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It is expected that the Great Western Railway dividend for the half-year ended June 30 will be at the rate of Dt per cent. per annum. THE NEXT ROYAL MARRIAGE.—Who ia next to be married (asks the London correspondent of the Birmingham Daily Post) ? The story goes that the Princess Victoria of Wales comes next. Her bride-groom has already been chosen for her by the people about. the Court. He is the son and heir of one of the most London of the peers, the father being a member of the Government; very rich, and extremely popular. (Obviously this is a reference to Lord Chelsea, the heir of Earl Cadogan.) The lad came of age only last month, and is known to fame only as a youth who has not indulged in foolish noise. If he become husband of the Princess Victoria he will be able eventually to offer hjesr what promises to be, when it is completed one of the most magnificent of the modern homes of England. The present title of the suitor ex- pectant is derived from a Metropolitan borough. On his mother's side be has a descent from a famous soldier, and all his auntnand female cousins on the maternal side seem to be countesses. THROAT IRRITATION AND Coua H.- -Soreness and dryness, tickling and irritation, inducing cough and affecting the voice. For these symptoms use Epps's Glycerine Jujubes. In contact with the glands at the moment they are excited by the act of sucking, the Glycerine in these agreeable con- fections becomes actively healing. Sold only in boxes, 71d., tins 18 I lid., labelled JAMBS Epps and Co., Homoeopathic Chemists, London." Dr. George Moore, in his work on "Noseand Throat Diseases," says: "The Glycerine Jujubes prepared by James Epps and Co. are of andoubted service as a curative or palliative agent," while Dr. Gordon Holmes, Senior Physician to the Municipal Throat and Ear Infirmary, writes: After an extended trial, I have found your Glycerine Jujubes of considerable benefit in almost all forms of throat disease." j .1. --i.


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