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.n- L- R 7 s FAM, ILYI AND 2 COMMERCIAL HOTEL, HIGH STREET, HOLYWELL. ,o: WHOLESALE WINE AND SPIRIT MERCHANT. POSTING IN ALL ITS BRANCHES, Speoial and personal attention paid to this OspartrHQot. :0:- Hearse and moubni#q carriage A I B BASONAB L E H. A T M 8 -0: JUondon and forth-, beseem Railway Faroe** Ap»nt* THE I GUARINO-CROSS BM Established, 1870. LIVERPOOL BRANCH:—8, DALE STREET HEAD OnrxoBs:— 28, BEDFORD-STREET, STRAND, LONDON, W.C., AND 38, BISHOPS GATE STREET WITHIN LONDON, E.C. Branches: Manchester, Leeds, Bradford, &e,s tko. Aaaet .U,607,94;9 0 0 Liabilities ni.tits 0 0 Surplus £ 371,078 0 0 LOANS of JB3Q to £ 2,000 granted at a few hours' notice in Town or Country, on per- sonal security, jewellery, precious stones, atooks, shares and furniture without removal. Stocks and Shares bought and sold. rWO-AND-A-HALF PER CENT. allowed on CURRENT AOOOlTNT BALANCES. I DEPOSITS of £ 10 and reoeivedae under:— Subject to 3 months' notice of withdrawal A5 p.o p.a 66 6 II u 6 it is 12 y K Special termai for longer periods. Interest paid quarterly. Owing to the nature of our investments, we are able pay rates of Interest on Deposits that will compare favourably with Dividends paid ou almost any class of stock or shareholding insuring the safety of capital, We have been established for 40 years, and our position in the Banking World to-day testifies to the success of our business methods, and to the satisfaction of our customers. Write or call for prospectus. A. WILLIAMS H. J. TALL. l ROAD MAPS JI A F B OF NORTH WALES Strongly bound in cloth covers with guidd to all places of interes in North Wales, AS XHH IH Observer" Office, Holywell. CLEVEDOM HOUSE f Opposite the N. P. BatikJ, 49, HIGH STIIEET, HQLYWKLL. A • IGNES BEGS to iaform the Inhabitants of Hoiywell and neighbourhood that she has now on view a GRAND SELECTION OF OHILDIlENS COSTUMES AND MILLINERY OF ALL DESCRIPTIONS. Ladies and Children's Underclothing A SPECIALITY. Ladies and Children's Gloves, Blouses, Skirts, &c. Agent for Pullars', Perth, Cleaners and Dyers, by appointment to His Majesty the King. Compare Pricea before purchasing elsewhere. WILLIAMS, BROS., SLATERS PLAIN AND ORNAMENTAL PLASTERERS CEMENT WORKERS, ROOF AND FLOORING TILERS, PAPERHANGERS AND COLOURERS fIRE GRATES AND RAAGIES Fixed by Experienced Men. Estimates given for all kinds of Work. WHOLESALE YARD FOR TIMBER, SLATING-, PLASTERING, LATHS CEMENT, BRICKS, CHIMNEY POTS, PLASTER OF PARIS, And all kinds of BUILDING MATERIALS always on hand, at reasonable rates. All Orders promptly attended to. Y ADD The Old Timber Yard, HALKYN ROAD, HOLYWELL. W don^^QE^downhearted H When Doctors tall ETf*7FRViA 11 H to Cure Your Km%Mmm mm ITS Mlpl H H but benefit by the experience of Mr. W. G. Hoarey N| Mj Who tells how he was permanently cured of the KBj SM| most severe attack of this Dread Disease. fpaL Near Wolverton, Bucks. Gentlemen.-At the end of July. 1901,1 had one of the moat severe attacks of Eczema that any man, I should think, ever saw. I I" 21, School-street, Stantonbnry, was under medical treatment for some time, | and getting no better I began to be down- hearted, when a friend of mine persuaded me to try I Clarke's Blood Mixture,' and I am thankful to say that I tried it with good results. My face was one mass of running •ores from one ear to the other. 1 could I Pfffp find myself getting better before I had | W|M finished the first bottle, so I continued } HM| with it until I had taken six bottles. I I mSm should have written you before this, but I I H| wanted to be sure it was a permanent I BSj8i| cure first, which I am thankful to say it is, I SHH as it is now more than 4 years since I was I HHH cured, and I have not had the slightest I HHP ■tens of any return.