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WHITFORD. DEATH OF MR. WM. BAKEWELL, DOWNING. It is with regret we announce the deatb of Mr W. Bakewell, of The Tower, Downing, which took place about five o'elook on Sunday afternoon last. Mr Bakewell, on the Monday night previous, was attacked by pneumonia, and, getting worse, Dr Elliot, of Chester, was called in oonsaltation with Dr H. W. S. Williams, of Holywell, his medical attendant. Slight hopes were entertained on Sunday morning of his being able to pull through, but towards afternoon heart failure tuooeeded, and to this he suconmbed. Mr W. Bakewell wall a native of Warwick, and entering the gardens at Newnham Paddox, the Warwickshire seat of the Denbigh family, there he was engaged for several years. He oame to Downing in the year 1866, as bead gardener, thus serving three generations of the Earls of Denbigh. For over 20 years he discharged the duties of estate bailiff and sub-agent of the Downing Estate. Throughout bit long oanneosion with the Estate he was held in the highest esteem by his employs, and rejected by all with whom he oame in contact. Of sound, cool judgment and strict integrity, he fulfilled the ouerous duties of his office, iaitlyand justly. H was of pleasant companion-hip, and of considerable intelligence and experience. In his connection with the estate as sub-agent, Mr Bakoweil became very widely acquainted, aod throughout this part of the coanty his departure is heard of with regret. Io addition to estate dutiei, Mr Bakewell took an active iaterist in local affaire. From the inception of Pariah Ouunciiv, he had been a member of the Whitford Parish Counoil, and had for several years oocupud the chair. He was for many years a eideSman of Whitford Conroh, and one of the managers of the Whitiora National Sebools. To the Whitfurd-Mostyn Cottage Garden and Agri cultural Society his dcatb will be a great less. For a namber of years he acted as the general secretary, and until latterly as joint secretary of the Agri- cultural Section. Without exception, no one took a more lively iuterest in the Flower Show than Mr Bakewell, and by his energy and activity contributed to the success that has placed the S ciety upon its present substantial basis. Mr Bakewell's conneotion with the administration of toe Downing Chanties was long, and in the distribution that takes place yaariy his valuable assistance will be greatly missed. luhis work as a professional gardener. Mr Bakewell Was one of the moot skilled, and the Downing Q-ardens in flowers aud ft nit bare long been oele- brated, and in tbe exhibitions of collections of plants, flowers and fruits, at the annual show of the Whitford-Mott/n Sooiety, he was a keen comp titor. lit Bakewell was a member of the Lord JAistyu Lodge of Oddfellows, Holywell, for a great number of years. The deoeused gentleman married Miss Roberts, of Bodfari, who, with foar daughters, survives him. With the sorrowing family the sinoereat sympathy is felt by everyone. With their acoustomed ktndfellng towards those with whom the family are connected, Lord Deabigh telegraphed hie sympathies with Mrs Bakewell and the family, aad the Counfsss of Denbigh wrote a most kind letter of oondolenoe. Lord Mostyn also sent iroia London his sympathies. The funeral of the late Mr Bakewell took place on Wednesday afternoon, at Wbitford Churchyard, and was attended by a great number of people. The services at the Tower, the residence of the deoeased, aud at the Oburoh ana graveside were taken by the Rev John Davies, vicar of the parish; assisted by the Rev W Vaugban Jones, viear of Mosiyn, and the Rev David Jones, vioar of Gorsedd. Mr R. G. Fogler presided at the organ, and the oboir sang the hymns, On the Resurrection morniug," and Peace, perfeot peace," at the solemn service in Church, which oonoluded with the Dead Mar h." The chief mourners were, the widow, daughters, and lon-in-law; two brothers, nephews and nieces. Among those present were, Sir William H. Tate, Bart., Downing Air Trevor Eyton, J.P., Ooedma wr Mr H. A. Cope, Saithaclwyd; Mr Wm. Roberts, J.P., Grlanydon House Rev Dr E Pan Jones, Mr A Barratt, Bronhenlog Mr T. Williams, Peotra- liyucon (chairman of the Parish Council) and other Uouneiilora Mr W R 0 weri, Mr Bradley, Mr J Barnard (Secretary of the Wbitford-Moatyn Garden ociety), and most of the neighbouring farmers and tenantry of the Downing Estate. The fuoeral arrangements were carried out by the Downing Estate, assisted by Mr W. Apted, Pentceffynnon. Wreaths were received from His sorrowing Wife and Daughters for dear Father, from Jennie and Arthur lor dear Taid, from little Hilda and Frank with deepest sympathy, from Sir Wm and Lady Tate with deepest sympathy, from Lord and Lady Denbigh; Lord Moatyn, Mr and Mrs J B Feilding, Mr and Mrs Trevor Eysun, Mr and Mrs Roy Storey, with deepest regret from ja-k, Sallie and Little Fiinrose; Mr aud Mra Haslor, Mr and Mrs Apted, Mr and Mrs Billington (Rode Heath), pbrothy and Marjsry Warrior, Mt and Mrs Tudor Eyton, Mr and Mrs Cope, Rev John and Mrs I Davies, Nurse Ellingeen, Gertie, Kate and Edith, A. Bryan M. E Jone., from the Downing Gardeners, I from the Downing Estate Office, Air and Mrs Fitch, r Spenoe, Ab and Mrs Barcaid, his turatiaer George and iamily, his brother Harry and family, Mr and Mrs Wm Koberts, GJanydon House, Mrs A. E. Whalley, Pentreffynnon; Mr and Mrs Goode, Mr and Mrs Haigh, Keziab, Air and Mra Wiiliams. Letters of apology, regretting tbeir inability to attend, were received from Lord Denbigh, Mr J B Feilding and Me Hailcr,

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