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LAUGHARNE REGATTA. (BY ABERCORRAN). This annual and popular event came effon Wednesday last. The weather was beautifully fine, and a fresh and favourable breeze blowing from the westward considerably enhanced the pleasure derived from wituessing the sailing races. The flagship Matilda" (John Brown), gaily decked with bunting, wa moored half-mid stream, and here Herr Zimmer's string band was stationed to enliven the proceedings. The Pre- sident for the year, Mr E. St. George Kaye, was on board the committee-boat throughout the day, and the following gentlemen rendered essential service :—Mr Mordaunt Smith, Mr W. Lanning, Rev. J. M. Jones, Mr F. Lanning, Mr W. H. Saer (starter), and Mr G. D. Wilkins. The energy and enthusiasm thrown into the work by the Hon. Sec. (Mr T. Richards, Grove House) are worthy of all praise. I shou!d not be doing my duty, as your correspondent, if I omitted to state that Mr Richards has spared neither time nor trouble to make this year's regatta-what it has unquestionably turned out to be—a decided and unqualified success. There were a great number of visitors present, and the cliffs, where every nook and cranny were utilised, and every coign of vantage eagerly seized, presented quite a pretty and picturesque appearance. The Langharne Drum and Fife Band were stationed on the Cliff. The first race was started at 1.15 p.m., the distance round the course being as follows :-For sailing boats, three miles; for pulling races, about a quarter of a mile. The following is a list of the events FOR YACHTS (Open) not exceeding 6 tons-1, F,3 10s., Ranee, Major H. L. Green, Teuby; 2, 30s., Gwenny, E. W. H. Peel, Esq., Laugharne. This was an excellent, and afforded much pleasure to the spectators. The Ranee led at the start, closely followed by the Gwenny, the May Fly taking a third and the Curlew a fourth place. The Ranee first rounded the mark boat (almost dipping her canvas at times), with the Gwennv immediately behind. The May Fly fouled her jib by some means or other, but saved her stakes by coming in third. The Gwenny has made her mark as a fast sailing boat, there being but half a minute between the two rivals. This was unquestionably the best race we have ever witnessed here. FOR SAILING OPEN BOATS-1, 25s, The Flirt, W. A. Rowlands; 2nd, 12s 6d, Lady of the Isles, Thomas Brown 3rd, 7s 6d, divided between the Jenny Jones and Rosalind. This was a really pretty race. The Flirt led and maintained her place, with the Jenny Jones second, Lady of the Isles third, and the Rosalind fourth. At the finish the Lady of the Isles made a good second. A prize of 5s. (given by Mr H. F. David) for the neatest and cleanest boat, was awarded to the owner of the Jenny Jones. COLLIERS RAcim-1, 30s, Towy, William Brown 2, 15s, Nautilus, Capt. John Thomas A special prize of 5s. (given by Mr Mordaunt Smith) was awarded to the owner of the Falcon, John Griffiths. This was a well contested race through- out, the Nautilus making a capital second. This race was originally instituted by the late Sir John Kaye, who,, like his son, Mr E. St. George Kaye, took a great interest in any good work likely to benefit the poor. FOR BOATS to be pulled by two boys under 15 years—1, 5s, Catch Me, T. Roberts and L. Roberts. The Catch Me proved true to her name, being far ani away ahead of her opponent. FOR BOATS to be sculled by one woman—1, 15s, Catch Me, H. Rowlands. FOR Fo-Lit-OARFD BOATS-1, 25s, Jenny Jones, Thos. Roberts 2,10s, Flirt, W. Alma Rowlands. In this race the Jenny Jones took the lead, and maintained her position throughout, the Flirt making a very good second. This was certainly a very exciting, pretty, and, altogether, a well- con tested race. SWIMMING RACE for boys under 16 years. 150 yards—1, E. Beynon. It appears to me rather surprising that there were not more competitors for the swimming races. FOR BOATS to be pulled by two women-I, lOs, Dora, H. Rowlands and A. Rowlands 2, 5s, Jane Prince, M. Williams and S. Phillips. FOR PAIR-OARED BOATS not exceeding 16ft. — 1, 16s, Dora, W. A. Rowlands and Tom Row- lands; 2, 7s 6d, Catch Me, Thomas Roberts and John Roberts. This was a good and excitable race, in which the Catch Me made a good second. PLANK AND SHOVEL RACE—1, 5s, Tom Row- lands 2, 2s 6d, E. Beynon. This unique event was the means of affording some considerable amount of amusement. FOR FOUR-OARED BOATS (Landsmen versus Seamen)-1, 25s., Jenny Jonet3 (Thos. Roberts, captain). In this race the landamen made a really excellent show, being beaten by two lengths only. DUCK HUNT time, 15 min. (not caught)- Robert Bevan. FOR THE NEATEST AND CLEANEST BOAT com- peting in Events 4, 5, 9, 10 (prize given by Mr H. F. David)-Prize awarded to the owner of Catch Me (Lewis Roberts). EXTRA PULLING RACE—1, 21., James Jones; Z, IS., uaviu Kichards. HANDICAP FOOT RACE ON THE MUD, for boys under 18 years-1, 5s., T. Powell; 2, 2s. 6d., L. Roberts 3, Is. 6d., T. Roberts. WHEELBARROW RACE ON THE MUD—Robert Bevan. The competitors in this race not coming up to time, half the first prize was awarded to Bevan, who enjoyed a clean walk over." This event brought to a close one of the most successful regattas yet held at Laugharne.









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