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SALES By ATJCTION. MESSRS TV. DEW & SON. PRELIMINARY NOTICE. 0^ ANGLESEY a^IES wiuiSEr AND CARNARVONSHIRE. IMPOlffiAST BALE OF THE OUT- D A Tv/vP PORTIONS OF THE baron hill ESTATE ME^ w. DEW AND SON have "been J PUBLTf^^ to OFFER EOR SALE BY Farms n«T^9^K>N, the Following Freehold C O TT w ™ Lands and Houses, vix :— ?S,?Jr OF ANGLESEY. Pris2gSare2^ LLANYNGHENEDL, com- PAP^oacres or thereabouts, I area of LLANLLIBIO, comprising an PAmJt4 ACRES or thereabouts. J tea of PENIVIYNYDD, comprising an ACRES or thereabouts. mir^r °F LLANDDYFNAN, compris- o an area of •p^2' ACRES or thereabouts. OF LLANDYFRYDOG, compris- area of pAt) 285 ACRES or thereabouts. area rsH OF BODWROG, comprising an a of p. 4^2 ACRES or thereabouts. ^aBISH OF LLAN WENLLWYFO, com- an area of p 35 ACRES or thereabouts. PARISH OF LLANGWYLLOG, comprising area of p4 ^166 ACRES or thereabouts. co^t^SH OF LLANFAIRYNGHORNWY ^P^agan area of p. 435 ACRES or thereabouts. X- ISH OF LLANRHYDDLAD, ccm- an area of* 185 ACRES or thereabouts. J COUNTY OF CARNARVON: PARISH OF BEDDGELERT, comprising an area of 3988 ACRES or thereabouts. PARISH OF BETTWS GARMON, com- Priging an area of v 898 ACRES or thereabouts. 4RIBIl OF LIANi-W-NDA, comprising an area of 340 ACRES or thereabouts. lxrn SUMMARY OF ACREAGE. ANGL-ES-EY 6696 ACRES. CARNARVONSHIRE 5226 TOTAL ACREAGE ..11,922 ACRES. Further details will appear in future advertise- I ets, and in the particulars and plans of Sale, V 8X6 n<w course of preparation, and in any information may be obtained /Messrs R. S. TAYXOB, SON, AND HUMBERT, 4, Court, Gray's Inn, London of Mr W. M. Estate Office, Baron 'Hill, Beaumaris; the Auctioneers, Wellfield, Bangor. MR T. EVANS. Valuable FREEHOLD PROPERTY FOR SALE BY PRIVATE TREATY- Ty ]UWRI PISTILL, CARNARVONSHIRE. ALL that well-known Estate, known as Ty Mawr, situated in the Parish of Pistill, in the County of Carnarvon, containing by ad. lIleasurement 52 acres 23 poles or thereabout, e Residence contains 3 Entertaining Rooms, fl/~e<lrooins, Kitchen, Pantry, Scullery, &c. It one of the finest Views in Wales, is thin 1| miles from the favourite and rising resort of Nevin; it has a S.W. aspect is sheltered from N.E., N. and E. winds; it the magnificent Views of Nevin and Ottainllaen in Carnarvon Bay and has distant of Anglesey and the Wicklow Hills; it within 3 miles from the celebrated *»val Mountain," abounding in beautiful jenery and bristling with architectural and "^obgieal relics. The out-buildings attached to the Farm are also 1Il first class condition, and there is a Water- Power which could with but a trifling outlay be rW11 "working order. land is in excellent condition, being so hi i ^ and watered and commands the "■jg-hest price for grazing purposes of any in the Xttratry. rh^n6 a"'so a Quarr7 known as Pen- ft^arry" on the property, the stone from is admitted by most experts to be of the quality in the principality; it is leased to a sapany at a dead rent of S20 per annum emer- tp1!? into a Royalty which