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LAUGHARNE ECHOES. (By ABERCORRAN). ( f", Laugharne, Wednesday. BANK HOLIDAY. Monday last was observed as a general holiday, and all business houses in the town were closed. There was quite an exodus of holiday seekers for Pendine, and tte town wore a forlorn and deserted appearance. An extraordinary number of people have visited Pendine this summer-in fact, the number this year has exceeded anything I ever re- member, and is decidedly the highest on record. SUNDAY SCHOOL OUTING. f On Monday last the scholars attending the Congregational, Wesleyan, and Calvinistic Methodist Sunday Schools had their outing to Pendine. Although the day was rather gloomy, and a strong wind prevailed, every one appeared to have enjoyed the outing. « ALBERT BENEFIT SOCIETY. TO This old-established friendly society had its annual turn out" yesterday. The members, about sixty in number, marched in procession to attend Divine service at St. Martin's Church. The procession was headed by the Llanstephan brass band. After hearing an excellent sermon from the vicar, the proces- sion was reformed, and the town perambu- lated. The members, having returned to the Lodge, partook of an ample spread provided hy Host Benjamin, Globe Hotel. The usual patriotic toasts having been given by the rev. Chairman (Rev W. H. Harrison, B.A., senior curate) and duly honoured, Mr James Morris rose amidst applause to propose the Vicar's Health." In doing so he referred in eulogistic terms to the very excellent sermon they had heard from the Vicar that day. The Vicar, he said, had preached 51 sermons to that society, and if such a thing were possible— unfortunately it was not-he would be glad if he were spared to preach another 51 sermons to them (loud applause). Mr Morris's remarks were heartily cheered, and our good vicar's health was subsequently drunk with much enthusiasm.—I am informed that there are 92 members on the roll of the Albert Friendly Society, and the invested funds amount to L360. The secretary of the Lodge is Mr Jonah Morris, Church-street. ,¡¡" CONCERT. The members of the Llanstephan Brass Band, assisted by local amateurs, gave a capital concert in the National Schoolroom on Tuesday evening, the Rev. W. H. Harrison, presiding, and there was a very fair audience. Mr James Richards (Carmarthen) accompanied throughout, and each and all of the vocalists acquitted themselves most praise- worthily, especially Mr Geo. Thomas and Mr Wm. Williams. I should like to have heard a little more glee-singing, for under the able baton of Mr W. Williams, this has been a marked and pleasant feature inthe enter- tainments hitherto given here by our Llan- stephan friends. Bandmaster Griffith James deserves mention for the really capital render- ing of Summer by the band. A vote of thanks to the Chairman brought a pleasant evening to a close. I have pleasure in here- with appending the programme :—Part I.: Selection, Summer," Brass Band; song, Miss E. Williams song, Sound an Alarm," Nr Geo. Thomas; song, "In the old, old way," Miss Bowen song, Man the Life- boat," Mr W. Williams; comic song, Mr Moore; song, Love has eyes," Miss H. Williams; song, "Whispers," Mr James Richards. Part II. Glee, Comrades in Arms," Glee Party song, The Beggar Girl," Miss H. Williams song, Father O'Flynn," Mr Wm. Williams; song, "The Soldier's Tear," Miss Bowen song, Good Company," Mr George Thomas comic song, Mr Moore finale, Good save the Queen."