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Football Notes and Matches.


Football Notes and Matches. WIRRAL AND DISTRICT LEAGUE. DIVISION I. I RESULTS UP-TO-DATE. RESULTS UP-TO-DA.TE. m ,-Gtoals.^ TEAM, Played Won Lost Drawn For Agst. Pts. Flint 10 8 2 0 33 9 16 Buokley T. 8 7 1 0 29 8 14 Wirral Rlv.7 4 1 II 3 17 16 10 Caergwrle.. 6., 4 2 0 16 9 8 Rhos Eagle 8 4 4 0 18 13 8 N.Brighton 8 4 4 0 12 13 8 St. Oswaldig7 3.3 1 tt 20 23 7 Holywell.. 6 2 4 0 16 16 4 Buckley V.7 1 4 2 10 14 4 Mold Town 5 1 4 0 620 2 Llay Hall.. 10 0 9 1 542 1 Nbxt Satubdav's Fixtubbs Buokley Town v. Flint Chester St. Oswalds v. Rhos Holywell Reserve will be opposed by Flint U.A. -better known as the" Flumber. "-on Saturday next, kiok-off 2.30. < 0 The reputation of this team has come before it, and the Holywell men will have a hard nut to craok," but they also have been distinguishing themselves this season, therefore, a hard game and a close finish, will undoubtedly be the result. Flint played Helsby, at Flint, on Saturday last, and the matoh resulted in a win for Flint by six goals to nil. Holywell Oounty Sohool went down to Shotton last Saturday, to play the Ironworks Apprentices, and were defeated by three goals to nil. 100 j| Buokley Town were visitors at the Llay Hall diggings' on Saturday last. Llay Hall sustained their rap.tation-i.e. they lost-tbree goals to nil being the Boore. < New Brighton Tower Reserve went under to Wirral Railways to the tune of one goal to nil, the Wirral men having the advantage of being on their own groand, It was generally expeoted that Holywell would secure a couple of points on Saturday last, but few, if any, in their most chimerical dreams, expected suoh a harvest of goals. £ For the first time this ssason, Mr Gordon Jones took his place in the Holywell team, and the vigour and dash which characterised the play of the homesters on Saturday was, no doubt, the outcome of his brilliant example on centre. • £ The crowd whioh lined the ropes was rather a poor one, but a great number stood on the hedge- banks and freely oritioised the players and the game. In this fact there is nothing remarkable, for the hedge-speotator' in Holywell is an old-established and well-known fraternity, the wonderful part is that these enthusiasts (P) failed to find oooasion for their satrioal and derisive remarks regarding the play of the homesters. < The ties in the second round of the Welsh Junior Cup, were played off on Saturday, with the exception of Rhyl Reserve v. Llandudno Reserve, these teams having been granted an extension of time. The soores were as follows:—Bangor Reserve 4, Flint U.A.O's 1; Stansty Villa 5, Erddig Albion 0; Wrexham Reserve 2. Adwy 1; Druids Reserve 4, Ellesmere 0; Whitohurcb 1, Oswestry 3; Singleton and Coles 4, Dolgelly 0; and Llanfyllin beat Aberystwyth The draw for the third round of the Welsh Junior Cup took place at Wrexham on Wednesday, with the following results :— Div. 1: Rhyl or Llandudno Res. v. Bangor Reserve Div. 2: Stanity Villa v. Wrexham Reserve. Div. 3: Druids Reserve v. Oswestry Reserve JDiv. ILAatLfylUn v. Singleton aad Ooles. Firet-named clubs have ohoice of ground ties to be played off on or before January 7th. The burning question among the supporters of the Flint and Buokley Town clubs is, whether there is likely to be a ohange in the league champions as the outcome of next Saturday's matoh. The Buokley team have certainly a good chance, as the match is to be played on their ground, but it requires a win of four goals to nil to take the I ohemioal boys' 4 down a peg,' so, the prediction that Flint will still remain obampions, is a fairly safe one. • In the Combination League on Saturday, Bangor beat Oswestry by four goals to nil; Rhyl loat ot TraDmere Rovers, two goals to one being the score; Llandudno went under to Everton Combination to the tune of four goals to one; Wrexham got the better of South Liverpool to the extent of two goals to one Druids were defeated by four goals to nil by Liverpool A. whilet Chestei and White Star Wanderers divided the honours, with a score of three goals eaoh. HOLTWELL v. MOLD TOWN. HOLYWELL IN A SCORING MOOD. On Saturday last, the above teams met for the first time in a league match, viz, the Wirral League. Both teams having been doing indifferently in the competition, a couple of points would be an accept- able present to either. Mold therefore brought down their strongest combination with the idea of semiring the welcome two points, whilst Holywell was also up-to-date, having on the field the strongest team that has yet represented them in a league matoh, amongst whom the spectators were glad to see their old favourite—Gordon Jones—occupying the oentra position, and his presence, no doubt, had a lot to do with the heavy drubbing given to Mold. A new player was also tried at half-baok-F. 0. Bulliok- and his first appearanoe has left a favourable im- pression, The Holywell team toad the line' as follows :-Goal: H. T. Hughes baoks W. Jones and M. 0. Roberls; halves: Bulliok, Gallagher and Boyle; forwards: Eben. Hughes, Elford Roberts. Gordon Jones, J. Williams, and Frank Diokinson, Mold won the toss, and elected to play uphill and against the wind. Gordon Jones kicked off, and the ball was soon over the touch-line. The goal-kiok gave Mold a chance, but the ball was returned and the home forwards attaoked strongly, G. Jones just missing with a strong oblique shot. The homesters continued to press, the ball going either over the crossbar or behind' continually. Gallagher had hard lines, the ball hitting the crossbar. The home team olalmed a penalty-kick, and rightly too, but to the surprise of everyone, the referee gave a free-kick to Mold. This reverse stirred the Holywell forwards who obtained the ball, and ran clean through, scoring their first goal about twenty-five minutes from the start. Once having broken through, they played confidently, and in the space of five minutes after the first goal, they were 'three up.' After thiB surprise, Mold tried to score, their right wing being conspicuous, but the Holywell baoks were too good for them. The home forwards woke up again and penned the Mold team in their own goal, two more goals being scored in quiok succession. Thus half-time arrived with the score: Holywell, 5 goals; Mold, nil, During the second half, better play was witnessed, the Holywell forwards playing splendidly together and completely beat the visitors' defenoe. and in one instance, a back caught G. Jones round the waist within the penalty line, an act which escaped the eye of the referee. Before long the homesters had added another two goals to their score. Afterwards, they took matters easily, but the home backs would not let anything pass. However, the Mold forwards found a footing and scored a goal, the opening being a free-kick a)- .1.0. From the centre-kiok, the homesters -.ue again, and scored two more goals. Tow-Ad the latter end of the game, Mold made an -^empt to retrieve their losses, and gave Hu»Vd8 one or two 4 hot unB to deal with, whiM ne cleared niaely. When the whistle sounded for 4 time' the score stood Holywell, 0 goals; Mold Town, 1 goal.