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it s THOMAS, REGISTRY OFFICE FOR SERVANTS, GWENFFRWDD HOUSE, MOLD. HAS several Cooks and General Servante; House- Jn maids and Under-housemaids, Sowing-maids, and Ntjrsej on her Baok*. Great at ention is given to procure good Sorraots; also, gcol Situations. ST. W INEFRIDE'S BOARDING SCHOOL FOR YOUNG LADIES WELL STREET, HOLYWELL. /"V^IOURSE— English Freneb; Gorman Drawing; Pl\intin Danoing; Calistbemcs MUSIC (, 0081 J \_y Painting; Danoing; Calisthenics; Music (Yooal aud Instrumental); plain and fancy Needlework. The Convent is under the Royal Academy for Ex- ams in Music, &o. WEEKEY BOABDEBB BECKIVKD. _r. A CLASS FOR INSTRUCTION IN PAINTING IN OILS AND WATER COLOURS, ('\ COMMENCED AT ST. WINEFRIDE'S CONVENT, WELL STREET, ON THURSDAY, THE 10TH OF FEBRUARY, 1898 And will be continued till J una. For Terms, apply to TnE SOTBBIOBHSS. A DRESSMAKING CLASS Will bl held on MONDAYS, at 6 p.m., eommenoing FKBBUABY 7th. For tercug, apply to the SupaaiOBBaa, as above. J I SELECT DAY SCHOOL for YOUNG J r1.. LADIES is now OPEN at ST. WINKFBIDB'S CONVENT, Well Street. Only a limited number eoeived.—For Terms, apply to the SUPBBIOBBSS. DEDICATED BY PERMISSION TO BISHOP MOSTYN. THE SONG OF ST. WIUEFRIDE. MUSIC BY BRYCESON TREHEARN, R C.M., F MUSIC OF ST. WINEFRIDE. The Words by the Publisher, B. PARRY, Oxford Street, Swansea. Copips may be had of the local Ma siosellors. PBICE, 23. NET. YMFUDIAETH I CANADA JL TIR AM DDIM YN MANITOBA. TIR AM DDIM NEU AM BRIS ISEL GAN Y LLYWODRAETH MEWN TALAETHAU ERAILL. HEFYD, FFERMYDD DIWYLLIEDIG YN RHAD. YDosbarthiadau sydd Eisien.—Personau yn barod i fentro arian allac, rhai gydag ychydig fuddiannau, ( Ffermwyr, Gwyr a G-wragedd, Dynion Dibriod ewyllysgar i weitbio fel Llafurwyr A maethyddol, a Gwyr Ieuainc a ddymunant ddysgu ffacmio, Dar- pariaethau neillduol i Forwjni^n. Y maa Canada yn syfoethog o aur a mwnau eraill. ooedwi^oedd mawrion, pysgodfeydd cynyrohiol, llaw-weHh^ao: dd pwysig, mwy o dir ffrwythlon i'w gynyg i ytcfadwyx nag un wlad arall yny byd, ao y mas ei tbrefnidiaath a gwledydd eraill yn mhob cangtn o fasnach yn naynd ar gynydd. Gellir eael pampbledaa a maplau a phob hysbyat rwydd o bwys i ynafudwyr, ao am sefyllfa gwaith-, ma>nauk y Drefedigaeth, yn rhad drwy anfon 10 Oruchwyliwr Llywodraeth Canada yn Nghymru, as The Walk. Caerdydd, neu oddiwrth unrhyw Oru- ohwyliwr i Lywodraeth Oanala yn y Deyrnas Gyfunol.. Gwahoddir gohebiaeth neu ymgomiad peraonol. MAY AND JUNE SAILINGS. NORTH WALES AND CK THE SAME DAY. The Cheapest and least tedious Sea Trips out of Liverpool. BEST AND QUICKEST ROUTE TO HOLYWELL, ST. WINEFRIDE'S WELL, PANTASAPH, PRESTATYN AND RHYL TUB FAST PADDLE 44 ,4 SALOON STEAMER FLYING FALCON SiNaLu FABES Deok Is. 6d. Bridge. 2s. 6d. Tick," not Transferable. RBTUBN FABBS Available for day of iesue only Deck 2B. Bridge. 3G. Children under Twelve haljJare- Will sail from Prince's Landing Stagd and Mostyn (weather and other circumstance permitting) AS undor:- -n LIVERPOOL TO MOSTYN AND BACK THE SAME DAY. Average paesage 1 hour and 45 minutes. Giving passengers two to three hours ashore in one of the prettiest spots in North Wales. « LONG DAY TRIPS ABOUT 10 HOURS. SAILINGS MAY From LIVERPOOL. From MOSTYN. 