will, no doubt, when Quarry is worked, exceed £ 100 per annum, J "With the present and increasing demands for ished8 a^"nmen^ may I56 speedily accom- Also three dwelling houses or messuages called 3Peedvely "TylTchaf," "TyCanol," and"Ty "with good sized gardens." Also, all that messuage or dwelling house with nd held therewith, known as Buarth Lwyd, IftWning by admeasurements 1 acre 6 perches or thereabout, Also, au that messuage or dwelling house, £ *Uea Mur-hen with land attached thereto con- admeasurement 1 acr^ 5 perches or AQ the Buildings on this property are in good of repair, considerable improvements ~PM?l>een recently effected on some of them. •r8 Whole of the above property offers an ex- opportunity to those desiring a safe in- Tt to acquire a compact and attractive further particulars and information concerning Property may be had on application to Mr jy™1 Thomas, 5, RennfordPlace, Liverpool; Mr m. en Lewis Edwards, Solicitor, Pwllheli; or Auctioneer, Pwllheli. BUSINESS ADDRESSES. mE ENGLISH PRESBYTERIAN HUSCHES OF WALES (CALVINISTIC METHODISTS). THE OFFICIAL REPORT OF THE LIVERPOOL CONFERENCES, September 26, 27, 28, 1892, nted by order of the Committee, and Edited by e^ward JONES, B.A, LIVERPOOL, now ready. PRICE, THREE PENCE; 2s 3d PER DOZEN. k* avoid disappointment, and to secure °«lers, accompanied by remittances, sent immediately to secretaries, Rev E. Griffiths. 14, Island ^J'j^ton, Liverpool; Th« ^ones) Canton Street, Liverpool, Thackfim^i Edward Jones B.A., 50, ^^rpool; or to, to^r«r ^he.r8' The Welsh National Press P^y, Limited, Genedl Office, Carnar- wlTakes Boots and Harnes 1) AT T?'CJ a aterproof as a duck's back nd soft as velvet. nd soft as velvet. Adds three times to the wear, rjAT and allows polishing. 13 Exhi- WJ.LD MEDAL tition Highest Awards. Tins, 2d, 6d., Is., and 2s 6d., of all Bootmakers, Saddlers, TJTTT)T)TVR' Leather Sellers. Any sizes free *-I-0-DJL^| # two stamba extra, from M&nu factors, East Dialwicl^ London B.C. "1, !ma SALES BY AUCTION. ] MR JOHN PBITCHARD. I MENAI BRIDGE SMITHFIELD. ANNUAL SALE OF FAT STOCK [SPECIALLY FED FOR THE CHRISTMAS MARKETS. MR JOHN PRITCH "IRD begs to announce that his Sale is fixed for Monday, Decem- ber 5th, 1892, to commence at 11 a.m. most punctually, and will include 85 Head of Grand Prime well-fed Bullocks and Spayed Heifers, Fat Bulls, Cows and Heifers, and about 250 well-fed Cross Bred, Shropshire and Mountain Ewes and Wethers. A fortnight's keep will be allowed, or a discount if taken away the day of sale. As the lots are numerous the sale will com- mence punctually at 11 a.m. Bodhyfryd, Bangor. 