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