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Not the End.

A Temporary Triumph.

Trade Unionists and Tariff…


Trade Unionists and Tariff Reform. A coirespondent of the"Morning Post," of May 23rd, writing on the attitude of the Labour Party towards Tariff Reform, says: "Never has any responsible British Trade Union spokesman or any member of the Parliamentary Labour Party been able to reconcile support of Trade Union principles with support of the policy of permitting un- restricted foreign competition. in our home market. On the other hand, the number of working men adherents to Mr. Chamber- lain's fiscal policy has grown steadily year by year, and the conviction has become in- creasingly forced upon the rank and file of British Trade Unionism that it is utterly in- consistent and futile to protect their labour and to leave the products of their labour unprotected. But the Labour Party's atti- tude on this question has been a great asset to the Liberal Party, who have always held them up as the authorised spokesmen of the working class in general and Trade Union- ists in particular. "Since the Trade Union Act of last year required unions desiring to impose upon their members a levy for political purposes to take a ballot on the question, we have learned that two-thirds of the Trade Union- ists of the country are either indifferent or actively opposed to the policy of the Labour Party. That fact alone would suffice to dis- count greatly the claims of Mr. Ramsay Macdonald and his colleagues to speak for the working classes on any political or eco- nomic question, but so far as the fiscal ques- tion alone is concerned we know that thou- sands of Trade Unionists in an parts of the country are active members of Tariff Reform organisations." —— 1,4

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