7690. il f P,, E. H. OTVEN. FAT STOCK SALE. SPECIALLY FED FOR CHRISTMAS MARKETS. "j\/TR E. H. OWEN is instructed by some ef IT I the principal Farmers in the district to offer for Sale by Public Auction at the Royal Hotel Yard, Carnarvon, on Tuesday, December 13th, 1892, at Two pm, a HERD OF GRAND PRIME WELL-FED CATTLE. Particulars of which will appear next week. Office: 18, Bridge street, Carnal von. 7716 MESSRS WILLIAMS & JONES. SIR FON. PANTYGASEGr, GER AMLWCH. ARWERHIANT AR Y DA BYW A MARW, GWAIR, A CHYFRAN 0 DDODREFN Y TY. —— MAE MRI. WILLIAMS A JONES wedi eu cyfar-jvyddo i Werthu ar Auction yn y lie uchod, ddydd Gwener. Rhagfyr 9fed, 1892, yr holl Stoc werthfawr, yn cynwys 6 o. Fuchod cyflo i dd'od a lloi yn fuan, 2 Fustach dwyflwydd, 2 Heffer flwydd, Õ o Loi, 14 o Famogiaid, 6 o Wyn, 1 Myharen, Hwch a'i thorllwyth, 2 Gaseg Wedd gref, Eboles flwydd, yr holl Offer Amaethyddol amrywiol oddeutu 12 tunell o Wair da, a chyfran o Ddodrefn Ty. Sale i ddechreu yn brydlon 10.30 a.m. Manylion ar y Posters. Amlwch. MR J. G, JONES. PUBLIC HOUSE TO LET at Carnarvon, with immediate possession. Apply to — J. G. Jones, Auctioneer, Paternoster Buildings, Carnarvon. BUSINESS ADDRES SES. i RuSSELL'S GOLD & SILVER WATCHES, their own pure English manufacture, with all Russell's latest patented improvements, range in price from JE3 to JE235. They are handsome, strong, and perfect time- keepers represent the largest stock and best value in England, there being no intermediate profit between the manufac- turer and the wearer. Sent free every- where at Russell's risk and cost on receipt of draft or post order. Illustrated Pamphlet sent free on application. AVATCH REPAIRS PROMPT & PERFECT Estimates given and cost of carrriage taken. THE LARGEST STOCK OF DIAMOND, GEM ENGAGEMENT, AND WEDDING RINGS. Finger-size Card sent free on application. ONLY BUY DIAMONDS in shops that have a good north-west aspect; you can form no judgment about quality or value in any other light. Note Present Prices :—" Plain Silve Spoons and Forks 5/0 Per Oz. "pR ESE N TAT ION S" I am prepared to quote exceptional "prices for Goods of Guaranteed Quality. JJ^USSELL'S. T. R. RUSSELL, MAKEB TO TIIE QUEEN, ATHEDRAT. WORKS. 13, CHURCH ST,, LIVERPOOL. 4w now neanh AAIid% lflff. & For CHIdr,-on and Inv&llatp. IV 11 f Ilymurol, ,Mall hD, d -P DYFYS IAD 0 LYTHYR ClF. RI NAG ROE. Yr wyf yn teiinlo y ^rhaid i mi yegrifeno attach i ganmrl eich 'YMBORTH BENGER, canys y m&e wodi bod yn foddfon i achub bywyd baban. Fewrjaf eich yinborth bc-b amser yn adnabyddua ile byoag yr af.' Dywed y London Medical Record Y meo yn aroa yn yr ystuirsog paa wrthodir pob math o Fwvdyd.d ersill." CYFaNWERTHOL MEWN .4LOAN, le 6d, 28 6c, 5s, a lOe, gan Fferyllwyr, ac ereill, yn mhob man, CYFANWERTHOL GAN DAI CYFAN WERTHOL. RAPHAEL'S ALMANAC FOR 1893, contains JTL Hints to Farmers and Gardeners; Birthday Information for every day of the year, the Fate of any child born during 1893. When to Buy, Sell, Court, Marry, Set Fowls, Seek Employment, Sign Contracts, Ask Favors, Speculate, Hire Servants, Travel, Remove, Deal with Others., &c. Weather & general Predictions; Farmer's tables; The Horrors of Vivisection [illustrated]. Theosophy. The Missionaries. The late Duke of Clarence, &c., &c. 112 pages, Price 6d. post free7d. RAPHAEL'S Book of Fate. Explains the Cards and tells the Fate of anyone. Is, by post Is Id. RAPHAEL'S Book of Dreams, Is. The only true Interpreter of dreams. Insist on having APHAEL'S. RAPHAEL'S Key to Astrology will enable any one to cast their own horoscope and read their own Planet. Price Is. post free Is Id. Foulsham & Co., 4, Pilgrim Street, Ludgate Hill, E.C., Davies, Bangor, and all Stationers. z ADKIEL'S A LMANA OK, 1893 Enormous Circulation. Voice of the Stars, weather forecasts, general predictions. ZADKIEL FORETOLD the Cholera, the Death of the Duke of Clarence, the Change of Government, Strikes in America, &c.