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":i 'CURRENT SPORT. v Bttfu as the struggle for bounty ericket dhnmpioln- ship had gone at the beginning of the week it was a case of "J £ olipse firet th^ rest nowhere/' for York- having won the whore of theiz Ave, fipis'hed gaoes, possessed* big lead on the "table. Nor was the lead an unfair indication of relative merit, for although two of.thsir victories vera Over Hampshire, the Yorkfchirenen had also huaten; Surrey, Essex, and Somerset. The team is strong in all. departments of the game, and ,in Rhodes they have evidently uneaatiied a bowler of the first-class. Of course, a good deal may happen between now and the end of .August*—for did not a Notts team of the last decade, after., nine single innings victories in succession, go altogether to pieces in the dog days—and Essex, who are undoubtedly a splendid side this season, and have only gone down, before the leading county, may yet be in the running. Cricket, however, is a tricky game to prophesy about. At teyten, on Saturday, Essex easily defeated Warwickshire. The second innings of the visitors was completed for 198, so that Essex were victorious by an innings and 34 runs. At Catford, Sussex con- trived, though'only by a narrow margin; to draw their match with Kent. The home team declared fflte closure when they had put together a score of 361 for only five wickets—A. Hearne contributing 117 and Mr. Mason 81. Sussex, beirtt-200 behind, could only play for a draw, and they succeeded in prolong- ing their innings till within a few minutes of the time for drawing stumps, and in scoring 2j20 Kent were thus left with 21 to make to, win, but no time to make them, and the game was therefore drtiWn very much in their favour. Another dr»\vn game was that at Bristol between Gloucestershire find ",Miwm I igalDøt- the Wg Gloucestersliire score of 634—the largest ever made by the county team—Notts made 226 in* their first innings and' 89 for mn wicket in the follow-on. At Cambridge, Surrey decisively beat-the University. After losing several wickets cheaply in their second innings the county eventually made 160—thanks chiefly to Mr. Key, who scored 48 not out, and Richardson—and then dismissed the University for 85, winning;by i: j? fr> t• "ft tl -ft J LordHawke's resolution concerning the venu of England and Australian matches is now assured: of acceptance the counties, and it is. donbtiful whethfirr under the circumstances, either Surrey; or Lancashire will make any stand against it. The meeting may also-have a further question before; it, fog it.has been announced that Prince Ranjitsinliji has accepted an invitation to take out the next English -team to Australia. But cricket authority on this side cannot allow any more private adventure parties to borrow the style and title of a representa- tive English team. The fivil Service Sports is always one of the pliaiasantest athletic functions of the year, and Satur- day's rlunion was no exception to the rule. P. J. Blignaut, the South African sprint champion, was in rare form, winning his beat in the Open 120 Yards Handicap in 12sec., dead, although the performance was somewhat discounted by the wind being in his favour. In the final heat he could get no nearer than fourth, being beaten by a couple of yards in one yard inside evens time. In the final of the (Quarter, noweveiV hie made no mistake, as running with great determination won by a foot in the capital time of 518éc. He is evidently a factor to be reckoned with in the forthcoming A.A.A. Championships. The Evergreen, Mr. C. M. Callow, who has seen 62 »ummer8, added yet another trophy to his grand col- lection of Civil Service pots by finishing second in the two miles walking race to Mr. Jas. Jackett, of her Majesty's Customs, who is only 52 years of age. The victory of the" more youthful athlete verifies the old adage" that youth must be served. Mr. Jackett klso secured the 160 Yards Veterans' Race with great ease, and looks like repeating his victory for some year* to come. At the meeting of the Scottish Water Polo Asso- ciation at Aberdeen on Saturday, it was agreed to play England on October 1, at Liverpool, Wales at Aberdeen, and Ireland in Ireland. TRere WW a Tayge and fashionable" company at the prettily-situated Sheen House Grounds on, Satur- day afternoon, when the London Bicycle Club opposed the United Hospitals in a match. The pro- gramme contained three events, and at the conclu- lion it was found that the Hospitals had been success- ful by two points, the scores being: United Hospitals, 25 London B.C., 27. The smallest number of g)int« wins. In the mile race, F. A. K. Stuart, the oepital representative, won in 2min. 51 l-5sec., G. C. Reynolds, L.B.C., being second. J. W. Me-tourke, V.H., won the three-mile race, F. A. K. Stuart, toother Hospital man, being second. The winner's time was SmiIí. 