28 Saturday 2 0 p.m 5 0 p.M 31 Tuesday.# 3 30 p.m 7 30 p.m JUNE 1 Wednesday 4 0 p.m 8 0 p.m *2 Thursday 8 0 a.m 7 30 p.m *3 Friday 9 0 a.m •• 7 30 p.m 4 Saturday 9 0 a.m 12 0 noon 6 Monday 10 0 a.m 1 0 p.m 7 Tuesday. 10 0 a.m 2 0 p.m 8 Wednesday 10 0 a.m 3 0 p.m 9 Thursday 11 0 a.m 4 0 p-m 10, Friday 11 0 a.m 5 0 p.m 11 Saturday 2 0 p.m 6 0 p.m 13 Monday. 3 Op.m 7 Op.m 14 Tuesday., 4 0 p.m 7 30 p.m *15 Wednesday 7 45 a.m 10 0 a.m 5 30 p.m 8 0 p.m -16 Thursday 8 30 a.m 8 0 pom 9 0 a.m 8 0 p.m Saturday •••••• 9 0 a.m 12 0 noon 20 Monday 10 Q A M L 0 P M 21 Tuesday 10 0 a.m 2 0 p.m 22 Wednesday 10 O a.m 2 30 p.m 23 Thursday 10 E „.M 3 0 *.M 24 Friday 11 0 a.M 3 30 p.m 25 Saturday 12 30 p.M 4 0 p.M 27 Monday 12 0 noon 5 30 p.m 28 Tuesday. 2 0 p.m 6 0 29 Wednesday 2 30 p.m 6 30 p.m 30 Thursday 3 0 p.m .„ 7 30 p.m LONG DAY TBIPS. Refreshments on Board at Moderate Charges For fnrther particulars apply Telephone No. 2334 FLYING FALCON STEAMSHIP Co., LTD., 27, Water-street, Liverpool. TO TiiE DEAF. A rich tädy, EXITED 6 0 her DEAFNESS ar a Noises in the Head by Dr. Nicholeon's Artificial Ear Drums, HAS sent £1,600 to his Iustitute, so that Dar people Unable to procure the Ear Drums may have them free. Apply by letter to ;-0. Q. C. RIOBABBSON, Great Rusaell Street, London, W.O. N/'THObf AS JJUGHES, I JOINER. BUILDER, WHEELWRIGHT AND UNDERTAKER, — HOLYWELL. WORKSHOPS & TIMBER YARD: BACK OF NORTH & SOUTH WALES BANK, HIGH STREET. The following Timber always kept in Stock: SPRUCE AND PINE BOARDS VROA HALT-INCH UPWARDS; SPRUCE AND YELLOW PINE PLANKS; ONB-INCH SPRUCE FLOORING BOARDS; THRKK-QUARTERS AND OXK-INCH SPRUCE & RED DEAL MATCH BOARDS. Biroh and Oak Boards; Lancewood and Ash berit Shaft*; Felloes for Cart and Carriage Wheels; Dressed Oak Spokes for Carriage Wheel*; Futchols, and Turned Naves; Turned li iuch, 2 inch. and 3 inch Table Legs, &o. PAINTED SPRUCE FIELD GATES KEPT ON HAND. SLATING AND PLASTERING LATHS, — CEMENT AND HAIR. NEW WHEELS of every description made of the best well-seasoned Timbers. TRAPS. CARTS & SHAN DRIES, MADE AND REPAIRED. ORDERS QUICKLY EXECUTED. VHREE LEADING MAGAZINE. THE CENTURY FOR JUNE. Sumptuously Illustrated. Prioe, la. 4d. ST. NICHOLAS FOR JUNE. Beautifully Illustrated. Prioe, LG. MAOMILLAN^s" MAGAZINE FOR JUNE, 1898. Contents:—The 'rreasury- Officer's Wooing; by Cecil Lowis. Chapters IV., VI-Disoiplioe in the Old Navy by H. W. Wil-ion.-An Eaton Tutor.- Theoaritus; by J. W. Maokail.-A Cousin of Pickle; by Andrew Lang.—An Old German Divine; by W. Gowland Field.-Coutitry Notes; by S. G. Tallentyre. III. The lon.-A Gentlemau of Spain by David Hannay.—The Frenoh Academy. -William Morris by Stsphen Gwynn. MACMILLAN AND CO., LTD., LONDON. JJQ- INSURANCE OFFICE, FOUNDED 1710 Sum insured in 1897 exceeds £ 425,000,000, For all particulars apply to the following Agent, HOLYWELL. MB. ROBERT THOMAS. MOLD MBSSBS KELLY, KEENE & CO ST. ASAPH MR. Ll. LLOYD. BUCKLEY MB. EDWARD ROBERTS TO FARMERS AND OTHERS. DO you T equire your Corn gronnd P Send it to FLINT MILL. The work can be done quiokly and well. J. OBSERVER" OFFICE, • HOLYWELL. HASTE OOKLETS, QHASTE JgOOKLETS, CAPTIVATING rpOY JgOOKS — PRESENTATION VOLUMES — AT ALL PRICES. THE CHEAP LIBKARY POPULAR NOVELS Neatly Bound in Cloth at the low Price of III D. EACH. AN IMMENSE STOCK TO SELECT FROM CHURCH SERVICES IN ELEGANT BINDINGS. Teachers' Bibles with Concordance and Maps combined. SUNDAY GCHOOL R AND TEXT CARDS. ^YGSERVER' OFFICE, HOLYWELL. GRIFFITH JONES, BILl- POSTER AND TOWN crier, UPPER SUMMER HILL, HOLYWELL The beat Posting Stations in the District. 