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(J A R M A RTHENSHIRE COUNTY COUNCIL. ELECTION OF CHAIRMAN AND VICE- CHAIRMAN. The second meeting of the provisional Council for the county of Gaftoarthen was helo at, Car- marthen on Wednesday. The following members were present:— COUNCILLOR* Bonville, Owen, Llanelly. Bourne, J.. Llanelly. Davies, T., Llanarthney. Davies-Evans, Col. H., Llanybyther. Drummond, Sir James, Bart., Llansawel. Davies, J. Trelech. Emlyn, Viscount, Llanfihangel-Aberbythicb. Evans, Gwilym, Llanelly. Evans, J., Llangendeirne. Evans, T., St. Clears. Evans, Rev T., Cilycwm. Evans, Rev W. E., Llanon. Evans, Daniel, Rhydcymraerau. Howell, W., Pembrey. Hughes, Givytiiie, Liaiidilo Urban. Harries, Evau, Llanfihangel-ar-arth. C> Jenkins, Thomas, Carmarthen. Jenkins, T., Llanelly. Jones, W. N., Bettws. Jones, C., Conwil. Jones, Col. D. E., Llandovery. Jones, George, Mothvey. Jones, D. L., Abergwili. Lewis, John, Llangeler. Llewellyn, J., Whitland and Llanboidy. Maybery, Joseph, Llanelly. Morgan, D. Rixon, Carmarthen. Morris, C. E., Llanguunor. Morris, Thomas, Llanstephan. Morse, D., Laugharne. Norton, Henry, Carmarthen. Phiilips, Thomas, Llanelly. Phillips, Rev. P., Llanelly. Philipps, J. L., St. Iahmael. Powell, T., Llandilo Rural. Parry, U. C., Llanelly. Rees, Dr. Howell, Quarterbach. Stephens, D., Kidwelly. Thomas, D. H Carmarthen. Thomas, Rev. \V., Whitlaud and Llanboidy. Tregoning, J. S., Llanelly. Thomas, H.'J., Llanegwad. Thomas, J. Glyn, Llangennech. Wikins, Henry, Llanelly. Wilgon, W. J., Llanelly. The members absent were Mr Lewis Davies, J.P., Cayo Lord Dynevor; Mr James, Llan- gadock (deceased). ALDERMEN. W. O. Brigstockc, J.P. Dr. J. A. Jones, Llanelly. Col. Gwynne Hughes, J.P. H. Nevill, Llanelly. J. Lewis Philipps" Carmarthen., Sir James Hills-Johnes. W de G. Warren, Tenby. Robert Scourfield, Llanstephan. J. Bagnall Evans, J. P. John James, Llandovery. T. Williams, Llwynhendy. D. Bowen, Llandilo. D. James, Bailibedw. D. Richards, Ammanford. Joseph Joseph. There was a large number of the general public present. Dr. Howell Rees took the chair. It was decided that the record of members' attendance should be obtained by members sign- ing the register at the beginning of each meeting. MR. LEWIS MORRIS DECLINES TO BE AN ALDER- MAN, The Clerk read a letter from Mr Lewis Morris, M.A., thanking the Council for electing him alderman, but declining the honour, on the ground that its duties would, cftll for more time than ho J&oufcT spare. It was suggested that the next on the list of the v-Foting at feat meeting should be appointed to the vaeaiicv." > Mr Lewis Morris being one of the three alder- men who tied in the voting for three or six years' period at the last meeting, the Council asked the Chairman to give his vote to decide the remain- ing two. The Chairman voted that Col. Gwynne Hughes should be one of the three-year aldermen. ELECTION OF CHAIRMAN. The Council then proceeded to elect a chair- man, who will hold office to the 7th November next. Mr J. Evans, Llangendeirne, proposed Alder- man W. O. Brigstocke, of Parkygors. Mr T. Evans, St. Clears, seconded. Sir James Drummond, Bart., proposed that Lord Emlyn should be first chairman of the Council. He had been chairman of Quarter Sessions for many years, and showed such great ability in the conduct of the county affairs as fitted him.for the position of chairman of that Col. Gwynne-Hughes seconded j and said that in the majority of counties the chairman of Quarter Sessions had been elected chairman of the County Council. The representative of the party to which he had the honour to belong (Mr D. Pngh, M.P.) had at the last Quarter Sessions thoroughly endorsed all that had been said as to Lord Emlyn's ability and competency. The Chairman was about to take a show of hands, when Sir James Drummond asked that the names should be taken. Mr J. S. Tregoning said that whoever was appointed it would be well that the appointment should not be regarded as one made for an indefinite period. At most he thought the same gentleman should not hold the chair for more than two or three years. His experience at various Boards had taught him that they could not get a really good member of any Board until he had passed the chair. A term in the chair made a man acquainted with the business —with the details and difficulties of it. It was not desirable to have the chairman a permanency. Then as to the business they were going to take over. Had it been badly managed by the body which had had it up to the present ? Although he was a member of the court of Quarter Ses- sions, ho had not the slightest hesitation in saying that there was no Board in tho country which could hand over its business to another body as could the old court of Quarter Sessions of Car- marthenshire. The only debt which they owed was, as far as he knew, only to their own police superannuation fund. For the condition in which they found themselves they had, in a great measure, to thank the noble lord who, as chair- man of Quarter Sessions, had been at the hoad of affairs and they should consider the matter well before setting him asid0 for the first short period of the chairmanship in favour of an untried man. He had heard much about Mr Drigatockc, but that day was the first timo ho (Mr Tregoning) had ever set eyes upon him. He did not remember ever seeing him in that court. Was that the gentleman to put at the head of affairs for that county 1 The new Council would in the first period of its existence be brought very much into contact with the Local Govern- ment Board. He did not know whether Mr Brigstocke had any experience in such matters, but he knew that Lord Emlyn had and it would be of inestimable value to the Council that it should have a chairman who could find his way about in London. A Councillor, in Welsh, said lie understood they were there as the representatives of the electors. He believed the electors of the county had considered the question of Chairman, and if a Conservative was elected there would he; d nation meetings throughout the county. Col. H. Davies-Evans asked that that speech should be translated into English. Mr T. Evans (St. Clears) said it would avoid difficulty if the chairnviu told them whether it was legal to conduct the business of the Council in Welsh. The Chairman—According to the Attorney General it is not. The Clerk was about to read the opinion of the Attorney General, when Lord Emlyn interposed to suggest that the Council should first conclude the business in hand. Mr Norton (Carmarthen) said he was privileged with a slight personal knowledge of both the gentlemen proposed, but the views expressed by Mr Tregoning convinced him that Lord Emlyn would be the most efficient chairman. He sup- ported Lord Emlyn., Mr W. J. Wilson, Llanelly, said Mr Tregoning had hinted at the Council making a new depar- ture from time to time. Why not commence with the chairman ? Why elect the chairman of the former authority as chairman of the new Council? Mr Brigstocke was acquainted with the worki ig of Quarter Sessions, not only in Car- marthenshire, but in Cardiganshire and Glamor- ganshire. No better man could be put forward •by. the'Libesral party,as chairman. Mr W. Howell, Pembrey, supported Mr ..Brigstocke. THE VOTE. The vote was taken openly, the names of the members of the Council being called over by the Clerk, and each man declaring for whom he voted. The result was as follows For Lord Emlyn.—3 Bournee, W J Buckley, T Davies (Llanarthney), Sir James Drummond, D Evans, Col. D E Jones, Thos. Morris, H Norton, J L Philipps, D H Thomas, J S Tregoning, Col. Gwynne-Hughes, Sir James Hills-Johnes, Hugb Nevill-14. 5 For Mr Brigstocke. -Donville, Davies (Trelech), J Davies (Cenarth), Daniel Evans, Evans (Llanboidy), Rev. T. Evans. Rev. W. E. Evans, Gwilym Evans, Thos. Evans, John Evans, Harries, W Howell, J W Gwynne-Hughes, T Jenkins (Carmarthen), T Jenkins (Llanelly), Chas. Jones, W N Jones, George Jones, D L Jones, John Lewis, J. Llewellyn, J. Mayberry, D R Morgan, C E Morris, J D Morse, D G Parry, Thos. Phillips, Rev. P Phillips, T Powell, Dr. Rees, D E Stephens, J G Thomas, Rev. W Thomas, H J Thomas, W J Wilson, H Wilkins, J B Evans, D James, J James, J A Jones, J Joseph, D Richards, R Scourfield, T Williams. W de G Warren-45. The Chairman declarel Mr Brigstocke elected. The Chairman-elect then assumed the position amidst applause. In thanking the Council for the honour done him, he said he was fully aware that there were other gentlemen of more exi e- rience and certainly of higher intellectual powers than himself who might have been chosen