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CARMARTHEN BOARD OF GUARDIANS. The fortnightly meeting of the Board of Guardians was held on Saturday at the Work- house, Carmarthen, the chairman (Mr John Hughes, F. R.C.S.), presiding. AN ATTACK UPON A MEDICAL OFFICER. The Clerk read the following letter which had been sent to the Chairman. Maesyprior, Carmarthenshire, August 2nd, 1889. To the Chairman and Members of the Carmarthen Board of Guardians. Gentlemen,—Permit me in the interest of the ratepayers to direct your attention to a matter, which I consider should not be allowed to escape your notice. A few months back an old man of the name of David Jones, living in the parish of Llangain, had the misfortune to break his leg. Dr. Price was immediately called, and by him the fractnred limb was successfully set, for which in addition to a number of calls be subsequently made, the enclosed bill for t2 Is. 6d. has recently been tendered to the old man. After David Jones had become chargeable to the Union the ýisitswere disfiOniinhAii Ko n, P- -h-th-- -J "J deputed the care of his patient to Mr W. L. Hughes, the parish surgeon. A reference to the files will show a receipted bill from Mr Hughes for the sum-of £ 5 or gnineas, representing to the Board that he had rendered the services for which Dr. Price now justly claims remuneration. Please return the enclosed. I am, gentlemen, yours truly, N. THOMAS. The enclosed" was Dr. Price's bill, which was as follows :— Carmarthen, June 30th, 1889. Mr David Jones, Danybank, to R. G. Price, physician and surgeon. For professional nt- tendance and medicine, from January 23, 1889, to February 11th, 1889, A2 18. 6d. The Chairman said that was so serious a charge that of cou- roe the Guardians would not think of saying one word about it until Mr Hughes had had a chance of replying to it. The best thing to do would be to send a copy of the letter to him askirig him for an explanation of the matter. THE ALTERATIONS AT THE WORKHOUSE The plans and specifications for the alterations in the Workhouse were laid before the Board, and the following building committee, on the suggestion of the chairman, were appointed to see to the matter The chairman, the vice- chairman (Mr Thomas Davies, Bremenda), Rev. W. Lewis (LlangunHock), Rev. W. Thomas (Elim), Messrs D. P. Rees (Carmarthen), — Davies (Newchurch), J. Lloyd Thomas (Llangain) and James Davies (Carmarthen). This was all the public business. ■

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