—London, Cousins & Co., 6, Helmet Court, Strand, and all Booksellers, price 6d Post Free, 6Jd. 7588. rpOWLE'S PENNYROYAL and STEEL JL PILLS FOR FEMALES, quickly correct all irregularities, remove all obstructions AND relieve the distressing symptoms so prevalent with the sex. Boxes, Is lid and 2s 9d, of all Chemists. Sent anywhere on receipt of 15 or 34 stamps by the maker, F. T. Towle, Chemist, Birmingham. MS. MASNACHOL, I QLOBE JjlURNlSHING QOMPANY Dod efnwyr TaiCyflawn, Cyfan-verthol, Islan- werthol. 12, 14, 16, a 18, PEMBROKE PLACE, LERPWL DODKKFN *MA ;IAN", NEU AR Y GYF- UNDREFN LCG- PENT EIYCIOL AM BRtSIAU ARIA PbROD. CWMNI DQDREFNOTJ Y GLOBE yw yr hynaf a'r eangaf o'r rhai sydd yn dwyn ymlaen fasnach ar y gyfundrefn fog-f snthyciol yn y talaethau y maent yn oyflenwi doirefn i dai, gwestai, a pbalasau, llawer iawn rbatach nag y gwua y mwyafiif o'r masnachdai sydd yn gwerthu am arian parod yn unig. Yr ydym yn ailuogi wneyd hyn drwy fod genym gyfaiaf Mawr at ein galwad, ac hefyd drwy ein bod yn wneuthurwyr y prit nwrddau a werthwi. NID OES EISIEU SlCRWYDD, DIM TRBULIAU YCHWANEGOL, AR EIN CYFUNDREffN LOG-FEN. THYCIOL. Y ein dull teg a chyflawn o ddwya ei masnach yn mlaen, a'n telerau rheyrocl, a'n prisiau i"d mor adaibydJu? trwy Og'ed J Lloegr a Chymru, fel i-ad oes eisieu ychwaneg o syiwadsu. Telerau cyffiedinol, y rhai, fod 1 bynag, y gelilr ou newid i gyfarfcd cyfLuederau ein ewsmeriaid. Taliadau wythnosol, misol a o'n-,varteroi.: wm y p: y u ian t I Op, Tallacl 0 3 6 yr 8aos 20p, 0 5 0 50p, „ 0 10 0 „ 11 lOOp, 0 17 6 500p, 4 0 0 Pydd i arcbwiliad o'n Stoo roddi ar Uilwaith ioddhad i'r rhai sydd ynbwsiadupwrcasu, ein bod yn rhod :i gvveii gwerth a thelerau bawdd- a' h o daliadau na'r un masnachdy cySelyb yn v Talaethau. DODREFNIR AM ARIAN, NEU AR Y GYFUNDREFN LOG-FKST AYCIOL. :infonir Golygl- ni newyddion, R'aaglen Fawr Ddarlnniidol, Barn y Wasg, a'r Prif restr drwy y iiythyrdy ar fjrehiad. Enwch v papyr hwn. GLOBE FURNISHING COMPANY, 12, 14, 16 a 18, PEMBROKE PLACE, LERPWL. BARGEINION 1 BARGEINION!! Mae W. BARNETT, Watchmaker, Llan- gefni, wedi prynu stoc fawr o Watches, &c., o dan amgylchiadau neillduol, ac er mwyn eu clirio y mae wedi penderfynu eu gwerthu am y prisiau isaf. Fe rydd W. Barnett wythnos o dreial gyda phob- Watch, ac os na fyddant yn rhoddi bodd- lonrwyddbydd yn foddlawn i'w cymeryd yn ol. £ 6 6 0 PATENT LEVER WATCH. no 1 C± n (Gwerth £ 6 6 0) O JL U KJ English Patent Lever Watch newydd, gan Thomas Russell & Son, Church Street, 'Liverpool, gwneuthurwyr i'r Frenbines. Cases Arian, Hinges Aur, gwydr grisialaidd, expansion balance, double sunk dial, bysedd