for that position, but he hoped to be assisted by the members of the Council in carrying out the duties of the office with dignity and impartiality. A great changed had been brought about by the Act creating those Councils. They must not forget I that they were on their trial; and it would be a sad thing if, after such powers had been delegated I to that new body, they should fail to carry out their duties with efficiency and economy. Great things were expected of the Couuty Councils, though his own opinion was that for the first few years, at any rate, the Councils would have ample occupation in carrying out the work trans- ferred to them by the Quarter Sessions. He was buund to say that the old Court of Quarter Ses- sions had always done its duty faithfully and economically. Some people had very ambitious views as to what the County Councils would accomplish, but he thought their functions would be strictly administrative. They would not originate, or attempt to originate, Acts of Parlia- ment, but rather carry into effect those which had already received that legislative sanction (applause). ELECTION OF VICE-CHAIRMAN. Mr T. Phillips, Llanelly, proposed Mr Gwilym Evans, and Mr J. Lewis, Llaugeler, seconded. Dr. Howell Rees was proposed, but withdrew. Mr T. Powell, Llandilo, proposed Mr May- berry, and Mr H. Wilkins seconded. Alderman Warren proposed, and Mr W. J. Wilson seconded, that the election of the vice- chairman be postponed, but this was lost by; a large majority., Mr Tregoising, supported Mr Mayberry, as representing the manufacturing interests, they' having in their chairman a representative of land. The vote was taken in the same way as for chairman, with the following result :— For Evans. -J B Evans, D James, John James, J A Jones, R Seourfield,"Bonvillej W J Buckley J Davies (Trblech), Davies (Cenarth), Daniel Evans, Rev T Evans, T Evans, J Evans, E I., v uarnes, w tioweu, i Jenkins (Carmarthen), T. Jenkins (Llanelly), Charles Jones, George Jones D L Jone3, J Lewis, J Llewellyn, T Morris, J D Morse, Thomas Phillips, D E Stephens, Rev W Thomas, and J Thomas-28. For Ifttybei-i-y.-Col. G Hughes, Sir James Hills-Johnes, Joseph Joseph, H Nevill, J L Philipps, D Richards, T Williams, W de G Warren, J Bourne, T James (Llanarthney), Col. Davies-Evans, Lord Emlyn, E Evans, Rev W E Evans, J W G Hughes, W N Jones, Col. Jones, H Norton, D G Parry, Rev P Phillips, Thomas Powell, Dr Rees, D H Thomas, J G Thomas, J S Tregoning, W J Wilson, H Wilkins—28. The Chairman gave his casting vote for Mr G. Evans. STANDING ORDERS. The Clerk stated that the Local Government Board had sent down a draft of Standing Orders, which they suggested might be adopted by the Court. 09 The Council directed the clerk to obtain a supply of copies and send one to each member of the Council. COSTS OF THE ELECTION. The Clerk produced the bill of costs incurred by the returning officer in connection with the elections. The total was 21,468 3s. 5d., of which £1,327 13s. was for the county districts, and the remainder for the boroughs of Carmar- then, Kidwelly, and Llandovery. TAKING OVER OF THE COUNTY BUSINESS. There was considerable discussion as to the appointment of committees, and the arrangements necessary to be made for relieving the moribund Court of Quarter Sessions of its functions. Eventually it was decided, on the tjiotion of Lord Emlyn, that a committee of 15, be ap- pointed to draw up a draft of standing orders, I and to submit to the Council a scheme for the appointment of the committees of the Council, and the duties to be delegated to such committees." The following were the 15 appointed The Chairman, Vice Chairman, Lord Emlyn, Messrs J S Tregoning, J Mayberry, J Bourne, H Williams, J G Thomas, Col. H Davies-Evans, J Evans (Llangendeirne), W Howell, D James, Col. D E Jones, J L Philipps, Dr. Rees. This committee was authorised to decide where it would meet, and, at a consultation after the Council rose, it decided to meet at Carmarthen. PLACE OF MEETING. Mr T. Powell gave notice to move at the next meeting that the Council meet alternately at I Carmarthen, Llanelly, and Llandilo in the order named. The next meeting was fixed to be held at Carmarthen, on Wednesday, Match 20th, at ) 12,00 o'clock.








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