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LIBERALISM IN EAST CARMAR- THENSHIRE. CRITICISM OF MR PUGH, M.P. ALLEGED DISCOURTESY OF THE HON. MEMBER. The annual meeting of this association was held at Ammanford on Saturday, when there were about 100 delegates present. Dr. Howel Rees, Tyrbach, presided. The proceedings were conducted chiefly in Welsh. THE PLACE OF MEETING. On the reading of the minutes, Dr Jones, Ltanelly, challenged the accuracy of the one directing that the annual meeting be held at Ammanford. After a brief discussion, it was decided to amend the minute so that the council meetings be held alter- I nately at Ammanford, Llandilo, Llandovery, Llauelly and Pontardulais. ELECTION OF OFFICERS. The following were elected officers :—President, Rev J. Walter Jones, Llandovery; Vice-Presidents, Dr Howell Rees, Dr Jones, and Mr Gwilym Evans. These were substituted for three vice-presidents, who by death or removal have ceased to act. Mr Gwilym Evans was appointed treasurer, and Messrs D. J. Jones and W. Howell were elected secretaries. Messrs J. W. Jones F. Roberts, Velinvoel; and the Rev. Mr Evans. Ammanford, were placed on the executive committee in the place of others. The president-elect and Mr D. J. Jones were appointed on the executive of the South Wales Liberal Feder- ation. REGISTRATION. A letter was read from Mr David Pugb, M.P., excusing his absence from the meeting on the ground that important parliamentary business detained him in town, and promising to give JE50 towards the work of registration in the division this year.—Considerable discussion followed as to the best means of arranging for the complete registration of all Liberal voters in the division.- Mr 0. J. Williams, Llanelly, proposed the appoint- ment of two gentlemen in each electoral division. —Mr Jeremiah Williams, Llanelly, suggested that the Liberal county councillors should be called upon to assist in perfecting registration in their own districts. He did not mean that they should attend to details, but that they should correspond with the central body and direct the matter in their districts.—Mr D. R. Edmunds (Llanelly) said that in other counties where the member was a wealthy man no one was troubled about registration. It was a shame that Mr Pugh only gave J650.—Mr Gwilym Evans said the president and secretary might represent to Mr Pugh the difficulty they were in, and suggest that he should increase his contribution. Mr Pugh had got into Parliament without difficulty, and was having an easy time of it. A gentleman remarked to him (Mr Evans the other day that the county of Carmarthen was prac- tically unrepresented in Parliament at the present time. Mr Pugh ought to give more.—Eventually Mr Williams accepted a proposal by the Rev Towyn Jones that the matter should be referred to the district associations, and this was agreed to. DISESTABLISHMENT. The Chairman submitted the following resolu- tion:—"That this association rejoices that the great Liberal party has now given its solid support to the question of disestablishment and disendow- ment of the Church in Wales, and congratulates the Welsh Liberal members on the excellent record they made in the division list in the late debate on Mr Dillwyn's motion, and looks forward with re- newed hope to this question beirg finally settled in the next Parliament."—Dr Jones said he was very sorry, indeed, that the name of Mr Gladstone did not appear in the division, and he should like a rider added to the resolution. He did not want to hurt the old gentleman's feelings, but he did want to brighten him up a bit. He moved as a rider:—" That this association exceedingly regrets the absence of Mr Gladstone from the division, and that this expression of its feelicg be sent to the right hon. gentleman." This was carried. Ma W. R. H. POWELL, M.P. The meeting voted the following-a resolution expressing sympathy with Mr W. R. H. Powell, M.P., in his illness, and sincere trust for his early restoration to health. INTERMEDIATE EDUCATION. Mr D. Morgan Llandilo, noved, and it was agreed: That this association congratulates Wales on the Government's assent to the second reading of Mr Stuart Rendel's Intermediate Education Bill for Wales." THE IRISH QUESTION. Mr Charles, Llanelly, moved, and it was agreed: "That this association condemns the cruel and oppressive manner in which the Coercion Act is being carried out in Ireland, and the barbarous way in which the tenants of small holdings in Donegal were being evicted by the agents of the Government." SUNDAY CLOSING IN WALES. Mr O. J. Williams moved—That this association is of opinion that the Sanday Closing Act has been a great power for good in Wales, and trusts its efficiency may be increased by the amendment or abolition of the bona-fide traveller's clause and by a more active and earnest administration of the act. It also welcomes the appointment of a Royal Commission to inquire into the working of the act, with the full conviction that the provisions of the act will be strengthened thereby. The resolution was agreed to, and Mr George Jones, J.P. Ystrad, Mr W. Howell (secretary), Mr John Jennings, Mr D. J. Jones (secretary), Mr D. Randell, M.P., Mr Job Phillips, and Mr Jacob Jones (the latter two being working men) were appointed to represent the association before the commission. ROYALTIES, &C. The Chairman proposed, and the meeting accepted a resolution declaring that all royalties, ground reats, dead rent?, and way leaves should be rated to the local rates. CONDOLENCES. A vote of condolence was passed with the families of County-Aldermen D. Bowen, Llandilo, and J. Jenkics, Llangadock, and Mr Henry Thomas, Llanelly. LLANDILO CHURCH CLOCK. The Secretary stated in reply to questions, that he had sent to Mr D. Pugh, M.P.,thu resolution of the last annual meeting of the association, in which a protest was made against the ratepayers of Llandilo being saddled with the charge of main- taining the clock in the church tower, presented by Mr Pugh, and requesting Mr Pugh to arrange for its being maintained in some other way than out of the public rates. Mr Pugh had not made any replj or acknowledged the letter.—Mr O. J. Williams proposed that the secretary be requested to again write Mr Pugh to a similar effect. As a matter of courtesy Mr Pugh ought to have replied to the secretary's letter, which he was sure was properly worded. Mr Pugh was flouting the asso- ciation, which existed for the protection of the interests of Liberal ratepayers. They had to see that the member did his duty, and the first thing he had to do was to attend to their requirements: They had asked him a civil question, and wanted a civil answer. He proposed that the secretary write the same letter as last year, and add that if the matter was not arranged to the satisfaction of the associ- ation they would enter more fully into the ques- tion.—Mr Edmuuds seconded.—Mr J. W. Jones Llandovery, thought the question of the elock one which only concerned Mr Pugh and the Local Board at Llandilo, and had nothing to do with that association.—Mr Edmunds said that Mr Pugh, although the member for the Liberal constituency, was by his action deliberately creating a Church rate.—Mr O. Williams said that Mr Pugh not having replied to the letter of the secretary, it became a matter between that association and the hon. member.—Mr Gwilym Evans asked whether Mr Pugh had ever done anything for the Noncon- formists of his constituency, and if so, what? The Chairman suggested that they should get Mr Pugh to a public meeting and there question him. It would be better than discussing him in his absence.—The resolution was carried. The proceedings terminated with a vote of thanks to the chairman.

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