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GOTJNTY COUNCILS. THE CARMARTHENSHIRE ELECTIONS. ABBKGWILI.—One member. Mr D L Jones, farmer L 226 Mr John Idoyd, farmer 221 Majority 5 BETTWS.—Oue member. Mr W N Jones, farmer and auc- tioneer L 277 Mr James Rees, draper .L 230 Majority 47 CAIO.—One member. Mr C Lewis Davies, gentleman L 240 Lieutenant Colonel Sir James Hills- Johnes, V.C C 200 Majority 40 CARMARTHEN, WESTERN WARD (LOWER Division). One member. Mr D H Thomas, farmer C 179 Mr W do G Warren, gentleman .L 132 Majority 47 CARMARTHEN, WESTERN WARD (UPPER DIVISION). One member. Mr D Rison Morgan, solicitor .L 251 Mr James Phillips, draper .C 1S2 Majority 69 CARMARTHEN, EASTERN WARD (LOWER DIVISION). One member. Mr Tbomai Jenkins, merchant L 235 Mr H B White, solicitor C 230 Majority. 5 CARMARTHEN, EASTERN WARD (UPPKB DIVISION). Ono member. Mr H Nottoa, brewor .L U- 213. Mr Thomas Davies, solicitor .L 192 Majority 21 CENARTH.—One member. Mr Edward Davies L 239 Mr H W T Howell, J.P.C 165 Majority .74 CILYCWM.—One member. Rev T Evane, Clerk in Holy OrdcfsL 156 Mr R Campbell-Davys, gentleman C 137 Mr David Gwynn Vaughan, gentle- man L U ö3 CONWIIJ.—One member. Mr Charles Jones, draper .L 265 Mr Thomas Davies, farmer .C 121 Majority 144 KIDWELLY.—One member. Mr P Stephens, merchant L 135 Mr TWA Evans, gentleman U 85 Mr D J John C 28 LAUGHARNE.—One member. Mr J D Morse L 145 Mr E Falkener C 128 Majority 17 LLANARTHNEY.—One member. Mr T Davies, farmer C 217 Mr D S Davies, congregational minister L 159 Rev R G Lawrence, clerk in Holy Orders C 62 Majority 58 LLA?;DEBIE.—One member. Lord Dynevor .C 260 Mr D Richards, tin-plate manufac- turer L 186 Majority 74 LLANDILO URBAN.-One member. Mr Gwynne Hughes, gentleman .L 174 Mr J Thomas, timber merchant.C 120 Majority 54 LLANDILD RURAL.—One member. Mr T Powell, gentleman .L 351 Mr H Peel, gentleman C 202 Majority 149 LLANEQWAD.—One member. Mr H J Thomas, farmer.L 330 Mr Henry Davies, farmer C 109 Mr A W Stokes, gentlemaqsE. C 62 Majority 21 LLANELLY (RURAL AND WARD No. 1 COMBINED).—Six members. Mr Gwilym Evans, chemist .L 1402 Mr Joseph Mayberry, tinplate manufacturer L 1332 Mr Henry Wilkins, ironmonger .L 1330 Mr Owen Bonvilie, farmer .L 1231 Mr T Jenkins, innkeeper .L 1212 Rev P Phillips, Baptist minister .L 1139 Mr Hugh Nevill, Copper Works .I 766 Mr James Buckley, brewer .C 756 Mr Ernest Trubshaw, tinplate manufacturer C 722 LLANELLY WARD No. 2).—Three members. Mr Thomas Philipps, tinplate workers' agent L 774 Mr W J Wilson, estate agent h 715 Mr D C Parry,.grocer L 659 Dr. Henry C Buckley J.P C 553 Mr J A Williams, journalist .L U 483 LLANGADOCK.—One member. Mr JIIS. Jenkins, gentleman L 270 Mr W N Lewis, gentleman ,L2.J.3 s, • Majority 57 LLANQELER.—Oiie member. Mr John Lewis, woollen manufac- turer L 268 Mr Arthur Howell Joi.cs, J,P, .0 260 Majority 8 LLANGKNNECH.—One member. Mr J. Glyo Thomas, tinplate manu- facturer L 202 Rev K A Davies, vicar.0 111 Majority 91 LLANGUNNOR.—One member. Mr C E Morris, solicitor L 100 Mr D E Stephens, solicitor C 169 Majority 21 LLANON.—One member.. Re. W E Evans, Congregational minister L 140 Major Edward Riley C 90 Majority 56 LI,AI* STEI'HAN.—One member Mr Thomas Morris, gentloman L U 197 Mr John Johns, farmer h 157 Majority 40 LLAUYBYTHER.—Oae member. Colonel H Davies-Evans, Lord- lientenant of Cardigan .C 267 Mr D H James, farmer L 246 Majority 21 MOTHVEY.—One member. Mr George Jones, gentleman L 176 Mr John Lewis, gentleman .L 136 Majority 40 PEMBREY.—Two members. Mr W J Buckley, brewer. I L 477 Mr W. Howell, solicitor L 460 Rev D Evans, Congregational minister L 397 Mr T Williams, farmer C 394 RHYCDYMMERAI.—One member' Mr Daniel Evans, farmer .L 165 Mr Thomas Price, farmer L 143 Majority 22 ST ISHMAEL.—One member. Mr J Lewis Philipps, gentleman C 203 Mr Evan Stephens, farmer L 180 Majority 23 TP.ELECii.-One member. Mr J Davies, farmer L 245 Mr W Phillips, farmer L 181 Mr D Jones, farmer C 108 WHITLAND AND LLANBOIDY DISTRICT.-Two members. Rev William Thomas, Congregational minister L 582 Mr J Llewelyn, farmer L 452 Mr J Bagnall Evans, barrister L 321 Mr J Beynou, gentleman C 206


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