1 orders promptly and thoroughly carried out A ■^SSV the last FCTFR p A by molt T. MARY'S MOUNT, FLINT. TO BE SOLD BY TENDER AL L that valuable FREEHOLD VILLA RESIDENCE, known as "St. MABY'S MOUNT," situate in Ohureh Street, Flint, North Wales, containing—Three Reoeptioa Rolms, with Kitchen, Scullery, Butler's Pantry and other Offioes on the Ground Floor; Two Cellars, in Basement; Six Bedrooms; Dressing Room; Bathroom and Lavatory, with hot and oold water laid on, on the the First Floor; enclosed Yard, with Wash-hauee and Coalman's and Gardener's Cottages; large Garden, with Vinery and Gresnhouse; the whole oomprising an area of about 2,400 square yards, and now in the occupation of Dr. William?. The minerals are excepted. The Premises are pleasantly situated, within easy reach of Manchester and Liverpool. The Vendor does not bind himself to accept the highest or any Tender. Tenders to be sent in by JUNB 14tb. For further particulars, Condition* of Sale, and Forms of Tender, apply to- WILLIAMS AND WATKINSON, Solicitors, ion, Llanelly, Carmarthenshire. V E. M. EVANS, 4, BANK PLACE, HOLYWELL. Accountant and General Agent. Accounts, Balance Sheets, Reports, Insurances and Commissions of every kind undertaken, I promptly attended to. 7 zT Do you Cycle? Do you Cycle? IF TOtr DO, OALL AT TUB "OBSERVER'* OFFICE, HOLYWELL, AND PUBOBA8B ONB OF THRIS IPBCIAL ROAD MAPS BBFOBB 0TABTING ON TOUB TOUB. MAPS OF HOLYWELL & DISTRICT 1COUNTBD ON C>P' OLOTH, O — MAPS OF NORTH WALES Strongly bound in oloth oovers, x, A nTT with guide to all plaoes of fK interest in North Wales. ™" The Maps are made from the New Ordnance Survey, and the Main Roads are distinctly coloured. Davies & Co.'s Speciality. R MR. E. C. BRIGGS, Teacher of Music & Musical Instruments, (HIOHBBT DIFLOUA R.M.O.M.), Reed Organs, Harmoniums, Pianofortes, &c., Tuned and Repaired.—Terms moderate, 4/TITHE BARN PLACE, FLINT. V rpo BE LET—A BEERHOUSE, in BagUlt; X also a fully-licensed PUBLIOHOUSE in Ifflint.-Apply to KSLBTBKZOV BBBWBEY CO., LD. V For the Blood is the Ufe.Doukrommy XII., 28. Health and Vigor depend upon the quantity and quality of the Blood." —Humanitarian. Keep the Blood pure and the Health of the System will follow." -mewth. I I We have seen hoots of letters bearing testimony to the truly wonderful cures effected by Clarke's World-Famed Blood Mixture. It is the finest Blood Purifier that Science and Medical Skill have brought to light, and we can with the utmost contidence recommend it to our subacribers and the public generally." —Family D. QLARKE'S BLOOD JYJTXTURE ^JLARKE'S JGLOOD J^JIXTURE QLARKE'S JgLOOD JYJ^LXTURE THE WORLD-FAMED BLOOD PURIFIER, For Scrofula, Seurvy, Eczema, Bad Lep, Ulcers, Glandular Swellings, Skin and Blood Diseases, Pimples and So-a of all kinds, and for oleansing and clearing the Blood from all impurities, it cannot be too highly recommended. It Í8 the only real specific for Gout and Kheumatic