aur, wedi ei gorphen yn y modd goreu. Anfon'r yn rhad ar dderbyniadjJ63 16s gyda gwarant oddi wrth Russell & Son, a chyda gwarant oddiwrthym ni ei bod yn hollol newydd. Rhoddir wythnos o dreial. Eto gan RUSSELL & SON, LIVERPOOL. £ 6 0 0 ENGLISH PATENT LEVER. Q O "I £ Patent Lever Watch SO O JL \J K_l newydd, gan y gwneuthurwyr enwog Russell & Son, Church Street, Liverpool, Cases arian, gwydr grisial- aidd, expansion balance, jewelled capped, &c. Yn cadw amseriad cywir. Dim ond L3 15 6 gyda gwarant oddiwrthym ni a'r gwneuthurwyr. Mae y watch yma hefyd yn holiol newydd. Q1 "I O Patent Lever Watch. vJ Cases arian, gan Jos. Castilioni Whitby. Jewelled capped, yn cadw amser cywir. Mae yn watch gref, ardderchog i weithwyr. Am 30s 6dyn rhad trwy y post gyda gwarant. il&ODRWYAIJ PRIODASOL. Dymuna W.B. alw sylw at y Stoc Ardderchog o Eodryyau Priod-sol, pa rai sydd o'r Aur Goreu, ac hefyd yn is o 5s nag unrhyw le arall. Rhoddir anrheg gyda phob modrwy. Anfonir Cerdyn at fesur maint y bys yn rhad drwy y post. COFIWCH Y CYTEIIUAD — WILLIAM BARNETT, WATCHMAKER, GLANHWFA ROAD, LLANGEFNI. Y CHARING CROSS BANK (Sefydl- wyd 1870), 28, Bedford street, Charing Cross, London, W.C. Cyfalaf 300,000P. Sawdd yn nghadw 100,000P. Benthycir symiau o 30P i 5,000P, mewn tref neu wlad ar Promis- sory Notes, Mortgage ar Ddodrefn, Stoc Busnes neu Ffenn, Yswirebau Bywydol, Reversions, Llestli Arian, Gemau, Stocks, Shares, eiddo. Rhydd-ddaliadol, neu Brydlesol, &c., eymer- adwy. Caniateir tair punt y cant o log ar y cyfrifon cyffredin ar y lleiaf swm gweddill misol pan na syrth o dan 20 punt. Derbynir ar log symiau o lOp ac uoh-)^. fel a L,.aulyn:- 5 y cant y flwyddyn, dan yr amod o rybudd o 3 mis i'w codi. 6 J > 6 7 »» jj »> >» 12 Rhoddir telerau arbenig am symiau mwy. Telir y llogau bob chwarter. Ysgrifener neu galwer am raglen. A. Williams, Goruchwyliwr. OH! MY CORNS. i I CYN EI JJDEFNYDDIO. WEDI EI DDEFNYDDIO. ->! PAENT CHI3A60. ✓ Meddyginiaethir pob math o GYRN, beth bynag fyddo'u hoed, HEB UNRHYW BOEN, trwy ddefnyddio PAENT CHICAGO. W gael mewn potelau Is yr un gan JL nifer fwyaf o fferyllwyr yn Nghymru a Lloegr. Os methir cael Paent Chicago yn y modd yma, anfoner Is mewn stamps i GRIFFITH OWEN, CHEMIST, 25, HIGH STREET, CAERNARFON.- GEMA U RHAD.—Bydd i siopwyr gan fod y Stoc fwyaf a'r prisiau iselaf yn Masnachdy Milling ton, 12, Honndsditch London. Gellic cael Clociau, Oriaduron CyMLl, Cribaa, Gwydr-ddrychau, Pibel Pyrsau, Violins, Accordions, Jubilee Jewell try. Catalogue darluniedig i'w gael yn rhai- I sefydlwyd 1857. I MASNACHOL. I I SIWT 21s lIe I YR AFR AUR, CAERNARFON. R. OWEN» 9, EASTGATE STREET: CARNARVON. SEFYDLWYD YN 1811. Y LLE HYN AF, GOREU, A RHATAF YN'GHYMRU AM W ATCHKS O'r gwneuthuriad goreu, a phob un yn cael ei w Gwarantu a'i Gwerthu am Brisiau Wholesale. CLOCIAU: Pob Math ao am Bob Pr s. J E W ELLEEY Mown Aur ac]Arian. MODRWYAU PRIODASOL Goreu a rhataf ya Nghymru, gydag Ystafol o'r Neilldu i'w ffitio; a rhoddir Present Hardd gyda phob un. Anfonir cerdyn nieaur trwy'r .Y Post er mwyn hwylsad 4 i'r rhai nas