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AN INTERESTING LETTER. The following letter, received by a correspon- dent, will be of interest to many of our readers at this season of the year, when so many are flitting here and there for change of air, and to recruit their health, some at-the- Wells, others at the different; watering places, and others 808 tourists, flitting from place to place to enjoy their holidays: — Dear Friend, — Here am I at last, released from my daily- cares and worry, at our favourite watering place, where I arrived three days ago, and where I intend spending my summer holidays. I have been overworked, and felt the need of rest and a change of air. When I arrived here I acted upon your suggestion, and went at once to consult Dr —, who is reputed the best physician in this part of the country. You havu overworked yourself,' said he, I many do so, some bodily, and others mentally. The mother-with the worry and cares of household duties; the father, who, perhaps, is a collier, miner, metal worker, mill hand, labourer, by over exertion, or working for too many hours in the day; the children, many of them by over-pressure at school the student, by too close application to his studies; as well as the merchant and clerk at their desks, all are overworked, and the result -is similar in all cases. You need three things. (1) Perfect rest from your usual cares. (2). A change of air and scenery, and (3). A course of some, good tonic medicine.' I asked him to give me a prescription to obtain what he deemed would be most beneficial to me, when he replied, I know of nothing that will do you more good than a course of Gwilym Evans' Quinine Bitters.' I smiled incredulously, when I heard him prescribe a Patent Medicine. He noted my surprise, and observed, It seems strange, does it not, to hear a medical man advising people to take the preparations of other people ? I am aware that many of these patent medicines do more harm than good, but I have no hesitation in recommending this. It is the best tonic that I know of, and can injure no one. It has been very beneficial to many who have taken a course of it with a change of air.' I paid him his usual consul- tation fee, and went direct to the chemist to obtain a bottle of Quinine Bitters, but he Kept none in stock. I then wrote to the Quinine Bitters Co. at Llanelly, for a 4s 6d bottle, and received it by retum of post, You know that visitors at this place soon get on friendly terms with each other, and during the day I learned from several persons that they take the Quinine Bitters as a 'pick-me-up' during their holidays, and bring a couple of bottles with them. When returniog to my lodgings this evening, I met the chemist, who told me he had received several applications for Quinine Bitters after I had been there seeking it, and that he had sent for a supply of both sizes—2s 9d and 4s 6d, so that, should I require it again, I might depend upon being supplied at his shop, as he intended to keep it always in stock henceforth. I thanked him for the information, and hurried on to scribble you a few lines by this post. The weather here is delightful, and plenty of merry company. I shall expect you to join me in a few days.— Yours, &a.