Fains, for it removes the COWE from the Blood and Bones. "TOLD ME HE WOULD HAVE TO TAKE MY LIP OFF. "I feel in duty bound to add m) testimonial in favour of Clarke's world-famed Blood Mixture. I have suffered for three years and six months with a dreadful sore on my upper lif and chin. I was foroed to go to the Skin Hospital in Elm Bank-street; they did not do any good to it. Then I tried most of all the principal institutions in Gtlasgow, and lastly the Skin and Cancer Institution in St. Vincent-street, and paid one pound before receiving any advice, and the advice was that he was afraid I would lose my upper lip I received treatment in this institution for one month, and revived no benefit. Then he told me he would have to take the lip off, but I would not consent, and of which I am a proud to-day. After this I went to the Western Infirmary, and was under a clever skin specialist. I received treatment for 18 weeks, and received a little benefit, and came out and commenced working again at my occupation, but Z soon got aa bad as ever I then commenced with 4Clark»'0 Worid-famed Blood Mixture,' and after taking dye bottles was completely cured. But I still continued taking the Mixture till I had taken 13 bottles You can make use of my name in any way youplea»e.—Your*truly, „ WILLIAM PATHBSOK. "4, GTeenfleld-street, Govan, Glasgow, January. 5th, 1897.11 "TURNED OUT OF HOSPITAL, AS I WOULD NOT CONSBNT TO HAVE MY LEG OFF." "I send you this testimonial, for I have derived a great benefit by taking Clarke's Blood Mixture, after two years of great suffering with a very bad leg. I have b«en Birmingham hospital 18 months, and six months outpatient at another hospital at Birmingham. I was turned outfe. curable, as I would not consent to have my leg taken off. I was told to try Clarke's Blood Jtoture a fnend 0f mW so I sent for a large bottle, and by the toe I had taken it f was able to go about on my crutches. I had another bottle, and by the time I had finished it my leg was quite well, Q I am able to go to my work. I am a Birmingham man, but am working at present in Halifax, and I am willing to answer any questions that anyone may inan to ask, foj j cannot speak too highly of it. I recommend it to all. You may make use of this if you like. E. TAVM*. u 2, Hanson Square, Fleet Street, Halifax, Yorks, "October 23rd, 1897." IMPORTANT ADVICE TO ALL.-Cleanse the vitiated blood whenever you find its impurities bursting through the skin in pimples, eruptions, and sores cleanse it when you find it obstructed and sluggish in the veins; cleanse it when it is foul-your feelings will tell you when. Keep your blood pure, and the health of *HE system will follow. In bottles, 2s 9d each, by all Chemists throughout the World, or sent for 83 stamps, by the proprietors, The Lincoln and Midland Counties Drug Coy., Lincoln. THOUSANDS OF TESTIMONIALS. c JgLOOD m IXTURE. cLARJIF JGLOOD MIXTURE. QLARKE'S JgLOOD J^JIXTURE. Do not be persuaded to tek? »a imitation or subatitute. —j —— Sale by Mr. William Freeman. CROSS KEYS HOTEL, HOLYWELL. Preliminary Notice of Sale of the excellent and valuable Household Furniture, oostly China, Glass and other Ornaments, Plated Goods, Pioturea, &O., oomprising contents of Sitting, Commercial, Club and