gallant .dd'ud ynia'n bersoncl. Dalier sylw mai dyma yr unig fasnachdy yn y dref lie gellir cael adgyweirio Bicycles gan Ddyniou Profiadol. SAFETY BICYCLES Gat: y Makers goreu, droa b* rai v mae R. 0 yn Whole810 igent dro-i Ogledd Olmru, wedi dod i law; a werthir hwy am brisiau whole- sale a.m arian parod, neu geliir eu cael trwy dalu yn wythnosol neu yn fisc.3. COFIER ? C'YFKIBIAD :— R. OWEN, 9, STRYI) Y PORTH MAWR, CAERNARFON. TOOTHACHE, TOOTHACHE, TOOTHACHE. CORBETTS' K.N.D. WILL destroy the nerve in a hollowat once. Vr Do not wait until the tooth begins to ache, and then waste two days in pain whilst the remedy is sent for but keep a bottle ready and stop the pain at once. On sale at the Patent Medicine Dealers, or Post Free, Is 3d, from obbett & Co., Ruabon, North Wales. AGENTS WANTED. PQ WEEKLY AND UPWARDS may be £ >& EASILY and HONESTLY REAL- ISED by persons of Either Sex, without hind- rance to present occupation.—For particulars, and sample, enclose addressed envelope to EYANS, WATTS, and CO., P 293, Merchants, Birmingham, ,n; t genuine, COLEG PRIFYSGOL Y GOGLEDD. ADRAN AMAETHYDDOL. TBADDODIB CYFRES 0 DDARLITHIAU AR AMAETHYDDIAETH OYSYLLTIEDIG A'R COLEG UCHOD, Yn Vestry Room, Saron, PENYGROES, GAN Y PARCH. JOHN OWEN, M.A. TRADDODIR DARLITH AGORIADOL NOS ILUN, TACHWEDD 28ain, 1892, Am 6 o'r gloch. Testyn:-ANIFEILIAID A'U MAGWRAETH Mynediad i mewn i'r Dddrlith Agoriadol yn Rhad, a gwahoddir cynifer ag a all i fod yn bresenol. 7664. rSYLCHWYL LENYDDOL BRYNMENAI vi NADOLIG, 1892. Dau englyn bedclargraph i'r cliweddu Caclben Henry Evans. Gwobr, 10s 6c. Eto i Robert Williams, 13eg oed. Gwobr, lOa 6c ;tlodauo Ysgol Sabbothol Brynmenai, y that a fu foddi trwy ddrylliad y llestr Annie ar nesca y 27ain o Hydref diwaddaf. Sylwer mai dau Englyn i bob un sydd i fod ac nid un fel yr hysbysir ar y posters. Hysbysrwydd pellach gan y Meistri William Griffith a Rowland Williams, Tanymaes, yr Ysgrifenydd, a Mr Ellis Roberts, Portdinorwic. Y Cyfansoddiadau i fod yn Haw y Parch Machreth Rees, Penygroes, R.S.O., erbyn y 17eg o Rhagfyr, 1892. UFFALO BILL NEW ROYAL ARMS is a Marvel. Fires Ball and Shot; Kills at 150 yards; Guaranteed; 26s. 500 Second Hand Guns. Catalogues of Hillsdon & Hillsdon, LongRange Gun Manufacturers, Folkestone. 7721 YN EISIEU, yn ddioed, ychydig o Miners. Rhoddir y flaenoriaeth i rai wedi arfer a pheirianau tyllu.—Ymofyner a'r Goruchwyliwr, North Wales United Mines, Limited, near Llan- 7720 AT WEISION FFERMWYR. — Gyrwch postal order 2s am recipe i wneyd ceffylau yn galnog a rhoi gwedd dda amynt. -Address, Ceffylwr, 42, Trinity square, Newington, London. YN EISIEU pawb i goflo am y.Siop 6|c, yn y Pendist, Caernarfon, lie y mae pob math o Nwyddau da a defnyddiol yn cael eu gwerthu. 7682 YN EISIAU TEILIWR, Small Jober, rhaid iddo fod yn grefftwr ac yn alluQg i wneud Cotiau a'r achlysuron.—G. Owen, Dwyran. 7701. WANTED for 1st December, Strong Respectable Girl, about 18, as General Servant. Good home. Five in family. References exchanged. Wages £ 13.—Address with full particulars, Mrs Grocock, 27, Lever Street, Manchester. 