0 2-bsee. G. C. Reynolds took the sen-mile event after a brilliant finish. F, -A. K. Stuart being second. The time occupied in covering the distance was 27min. 17 l-5sec. Cordang came off an easy winner in the 100 kilo- metre bicycle match with Huret in Paris on Sunday. rhe Dutchman took the lead at the start, and had things his own way all through. In the first hour hie distance was 50 kilometres 333 metres, and i. the second 98 kilometres 358 metres. At the fin ish Huret was 9| laps behind. Cordailg's iiiiie was 2h. 2 Imin. 53 2-5sec. í, .,1 ',¡ '¡ The final, heat of the, Oxford University Silver Sculls was decided on Saturday, the course being from the Long Bridges <to the- fvarsity Barge. The competitors were: C. D. Burnell, Magdalen, and 1. A, Tinne, University, the reserve man. A grand race was witnessed, notwithstanding the fact that Tinno half way held a lead of fully two lengths. After passing the boathouse Burnell, who had first station, commenced to rub off some of the deficit, and Tinne lost considerable ground by steering very wid after Saunder's Bridge. Hence, by slow degrees, Burnell improved his position, and struggling on in the most plucky fashion he eventually won a grand race by a short quarter of a length. In addition to the attractions arranged by the HbrHnghsitrGlub on Saturday afternoon, a match at [>olo was played between a strong team of the Hur- ingham Club and another of the officers of the. 10th Hussars. But the home side never stood a chance against the military, who on their form in winning by six goals to love should be well in for the coveted Inter-Regimental Cup. Not one goal were the Hur- linghalm quartette able to obtain, as they were kept on the defence nearly the whole time. For the Hussars the Hon. J. Dawnay and Captain Curzon each scored two goals in succession, while Captain the Hon. T. W. Brand and Captain Lord William Cavendish-Bentinck registered one each. The Hur- lingham side were Mr. J. O. Jameson, the Earl of Harrington, Major Maclaren, and Mr. John Watson (back). Mr. A. Rawlinson officiated as the umpire. Favoured with delightful weather, the last day of the Rent All-Comers Championship Lawn Tennis Tournament at Beckenham on Saturday was ex- tremely well attended. The contest for the Gentle- men's Championship resulted in a very easy win for W. V. Eaves. Eaves was in remarkable form, and only allowed his opponent, G. Greville, to score one fame in the match. Miss C. Cooper, in the Ladies' ipgles, was again successful over Miss E. L. Ajistiiv Mr. H. Seton-Karr, M.P. (handicap 5), going round the excellent score of 86 strokes-only two above "Bogey"—gave Mr. J. L. Wanklyn, M.P. (8), two strokes and a ifeating by 5 holes np twlfl 4 to play in the semi-final round of the Parliamentary golf com- Etition on the Prince's Club's course at Mitcham on onday morning. Mr. Seton:Karr's opponent in the final will be Mr. F. W. Fison, M.P. (14), who is at, present abroad. The couple are not unlikely to play, off on a Scottish green, probably in October. Play in the Northern Championship Lawn Tennis. Tournament commenced on Monday at Aigburth,/ Liverpool. In the preliminary round of the Gentle- men's Singles championship, the present holder ot, which isMr. W. Baddeley; a match was decided between the American champion, C. Hobart, and J. A. Wolff; of Liverpool. TMs resulted in favour of the first-named by three sets to one (6—3, 4—6,. 6—4, 6—4). In the same round of the competition' A. H. Roberts, of Clifton," beat A.L. Macfie, of Liverpool, by three arts to dfce (8-76, 4 6, e-3. 9—<8). J.c,- .1" In an.txBlbitioii tennis match at Lord's on Mon- 3[n &a, *xMb day James Fennell, the M.C.C. professional, beat Mr. JL S. Crawley, receiving half io, by 8 to 1; good tennis. The Oxford and Cambridge polo match was played at Hurhngham on Monday, Oxford won easily by 15 goals to none. At Kenning ton Ov&l, oil Moiftfay, there was begun the annual match 'between' 'Gentlemen and Players. Tlie amateurs batted first, and' put together a score of 301, towards which Mi. C. L. Townsend (62) and Mr. Murdoch (57) were the principal contributors. The Players had only a short time for batting, but lost two wicketa for, only II runs. Yorkshire and Kent began a match at Sheffield on Monday. The home team won the toss, took first innings, and, after losing nine wicketa for a moderate "score, closed the venture with the substantial total of 289, thanks to the fr £ fe hitxib'g of Lord Hawke— who made 107 not out—and' the resolute defence of Hunter. At Birmingham, the return match between Warwickshire and Lancashire WM opened en Mon- day, the visitors batting first. They obtained 208, and at the close of the day's play had dismissed four of the Warwickshire nri>n. at the cost of 67 runs. At Cambridge, the University encountered Hampshire, whom1, after winning the toss, they sent to the wickets and disposed of for the insignificant total of 72. The University did not greatly i.nprove on this performance, as they were all out for 106, while, when play ceased on Monday, the visitors had lost seven wickets in their second venture for 8I»







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