Smoke Booms oontents of five well-appointed Bedrooms all Kitchen and Culinary Utensils, a light running London built Wagonette, and other effeots, by MR. WILLIAM FREEMAN WHO is favoured with instructions from Captain Tv Hueaas, who is retiring from the Hotel, to Bell the whole of the effects which will be fully described in posters and catalogues, on the 15TH AND 16TH DAYS OF JUXB, 1898. Auction Offioe Perthyterfyn Cottage, Holywell. Sale by Messrt. Cunnah if Roberts. HOLY WELL, FLINTSHIRE. Highly important and attractive Sale of valuable FREEHOLD and other PROPERTIES, comprising Farms, fully- licensed Public House, well-tenanted Cottages, and choice Building Sites, situate at, and in the immediate neighbourhood of Holywell. MESSRS. CUNNAH & ROBERTS HAVE recelvod instructions to Offer for Sale by PUBLIC AUCTION, at the KIKQ'S HOAS HOTEL, HOLTWKLL, OK THURSDAY, THB 16m DAY or JUNE, 1898, (And not Friday, the 17th, as previously advertised), At Three o'clock in the afternoon precisely, in the following or other Lots as may be determined at the time of Sale, and subject to conditions to be then and there prodnoed and read. LOT 1. All those TWO FREEHOLD MESSUAGES or DWELLING-HOUSES, with the Gardens and Appurtenances thereto belonging, called StAmford Cottages," containing lr. 26p., formerly part of a pieoe of land called Pant-y-twroh, situate near to the Old Stamford Turnpike gate, and between the Old Turnpike road and the existing new Main road' leading from Holywell to Hold. These Premises which are edged red on the sale plan, are now in the oooupation of Sergeant-Instructor Bradley and John Jones, and prodnoe an annual rental of 412. The mines, minerals aud quarries are inoluded in this lot. The gardens are well-stocked with fruit trees, and are situate in such an excellent aspeot as to produoe the earliest crops in the neighbourhood. Lox 2. All those eight several FREEHOLD MESSUAGES or COTTAGES and Gardens, with the appurtanancei, known as "The Farm Cottages," situate near to The Grove at Holy well, abutting on the main road leading from. Holy well to Brynford, and containing lr 32p. of land, or thereabouts, now in the respective occupations of John Jones (collier), Thomas Lloyd. Ann Hughes, one house vacant, Aieseoh Williams, John Williams, Wm. Edwards, and John Jooes (farm laborer), and producing a rental of Z33 16s. Od. This lot is edged yellow on the sale plan. LOT 3. All that pieea of valuable FREEHOLD LAND, containing 2a. 2r. 24p., situate at Llanerohymor, on the North aide of and abutting on the main road leading from Greenfield te Mostyn, in the pariah of Whitford, and held on an annual tenancy by Mrs Ann Davies, at an annual rental of 912, plus tithe. This lot is edged green on the sale plau. LOT 4. All that other pieoe or paroel of valuable FREEHOLD LAND, containing 3a. 2r. Op., or thereabouts, adjoining the messuage known as Llanerohymor House," also adjoining and abutting on the said main road leading from Greenfield to Mostyn, and held on an annual tenanoy by Mr Robert Parry, at a rent of 410, plus tithe. Lots 3 and 4 are sold subject to all such reserva- tions and restrictions as are contained in the Whit- ford Inolosure Act and Award respectively, and Lot 4 is edged blue on the sale