7681 4- -w¡. MASNACHOL. YN AWR YN BAROD. PRIS 3c. DIIWY'R POST, 3Jo, ADRODDIAD SWYDDOGOL Cynghrair Anghydffurfwyr Cymru, CYNWYSIAD: Gwaith y Cynghrair.—Gan Mr. Owen Owen, M.A., Croesoswallt., Ymneillduaeth yn Ngh!/mr?, "-Gan y Parch. J. Morgan Jones, Caerdydd. Dtddfau Priodi a Chladdu yn en cysylltiad ag YTji,,zeilldit(teih,Gan y Parch. Josiah Jones, Machynlleth. Yr Ymosodiad ar Fethodistiaeth Ddiweddar.—Gan y Parch. J. Hughes, D.D., Caernarfon. Safle Ymneillduwyr meivn Gwlcidyddiaeth.—Gan y Parch. D. Adams, B.A., Bethesda. Dyledswydd Ymneillduwyr Cymru yn Ngwyneb cwesiiynau Moesol a Chymdeithasol yr Oes.-Gan y Parch. J. Griffiths, Aberdar. Sefydliad Oivladol o Grefydd yn NgoleunVr Ysgrythyr.—Gan y Parch. Abel J. Parry, Cefnmawr. Peryglon Ymneillduaeth Gymreig.—Gan Mr J. R. Davies, Y.H., Glanaethwy. Neges Ymneillduaeth ar Adeg Deffroad Cenedlaetliol.-Gan y Parch J. Puleston Jones, M.A., Bangor. Pabyddiaeth a Defodaeth.—Gan y Parch Hugh Jones, Bootle. Yr Ymosodiadau Diweddar ar Ymneillduaeth yn Nghymru.—Gan Mr D. L 3c t) George, A.S. HANES LLAWN O'R HOIJL AVEITHEEDIADAU. TELERAU: 1 COPI, yn rhad drwy'r Post, 3ic, 12 2s 3c. 25 4s 6d. 50 8s 9d. 100 17s. DANFONER POB ARCHEBION I'R CYHOEDDWYE: (JIMNI'R WASG GEMDLMTHOL GYMREIG (CYF,), CAERNARFON. Y Feddyginiaeth Ddihafal Tuag at Iachad buan oddi- wrth BESWCH, ANWYD, AN- WYDWST (Inlfuenza), CRYGNI, BRONCHITIS, DARFODEDIG- AETH CUDD,ydyw mvm mm, Y mae llawer peth arall at anwyd, ond g;VYf pawb fod goreu" hyd yn nod yn mhlith degau o bethau da; ac o fewn cylch ein profiad ni, ar ol gwerthu canoedd o fil- oedd o botelau o hwn a phar- I otoadau eraill at anhwylder- au y Gwddf a'r Ysgyfaint, ni welsom erioed un feddyginiaeth debyg H I BALSAM. 02, Ar werth yn mhob man, | mewn Potelau 111. a 2/6. I Peidier Esgeuluso Anwyd a Dolur Gwddf. HANDSCIVIE € £ .0GKS & WITCHES, BONUS TO BE GIVEN DURING 1892 & 1893 TO USERS OF VENUS 8 0AP. 9 ri. (GD) Anyone desirous of possessing a Venus" Gloch or Watch (warranted to keep correct time) can obtain one free of eost by sending to Messrs. Joseph Watson and Sons, Whitehall Soap Works, Leeds, their full name and address and VtiNUS SOAP WRAPPERS, as follow ifor 120 Wrappers, Timepiece Ho. 1, 4-in. Dial, v."ill be sent. 'Eor 200 Wrappers, Timepiece Ho. 2, 6-ia. Dial, Kill bo sent. For 350 Wrappers, Timopiece No. 3, 9-in. Dial, will be sent. For 400 Wrappers, a Gentlemen's t Handsome i Watch will bo sent. For 500 Wrappers, a Lady's < • Keyless Watch will be sent. I JJJ JJJ JJJ J). 5JC ♦ *^1 THE STATUE, VENUS DE MfL9." IN THE GALLERIES OF THE LOUVRE, PARIS. « For 23 Wrappers, a picture of this beautiful Statue will be sent to any address. Size 17i-in. \] by 14-in., moiwted. For 60 Wrappers, a similar picture, handsomely framed, will be sent. M r4, lW, ed ,#b. 0. ONE FACT WORTH A THOUSAND OPINIONS. THE ENORMOUS DEMAND FOR LIPTON'S FAMOUS TEAS A- Is exciting the wonder and envv of all Tea Defers. The PUBLIO A.PPREOI ATIOJT and inerei ing popularity of LIPTON'S DELICIOUS TEAS amongit alliclassea may ba judged