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l Flint Sports. r;


l Flint Sports. r; I KEEN CONTESTS. £ The Recreation Ground on Holywell-road, >' Flint, where the annual sports of the Flint i Castle Lodge of Oddfellows were held on L Tuesday, was crowded, and the grand- I stand was well filled. The Mayor and May- oress (Major and Mrs. C. E. Dyson) were present, and the Mayor distributed the prizes. Every arrangement had been made and the proceedings parsed off to a nicety, noth- ing in the least way occurring to mar the pleasure of the afternoon. The weather, though overcast somewhat heavily during ■' the latter part of the time, held favourable. A word of praise is due to the committee for the very convenient and sytsematie way 1 the field was laid out for the various events. Each year some improvement is observable. This work had been arranged so as to afford the visitors to the sports the best possible • chance of seeing what was going on and much success was achieved. The officers of the sports were :-Judges, Colonel B. E. Philips, Major Dyson, Capt. Wood, Mr. E. B. Christopherson, and Mr. W. M. Fitzpatrick; marksmen, Messrs. T. B. Bellis, J. Bellis, S. Cottrill, and H. Ashton starters, Messrs. C. 1. Bishop and *'■ J. A. Edwards; competitors' stewards, Messrs. Roger Lewis and P. Richardson; treasurer, Mr. Hugh Owen; stewards, Messrs. J. Haslam, J. E. Shone, J. R. Reid, J. T. Cugley and D. Roberts; secretary, Mr James Griffiths. Event's were generally well contested. The chief item on the card was the horse leap- ing. There were eight competitors, and four were of equal points. The final test was made at the double hurdle and pole, and even in this the difference was very slight. The contest was watched very keenly by the crowd, and the hearty ap- plause that ran round the field at the deci- sion must have been gratifying. The catering on the field was by Mr. D. E. Davies, of the Royal Oak Hotel, and Mr Butler, Flint. THE RESULTS. Full details are appended:- 100 Yards Schoolboys' Handicap: 1, H. Denny Flint C.E. School; 2, Thos. Roberts, Flint C.E. School; 3, James Davies, Flint R.C. School. Half-mile Bicycle Ilandicap.Firet Heat: 1, H. Jarvis, Hindley; 2, D. Jones, Gaer- wen. Second Heat: 1, J. Garner, junior, Helsby 2, J. E. Hughes, Ruabon. Third Heat: 1, H. Ward, Northwich; 2, J. W. Jarvis, Hindley. Final: 1, H. Ward, Northwieh; 2, J. W. Jarvis, Hindley; 3, H. Jarvis, Hindley. f. 120 Yards Flat Handicap.—First Heat: 1, •J. Barr, Boothstown; 2, A. Griffiths, Haw- arden. Second Heat: 1, A. Thomson, .Liverpool; 2, R. T. Ashcroft, Flint. Third 1, A. J. Vickers, Crewe; 2, J. Grundy, Flint. Fourth Heat: 1, H. Phil- lips, Flint 2, T, Bartley, Flint. Fifth Heat: J, E. Lloyd, Bamfuvlong; 2, T. Up- iiar,i, Sixth Heat: 1, J. Beck, Flint; 2, Edward Hussie, Liverpool. J Final; 1, E. Lloyd. Bamfurlong; 2, J. Barr, Boothstown; 3, A. Thomson, Liverpool. Mile Bicycle Handicap.—First Heat: 1, H. Ward, Northwich; 2, H. Scott, Tarpor- ley. Second Heat: 1, J. Garner, Helsby; 2, H. Janis, Hindley. Third Heat: 1, R. Dickson, Garstang; 2, J. Price, Ellesmere Port. Fourth Heat: 1, J. W. Jarvis, Hind- ley; 2, R. Hughes, Ruabon. Final: 1, H. Ward, Northwich; 2, J. W. Jarvis, Hind- ley; 3, H. Jarvis, Hindley. Horse Leaping: 1, G. Clarke, Leicester, "Scene Shifter"; 2, W. D. Eardley, Market Drayton, "Annie Moore"; 3, R. O. John. son, Nantwich, "Hard Cash"; 4, A. Jones, Gaerwen, "Cymro." 220 Yards Flat Handicap.—First Heat: 1, A. J. Vickers, Crewe; 2, J. Barr, Booths- town. Second Heat: 1, H. Phillips, Flint; 2, A. Thomson, Liverpool. Third Heat: 1, Ed. Price, Flint; 2, Ed. Hussie, Liverpool. Fourth Heat: 1, R. T. Ashcroft, Flint; 2, J. Davies, Wrexham. Fifth Heat: 1, W. Jeffries, Connah's Quay; 2, W. Spencer, Ffynnongroew. Sixth Heat: 1, A. Grif- fiths, Hawarden; 2, C. Jeffriee, Connah's Quay. Final: 1, A. J. Vickers, Crewe; 2, H. T. Ashcroft, Flint; 3, A. Thomson, Liverpool. 440 Yard-s Flat Handicap.—First Heat: 1, L. Edwards, Hereford; 2, E. Price, Flint; 3, C. Jeffries, Connah's Quay. Second Heat: 1, E. Hussie, Liverpool; 2, T. W. Sibeon, Holywell. Third Heat: 1, R. O. Jones, Halkyn; 2, W. Jeffries, Connah's Quay. Final: 1, E. Ilucisie, Liverpool; 2, L. Edwanls, Hereford; 3, R. O. Jones, Halkyn. V.C. Bicycle Handicap.— 1, H. Jarvis, Hindley; 2, H. Scott, Tarporley; 3, J. A. Moore, Heswall. Second Heat: 1, H. Ward, Northwich; 2, J. W. Jarvis, Hind ley; 3, R. Hughes, Ruabon. Third Heat: 1, D. Jones, Gaerwen; 2, R. Dickson, Gar- stang; 3, J. E. Hughes, Ruabon. Fourth Heat: 1, N. Bold, Hindley. Final: 1, R. Hughes, Ruabon; 2, H. Ward, Northwich; 3, J. W. Jarvis, Hindley.

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