—Yours truly, I HB (Signed) W. Q. HOARB/' (H WtrJ T'TJIJ "Df? A QfYM Clarke's Blood Mixture effects such wonderful cure# \SH Hh|X 1 ITIIZi is because it is the only medicine which thoroughly f Hfti drives out all Impurities from the blood. Remember, For the blood is the life," :JHMf HBHj and Skin and Blood Diseases, such as Eczema, Scrofula, Scurvy, Bad Legs, Ulcers, MBBR Mi Boils, Pimples, Sores, and Eruptionsof all kinds, Blood Poison,Glandular Swellings, HH RrSb!1 Rheumatism, Gout, &c., can only be permanently cured by purifying the blood. HH|| fMm Clarke's Biood Mixture, which has stood the test of 40 years, is to-day in greater 'fs§p3 KaSM demand than ever, and the proprietors, with confidence, solicit eufferept to giV8 !flHH HH It a trial to test its value. HH| 1 CLARKE'S 1 I BLOOD MIXTURE i Mm Pleasant to the taste and guaranteed free from anything injurious to the most delicate NBB MB constitution of either sex. Of all Chemists and Stores, 2/9 per bottle, and in cases, con- iMg ■US taining six times the quantity, 11/ or post free on receipt of price direct from the H proprietors. Refuse 185% SUFFERERS who are doubtful about their case should write to us at once, fully BmI Hra}. describing their illness. We shall be pleased to give them, in confidence,-the best advice IIH HUB free of charge. We will also send copies of many additional testimonials. Address: W| ||p, v T"B P^pHators: THE LINCOLN & R|iOL^D COUNTIES PROS CO., -+- CROSS STREET, HOLYWELL. _0: U" A E A R L TAILOR & GENEBAL OUTFITTER, INVITES INSPECT RON OF THE I NSW <J'0 O u _> HE HAS RECEIVED FOR THE if'. SPRING AND' SUMIER TRADE. ——o: i. The Stock consists of well-selected Patterns in Scotch, West, and Yorkshire Woollens. :0: THE READY I A. DE 1) E PABTMEN1 Is well supplied, with Gentlemen s, Youths, and Boys' Clothing, Hats, Caps. Ties Shirts, Underclothing, Umbrellas, &c. ¡ Special Measure Suits procured, from 253. Ladies' Costumes made to Order in all the Latest Styles. —.— f :o:- COMMON SPECTACLES Chosen at random can do considerable damage to the Eyesight, therefore always visit a competent Optician, when you feel the need of Spectacles, when you will have your I Eyes tested by scientific methods, and if a Physician's advice is necessary you will be frankly told so. -:0:- No Charge is made for Sight Testing. :0: L. SCHWARZ, D.B.O.A. (Certified Optician). :0: i- A. SOHWABZ, JEWELLER AND OPTICIAN, HO L Y L >- ,T" Dr J.Collis ddP- ^^TheORIQif^ALand QNLY GE^Ui^E. M. & The Best ftemoity Known Tor |, ^j.y' 1 Admitted by the Pro £ essionto 8 MCOUGHS, COLDS, 11%JJS MOST VALUABLE REMEDY ■ mi ^28 ever discovered. H I ASTHMA, and Efiectuallv cuts short all si H DDONrHiTlS °f SPASMS. U ■ PKvlivrll I iw« only Palliative in am VL /lets Hka a Charm In NEURALGIA, TOOTHACHE, B yk. DIARRHOEA, COUT, RHEUMATISM. ffl m CHOLERA, and Convincing Medical Testimw Jw m DYSENTERY. Hiiai accompanies each bottle. I SOLD IN BOTTLES BY ALL CHEMISTS, at mbi 2/9, S*nd 4/8 each, A mm is lADES I We want an opportunity to convince you that APIOL e STEEL PELLS Supersede Pennyroyal, Pil Coeliia & Bitter Apple. We will send, you sample free on receipt of two stamps for LESLIE MARTYN, LTD., CHEMIST$, ai. 3DALSTON LANB. LONDON, f-.GBEY HASH t restored to its original colour by using R HARISESOH'SooLoSn RESTORER restored to its original colour by using HARISESOH'SooLoSn RESTORER It is not a dye, but acts naturally, is quite harmless, PRICE 118 r Postage 3d' I 6. W. Harrison, M.P.S. Reading, j -ÅG.:r: FQv liv&xw -WA- CaMMT. HOLYWELL COUNTY SCHOOL OB4IBKA.N OF THH (J rSHBSOBS: P HARDING ROBERTS, ESQ. VICB-OHAIBJIAN MRS fOHNSON