by the fact th LIPTON Unquestionably pay» more Duty to Her Majesty's; Oaatoms for Tea supplied direct to COTsumers than any other firm in Great Britain or Ireland. This undoubtedly is the STRONUHiST POSSIBLE PROOF of the Extraordinary Ualue and High-class Quality of LIPTON'S DELICIOUS TEAS tNOTE THE PRICES:— MAGNIFICENT BLENDED TEA, Selected from the best Tea Growing Countries, (PURE AND FRAGRANT. per Is. lb. SPECIALLY-SELECTED CEYLON, INDIAN, AND CHINA BLEND. per ls. 4D. lb Thia quality is sold as the Highest-Class Tea by many of the leading Tea Merchants, and at double the price. EXTRA. CHOICEST CEYLON AND INDIAN BLEND, per Is. 7D' lb NO HIGHER PRICE. This inaTMost Delicious Tea and is equal, if not superior, to what is sold by most Tea Dealers' and Grocers at 2s 6d to 3s 6d per lb. 6, 7, 10 and 20 lbs packed in patent fancy Air-Tight Canisters, without Extra Charge. SPECIAL NOTICE.—The above Teas will be forwarded Carriage Paid for an extra Id per lb. on the above prices, to any address in Great Britain, when not less than 5lbs is ordered. Samples sent to any address on application, j A GUABAXTEH Money returned in full if Tea does not give perfect satisfaction in every way, These Teas have a more exquisite aroma and delicious flavour than any Tea ever introduced into Britain. They have undoubtedly reached a pinnacle of success never before attained by any Tea in the World. LIPTON'S CEYLON ESTATES The Ceylon Observer, commenting on the purchases of LEPTONS' Estates says: We need scarcely remind our Ceylon Readers that the Haputale- Group of Estates is one of the most valuable, both for Tea and Coffee, in this Country. Being Sole Proprietor of several of the most famous Tea and Coffee Estates in Ceylon, including the celebrated Estates of Dambatenne, Laymastotte, Monerakande, Mahadambatenne, Mousakelle, Pooprassie, Hanagalla, and Gigranella. which cover thousands of acres, of the best Tea land in Cevlon I am in a position to supply customers direct at Plaster's prices, thus saving to consumers of the fragrant beverage all intermediate profits. LIPTON, TEA AND COFFEE PLANTER, CEYLON. THE LARGEST TEA, COFFEE, AND PROVISION DEALER IN THE WORLD. Tea and Coffee Shipping Warehouses: Moddema Mills, Cinnamon Gardens, Colombo. Ceylon Office: Upper Chatham Street, COLOMBO. Indian Offiee and Shipping Warehouses 5, Lyons Range, ALCUTTA. Tea and Coffee Sale Rooms MINCING LANE, LONB -X E.G. Wholesale Tea Blending and Duty Paid Stores BATH STREET & CA Y TON STREET, LONDON,E.C. Coffee Roasting, Blending Stores, and Essence Manufactory: OLD STREET, LONDON, E.C. General Offices: BATH STREET, CITY ROAD, E.C.. LOCAL BRANCHES:—Blaenau Festiniog—George E. Gratton, Chemist. Carnarvon—E. Hughes 8, Easteate Street. Conway—W. G. Williams, Chemist, Castle Street. Holyhead—R. H. Rowland, 39, Stanley Street. Llanfairfechan R. W. Huehes, The Bazaar, Wenroe Villa. Bangor—A. "Williams, 364 Hieh Street. Welshpool—M. F. Jones, 13 Brocell Street. BRANCHES IN ALL THE PRINCIPAL TOWNS IN THE KINGDOM. OVER ONE MILLION PACKETS SOLD WEHSXY.