plan. LOT 6. All those Eight several FREEHOLD MESSUAGES, Gardens and Outbuildings, oom. prising 2r. 4p., abutting on the high road leading from Holywell to Ysoeifiog, and near to Brynford Oburob, in the respective occupations of John Jones, Mrs Parry, Mrs Jenkins, Mrs Thomas, Mrs Bundred, ditto, one house vacant, and William Jones, and producing an annual rental of £2-1. This lot is edged brown on the sale plan. LOT 6. A oompaot FREEHOLD PROPERTY known as "Llyn-y-mawn Inn," comprising a stone built house, containing three bedrooms, sitting room, kitchen, taproom, beer oellar, and lean-to milk house. In the rear is a oourt-yard, with tool house, stable, shippon, cow shed, barn, and all the necessary con- veniences of a farm yard. The house, which is absolutely untied, is fully licensed. With this lot will be sold two pieces of valuable pasture land adjoining, containing with the site of the house and yard 4a. Or. 24p. or thereabouts, and is now occupied by Miss Stephenson. The valuable mines, minerals and quarries will be included in this lot which is numbered 1, 2, and 3, and edged red on the sale plan. LOT 7. All those Five several pieces of valuable FREE. HOLD LAND, situate near to Llyn y Mawn Inn, aforesaid, comprising together 26a. Or. 7p. numbered tespeotively 4, 6, 6, 7 and 8. and edged Green on the Sale Plan. and more particularly desoribad in the following schedule No^o*1 Description A Acreage 4 Arable. 6 2 2 6 Arable 5 3 7 6 Arable 5 2 10 7 Arable- 8 2 20 8 Arable 6 2 9 A.28 0 7 The valuable Mines, Minerals and Qaarries, will be included in this Lot. There is on this lot a valuable Sand Pit, from which over £40 profit was received last year. LOT 8. All that FREEHOLD MESSUAGE or Dwelling-house, Farm, and Out-buildings, called "BWLOJI," or If Tv OAHOL," with the lands and appurtenances thereto belonging, situate in the Parish of Ysceifiog, containing 9a. 2r. Sp., now let to Mr John Jones, on an annual tenancy at 912, plus tithe. The mines and minerals under this lot, which is edged Yellow in the sale plan, are reserved. Lar 9. A valuable piece of fine PASTURE LAND, oon- taining 2a. Or. 13p., situate between Penymaes and the Bagillt New Road, now in the oooupation of and leased to Mr John Philip Jones, on an annual tenancy of Z4 10s., plus tithe. The unexpired term being about ten years. The mine", minerals and quarries, under this lot, which is edged Blue on the Bale plan, will be in- oluded in the sale. LOT 10. The valuable MINES, MINERALS, and QUARRIES in, upon, or under the several messuages, land and hereditaments situate near to The Victoria, Bagillt New-road, edged brown on the eale plan, with free right of entry on the said land to raise, work, and take away suoh mines, minerals, and quarries, on paying compensation for I surface damage. t A considerable portion of the minerals in this Lot comprise a valuable Iron. Stone and Ore, capable of being manufactured into Portland or Roman Cements, and a more clayey variety may be used for Briok. making. LOT 11. All the ESTATE and INTEREST of the Vendors of and in a meesuage or dwelling-house, oroft and garden, situate at Brynford, held under oustomary tenure under His Grace the Duke of Westminster at a nominal rental, and now let on annual rental