JONES. HHACXABZBB J. MORGAN EDWARDS, M.A. TEACHING STAFF J. MORGAN EDWARDS, M.A. (Oxos). J. T. MORGAN, B.Sc. (Loss.), Trained Certificated Master. R. J OWtsN". B.A. (WALBS), Exhibitioner and Prizeman of Dniyersitv OolJeare of North Wales. HUGH G. MOftRlS, Trained Certificated Master. J R. HUGHE3, M.A. (WAMS), Exbibitionar of Universsty Oaila^e ;if N rtn Wales. Hmoars iu Latiu; Diploma in Frelioh. L. OWEN, B.A. WALES), Honours in English Language and Literature L. M. SMITH, B.A. (LONDON), Honours in French. Music (Insttuinertal): O. LEWIS-JONES, Mus. BAC., L.R.A.M. WOODWOBK r— F. A. ROBERTS. COOKKBY AND LAUWDBT MISS STORAR, First-class Diploma for Oojk'ry, Laandry Work and Hcuse*iftry. For Progpectas, List of Succesiies, &c., apply to he HBADKABTBB, or to F. LLEWELLYN-JONES, Olerk to the Governors, Holywel BEST AND CHEAPEST STOCK o. STATIONERY NOW ON VIEW, ,"1j¡.ÂT THE OBSERVER OFFICE, HOLYWELL. LETTER CaRDS WITH VIEWS OF HOLYWELL CHASTE Children's Party Invitations and Replies IN FANCY BOXES. Papers TWO LONDON PARCELS DAILY NEWSPAPERS &PEEXODIG. L All the Daily, Evening and WeekJy Newpape. received and delivered Periodicals receive | published. BURCH. SEKViUi » IN ELEGANT BINDINGS. Teachers' bibles with ConcordaLe. and Maps combined. SUNDAY SCHOOL REWARD AND TEXT GAhD PARCELS THE PENNY WRAPPER MOST USEFUL • OBSERVER OFFICE HOLYWELL, COALS. Bettisfield Colliery PRICE LIST Best House Coal Sid. per cwt. Honse fiuta 8d. "f" Terms:-Cash at Weigh Cabin. TO PARTIES EEMOVINO. JOHN HOLMES, WHITFORD STREET, :H 0.L Y W E L L, BEG S to announce to the Pablio that he has now TWO LARGE VANS, and is prepared to REMOVE FURNITURE oo the most reasonable teime. PAINTING & DECORATING £ J. CATiTER WOOD, I Painter t Decorator, OHAPEL-ST HOLYWELL ALL OLASSES OF PAINTING AND DECORATING, PAPERHANGING, GLAZING, Ac UNDERTAKEN AT REASONABLE RA Tl S, I AND VICK DESPA 2CH G UARANTESD ESTIMATES GIVEN. CrOLE. Marvellous sacrifloe. Geuta new 1907. Maohi&e highest grade fitted with clincher tyers, crabbe roller lever rim brakes, back &ad front, the very latest. Perrys 1907 ball bearing free wheel.* plated rime, coloured centres, frame black eoaael1ed, aad gold lined, mudguards, magnificent machine not soiled, complete with gas lamp, bell, pump, Ipanner, etc. Great bargaio, it 108. 0d.. wortk doable. Will send on approval any distance before cash sent. Housz," St. Madge, Pitman-road, WASton Super Mare. CHEAP LIBRARY PRESENTATION VOLUMES, AT ILL PRICES. AT TRU "Observer" Office, Holywell. j<tt_<L_U DEFEND YOUR HEALTH by opposing to the invading t forces of disease the invigorating > and strengthening properties of Beecham's Pills. A box of these pills embodies a simple, safe and » scientific method of preserving t « the general health and fitness. i The ability of any individual to » resist the onslaughts of disease t depends to a large extent upon ► J the healthy state of the digestive s organs. When good digestion is obtained the whole body is pro- ( perl37 nourished and consequently t fortified against attacks which in J the contrary case often prove dis- f < astrous. Health and strength, in the important matter of a sound < digestion, can always be secured ► and maintained By Taking J | filkf5; Sold in boxes, flti (56 pills) & 2/9 (168 pitim), ITiPOETANT TO iMOTHEES. EVERY Mother who values the Health and Cleanliness of her Child should n»e HAftBI- SON'S "RELIABLEIP NUE8EET PO MADE. One application kills all Nits and Vermin, beautifies and strengthens the Hair. In rins, 4td. and 9d. Postage, id. Gno. W. HAEEIHON, Chemist, Reading.-Aments ror Holy- well :-D. HUQKBB, Hisrn Street; Coani.T'a Quay :—K. LLOYD Jowas, Medical Hall Plint:- U, W. JoNiLe; Shctton Psuoa ND CO. All ■ Obeawti.