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I LLANDILO. FISHING.-Mr J. Lockyer (County Press) had some excellent sport in the Towy on Tuesday last. In the course of the afternoon he landed no less than three sewin and a lot of fine condi- tioned trout. LOCAL BOARD. -A meeting was held on Tues- day evening last at the Office of Mr R. S. Lewis, Clerk to the Board, Mr W. Griffiths in the chair. Messrs. W. Philipps, chief constable, and J. O. James, London House, were also present.—The minutes of the last meeting were read and con- firmed —The surveyor's quarterly accounts were laid before the Board and examined and approved. —Mr Philipps gave notice that at the next meet- ing he would move that the Board adopt the model bye-laws issued by the Local Government oard. -he. agreement with the South Wales .Brewery tor the supply of water to them, duly executed, was laid before the Board. ART CLASS, GEAMMAR SCHOOL.—The following is a list of the successful pupils at the late May examination :—freehand 1st Class, excellent William Thomas, and Thomas C. Thomas 1st Class, Jno J. H. Humphreys, David E. R. Lloyd, Thomas M. Williams, Josiah Morris, and Thomas P. Williams; 2nd Class, George W. Jeakins, Walter Fuller, Fred W. Lafferty, Wm. S. B. Davies, Maria Morris, and Frances Thomas. Model drawing: Wm. Thomas, and T. C. Thomas 1st class, excellent E. R. Thomas 1st Class, and Jno J. H. Humphreys, and Hannah E. Williams; 2nd Class, geometry: Thomas C. Thomas, Jno J. H. Humphreys, Thomas Jones, and Edward R. Thomas, passed. The above result will compare favourably with the Art Classes of the principality and the class deserves every encouragement. THE announcements of results of the second grade examinations by the Committee of Council on Education of the Department of Science and Art, in May last, and just received from South Kensington, shew the most encourag- ing prospects in painting and drawing for the comparatively young school of Art at Llandilo. When we make comparison with the results obtained by the far larger divisions in other parts of the principality, we find that even as regards the leading Art School itself, Llandilo students carry eff the palm, both in quantity and in quality. We append a list of the successful candidates for 1889 :—Freehand Drawing-let Class (Excellent) William Thomas, 27 years of age Thomas C. Thomas, 15. let Class J. H. John Humphreys, 14; David E. R. Lloyd, 12 M. Thomas Williams, 18; Josiah Morris, 14 P. Thomas Williams, 22. 2nd Class Walter Fuller, 11; Fred L. Lafferty, 12; L. B. William Davies, 17; George W. Jenkins, 31; Maria Morris, 15 May M. Williams, 14 Frances A. Thomas, 22. Model Drawing-let Class (Excel- lent) William Thomas, 27; Thomas C. Thomas, 15. 1st Class: Edward R. Thomas, 16. 2nd Class: J. H. John Humphreys, 14; E. Hannah Williams, 17. Practical Plane and Solid Geometry-The following took a "pass" with great success Thomas C. Thomas, J. H. John Humphreys, Thomas Jones, Edward R. Thomas. The Llandilo School of Art committee will, in September, hold an exhibition of the works of the students of the Llandilo division, and they will also include the works of the rest of the county, which is under the supervision of their energetic Art Master, Mr W. Jones, at which time special prizes will be awarded by the committee to the successful candidates of the Llandilo division. We may mention that other works of Art in con- nection with the School will also be included in the exhibition. BOARD OF GUARDIANS.—The fortnightly meet- ing of the Board of Guardians was held at the Union Workhouse on Saturday last, Major Thomas presiding. There was a large attendance of guardians. —The relieving officer's, the master's, and the treasurer's reports were read.—The Clerk informed the Board that at the last meet- ing of the assessment committee the South Wales Brewery Company appealed against the assess- ment of their premises, which were assessed at ;290perannum. The committee refused to make a reduction, and he had now received a notice of appeal to tne Court of Quarter Sessions. It was for the Board to give its opinion as to such appeal. The Chairman said that, unfortunately, he was not at home on the day when the com- mittee met. It was the first meeting which he had missed for many years. It appsared that only four members of the committee attended. He would suggest that, as it was so, rather than an appeal should be made to the Quarter Sessions that the Company should appeal to the committee again.—The Rev. L. Price seconded the Chairman.—Mr W. Jones (Canton Stores) was of opinion that the Company would not appear before the committee again.—The Rev. L Price believed they would, if they were pro- perly advised.—Mr James Rees thought the Company wished to fight a battle (laughter). — Mr Wm. Griffiths (Railway Tavern Stores) enquired the date of the next meeting of the assessment committee.—The Clerk said there would not be one held for a long time in fact, not till Christmas. They could call a special meeting.—The Rev. L. Price was of opinion that they should have a special meeting to dispose of it at once.-The Chairman, when referring to the matter, meant that a special meeting ought to be called rather than that they should go to the ex- pense of an appeal to the Court of Quarter Sessions. —The names of the assessment committee having been given, the Chairman said that he would rather, not make a proposition himseK. He was at one time one of the Brewery shareholders, but from remarks made in a certain paper he had disposed of them. Would any member make the proposi- tion as to a meeting of the committee.—The Rev L. Price would, under the circumstances, become a proposer instead of a seconder. He now pro- posed that a special meeting, of the assessment committee be convened for the purpose of con- sidering the appeal of the South Wales Brewery with the view of arranging the matter.—Mr Morgan Davies (Cwmifor) seconded the proposi- tion, which was carried unanimously.—The Rev. L. Price, at the request of the Chairman, drew attention to Mr Bircham's last return. He hoped they would see what they could do in the way of reducing their rates and taxes, as the percentage of paupers on the population had decreased for their Union durins the Dast vear. SANITARY AUTHORITY.—A meeting of the Sanitary Authority followed the Board of Guar- dians, Major Thomas presiding.—It was resolved that the Clerk convene a meeting at Ammanford to consider the advisability of obtaining a water supply for the village, and the best mode of doing so.-A letter was read from Mr Benjamin Evans with reference to the water supply on his farm, and it was resolved that Mr H. Herbert be asked to inspect and report to the Board on the matter.





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