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MOST Y JN. NURSING A VIPER. DISGRAOEFULINGRATIL UDE OF A. YOUfa At Holywell Special Sessions, on Monday, before Dr. J. Owen Josea and Mr Abel Earl, a youth named Philip Smith, a native of Manchester, who bad been for some years in an Industrial School, was brought up charged with stealing a aiiver watch and ohain, a pair of boots, pot of ism, tin of herring4 and a tin opener, the property of Frederick Hargreaves, of Gwibuant, Moetyn. The pros icut r said the prisoner about three week, ago came to him, and seeing he was distitu e he took him in. Th» prtaouer told him he was hard up and was guiiag te look for work. He kept the yeuth for some days, and askea him if he was going to luok for work. de did not do so, and he asked him to go away, but he would nut. Time after time he told aim to go, and it was not uutil Saturday last, when he turned bim out .of the house, tbat be left. After turning the prisoner out, he locked the house up and went to Mr Braaby and ai-ksd him if he wouid either go for the police or look after tbki place while he went as the prisoner was getting rough. Mr Bradiey suggested tuat he (^roaecutot) sbuuld go for the police. He left Gwibnabt between bait-past nine and tea o'clock on Saturdsy morning, and went to the Police Station a. Mosty", to request ateistaoen to turn the prisoner off the premises. About eleven o'clock he returned to tho huuse and found the watch and okaill, pair Ot boots, pot of jam, tin of herrings "nd tin opener, visaing. He told the poliue not to Cluny up, and about nJon the Police Officer arrived. When he went fur ttu police he locktid the house up. An entrance was eff cted through the back window. < Tne slippers the t risji<ec had he exc augea for a ) pair of boots. He noticed that the back window had oeen opened and tneu oluoed. T oooa? Edwarrfs, Ffyanoo Oswallt, employed on ) the London and Wortti- Weiitt ru Railway, saiu about 4.30 e, Saturday att ruuou he was speaking to a man on tha maiu road near to the Hallway Home, when the priso,.er came to bin and aekea biui to buy a watch. He askud the prisoner where be oa ne from and he said he bad been workiog at Plas TJor.a. He asked prisoner had h ? got the watoh nouestly. He replied it was honest, he had bought it tores go in Holywell, wneu he gave 13 10s. On. for it. Pa oner told nim he wa,.i out of work, but expeotsd ij re-II-art in a fottnight's time. P,iii,uea said He came from Manchester. His father and mother were dead and he had only a sister, and bbe was married ho he couid not go to her. He expeoted some one from l^laa Ucha to meet him iu Holywell aed give j orde-s to start wotfc <>u Monday. Prisoner offered I the watoh to him for Is. He remsed to buy it, as be nad no money. Pritioner pleaaed he was in distress and wouid let it go for a couple of abiihoga. He wanted to get something to pay for his lodgings. He told prisoner i: he likea to accompany bim as tag aa Oarmel, he weula oee what he oould do. Witness went to his brother, wiao livei at the Sh p, Carmel. The prisoner beiug proosin,4, his brother said it was a pit* if the man w>nt>id a^me inonny. His brother lent him two shillings, and be witness gave him the watch to keep, t lung the pruoncr if ne wanted it b80uk he couid have i on lefuuding the two shillings. jLater in the day Poiiae-oonstabie Gabriel ailed upon him, and they went to Carmel shop, and there the waten and obain were banded over to toe offioer. Police-oonata; le Gabriel stated on Saturday after- noon, upon receiving information he went in search ot the prisoner, and about "ix o'clock be met him on tue road beyond, Gor ecd. He stopped him, and ti alio I What about ti at neatch youtookthis morning?" Prieuner rtp;i6a "I know nothing •tuout watoh." id0 said to priigoner 11 That stiver wat ih and chain you took tr",m the house ttiis morn- mg." Prisoner replied "I know nothing about the I water He said to prisouer 111 ara a poiioe offio-C and I charge on with sti a'ing a watca and chain from Mr Hargreive's housu at Gwlbuant, this morning." Prisoner maii HI have nut got it, I sold it to a man in a shop at tbe tup ot Holywell. Witness raid I do 't beliwVM you, tor you have not ha:, time to go to Holy well and back since I traced you from Saituffynnoo." Pdsolier Raid" it i. true anti t;ere is th munet, I got for it." Primmer pro- daoeu two shilling* fraui hi» handketchief." Witn«*' »aid Th* e are a pair of ooots missing," ana asked «' Are those to", nouta on your tabU" Prisoner lIaid 11 Yes, but Mr Hargreaves said I could have these." He c ok prisoner to Catmsl, and at The bhop prisoner pointed out the last witness and said Tutto the man i sold the watch to." Edward produced the watoh ana chain which he took pQfHcSaioa vi, and trougbt the prisoner to Holy well- la r ply to the charge, the pfi-iocer pleaded guilty- Supt. R. Jones stated be was not aware of say record against one prisoner. Hi, had ascertained he wac. a Hitiva of Marionedtar, aud lor five years had b en a nu Iudustiial -ohon), notbiug was Known of | 'us history mere. The jouth wvrkea for Mr John | T. Lloyd, at Pias idoj,; dith, Ruthin, but was tal neli away to aishoneiity. At another place a fluwer kicked him out for thd same offence, and getting further job Hie was for the third time kiuaed out- tie afterwards gjt to Mostyu and was taken pity 011 by Mr Hargreaves. Th9 Cnai man said the prisoner would be- oalD- mittea to gaol tur uno month with bard labour. JELO sp^eated to treat everybody alike by stealing trogo taem, Ias eviuent ne would be better in pri*oIi than utiiue.





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