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CRICKET. Narberth v. St. Cleai-s.-These clubs played a match at Narberth on Saturday last. St. Clears batted first, R. L. Thomas and W. C. Thomas opening the innings to the howling of L. P. Jones and Duckfield, and with 9 up Jones bowled R. L. Thomas. David went in and a stand was made, and when the total reached 32 David was caught by Neville. J. S. Thomas took his place, but was soon dismissed. When R. Bowker went in another stand was made. Ultimately, with 53 up, W. C. Thomas was bowled by Jones, after putting together 22 in good style. R. Bowker pjayed E)11L but unfortunately was run out when h bad..mtI,. scored 9." Carver also played well, bpt the change of bowling proved disastrous to the other. Narberth started with L. P. Jones and Dr, McCulloch at the wickets, R. L. Thomas and Jason Thomas bowling. With the exception of Jones and Duckfield none of the others did anything worthy of note. Jones was caught by J. S. Thomas after putting together 27. He was badly missed by W. C. Thomas at 5, and J. S. Thomas at 18 from the bowling of Jason Thomas. Duckfield played steadily for 14, and carried out his bat. The following is the score SAINT CLEARS. R L Thomas, b L P Jones 5 W C Thomas, b L P Jones 22 M S David, c Neville, b Duckfield 9 J S Thomas, b Duckfield 0 R Bowker, run out 9 W Carver, c Morgan, b L P Jones 4 Dr. W. D. Harries (captain), b Jones. 1 Tom Evans, b Logan 2 W Williams, b Logan 0 Jason Thomas, c J D Lewis, b Jones 0 D C Evans, not out 0 Extras 9 Total 61 NABBBRTH. L P Jones (captain), c J S Thomas, b W C Thomas 27 Dr. McCulloch, b R L Thomas 0 G H Logan, b R L Thomas 0 N L Duckfield, not out 14 E S Morgan, b R L Thomas 0 C D Neville, b W C Thomas 1 J D Lewis, b W C Thomas 2 J L Williams, c J Thomas, b R Thomas 3 F Harris, b W C Thomas .o 0 R G Wilkins, b R L Thomas 3 R S James, b R L Thomas 0 Extras. 8 Total. 58 Llandovery Present v. Past-This match was played on the school ground on August 1st, in splendid weather, and on an excellent wicket. Appended is the score :— LLANDOVERY PAST. T A Rees, c R Jones, b A B Jones 15 C P Lewis, not out 174 A R Price, b T Jones 12 G T Evans, b Andrews 18 W W Hughes, not out 29 R E Leigh « D T Lewis j R Ll. Thomas M. S. David V Innings declared. D B Evans I D L Joseph I J E Jones Extras 8 Total 251 LLANDOVERY PRESENT. A M Jenkin, b R L Thomas 5 R S Jenkin, c Joseph, b R Ll. Thomas 7 J C Rees, not out 43 T R Griffiths, b G T Evans 4 T Jones, c C P Lewis, b G T Evans 0 A W Andrews, c Hughes, b Thomas 2 R Jones, run out 2 J H Williams, b D T Lewis 12 A B Jones, b R Ll. Thomas 26 G H Williams, not out 2 C M Roberts, to bat 0 Extras. 13 Total 116 Llandovery C. C. v Brecoi;. -This Teturn match was played on August 3rd, on the ground of the former. As usual an excellent wicket had been prepared, but rain very much interfered with the game. Appended is the score — BaBcoN C. C. R Budworth, b C P Lewis 44 W LI. Thomas, b C P Lewis 32 D H Morgan, 1 b w, J E Jones 0 H V Phillips, not out 16 Popkin, run out 2 Reckless, c M J Morris, b J C Rees 38 Bell, c and b J C Reej 0 W Evans, c T A Rees, b C P Lewis 2 Roach, b C P Lewis. 7 .T B Jones, b C P Lewis 0 Carlyle, absent. 0 Extras. 21 Total 162 LLANDOVERY C. C. T A Roes, b Reckless 0 C P Lewis, b Reckless 7 J G Rees, not out 10 M J Morris, b Reckless 0 FE Chapman, not out 9 Extras 1 Total. 27 D B Evans, E B Nicholl, JE Jones, D Price, Prytherch/and W Edwards to bat.








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