of A4 to Edftin Rowlands. This lot is edged yellow on the sale plan. LOT 12. All the ESTATE and INTEREST of the Vendors of and in a messuage or dwelling-house, farm and land called Brynvannan," Brynford, aforeraid, held under oustomary tenure under His Grace the Duke of Westminster, at a nominal rental, and now let on an annual rental of fg to Thomas Williams. This lot is edged blue on the sale plan. LOT 13. All that oapital FREEHOLD MESSUAGE or DWELLING-HOUSE, with the substantial modern Outbuildings, Garden, and Lind thereunto belonging, oalled "Maeigwyn," situate at Penypylle, near Holywell, containing 2a. 2r. 20p. or thereabouts, now let to John Edwards, at an annual rental of 22. The valuable mines and minerals under this lot, which is edged red in the sale plan, will be inoluded in the sale. Plans and all further particulars concerning the several Properties, may be obtained of Mr S. STSMENBON, Chemist, 98, Kensington, Liverpool; of Mr H. A. COPB, Solicitor, Holy well, or of the AUOTIONHKBI.. Auction Office:- Newgate Street, Cheater, 26th May, 1898. 10001). "ff. M W A S 8 CYCLE DEPOT, F L I N R. OFFICIAL REPAIRER C.T.O. Agent for Flint and District for R. & P.'s Cycles and many other Leading Makers. MACHINES MADE TO ORDER. First and Second Class from 98 10s. Od. First Class Maohinesfor Second Class Prices, 9111 lis Call and inspeot them. Eaoh machine guaranteed. All makes of Tyres fitted, to suit Customers at Lowest Prices possible. Great Variety of Cycle Accessaries always on Stock. AOHNT FOB— WHEELER AND WILSON'S SEWING MACHINES. CYCLES AND SEWING MACHINES Supplied on the Deferred System. EASY PAYMENT SYSTEM. lop", T. M. WASS. rulES I CYCLESI WILLIAM H. HALDEN, 2, SJEA VIEW TERRACE, HOLWAY, HOLYWELL, AGENT NOT RETAILER. AS all who are in the "KNOW" are aware, 60% discount off list prices, are the usual terms allowed by Manufacturers of Cycles to Retailers. As I am not a Retailer, bat an Agent for the Manufacturers, I oharge 10% as commission, and allow 40% to Customers. Suoh a large discount is not to be had from any other Agent, or Retailer, in Great Britain. PRICES TO SUIT ALL LADIES OR GENTLEMEN. The following are a few of the Cycles that may be had on above terms: -Palmer, Jamec, Hobart, Trent, Engineer, Viotoria, Wulfruna, White, Towriend, Shakespeare, Optimus, Globe, Simplex, Neptune, and a Host of others. V/LOCAL AGENT FOR THE SALE OF COLEMAN'S WINCARNIS, For which over 6,000 Testimonials have been received from Medical Men:— Sold by- D. HUGHES, Chemist, High Street, Holywell. E. EQULKES, Grooer, Well Street, Holywell. ANTED, a good 000 K.-AppI1 BBK TT HOTBII, MUGIILB. YNTF ANTED IMMEDIATELY, a strictly sober TT young Man, as BAKER, well-up in small*, to live in.—Apply, T. LBOKABD JOHBS, Grooer, Hol 1. \fcr ANTED, a DRIVER; a man with a YY thorough knowledge of horses. No one need apply that cannot prodaoe satisfactory references as to honesty and sobriety.—Apply LAIAPBQT's IELOTAL, HOLTWIILL. N/TBSSBS. FERGUSON AND BAIRD of Coonah's JLYX Qaay, are now open to take in a few APPRENTICES in the Trade of Ship Carpentry. Age14 to 15 years. WO BE LET, Snug COUNTRY COTTAGE, X one-and-a-half miles from Holywall kitchej, baok-kitchen and parlour, with three bedrooms above, outhouses, garden. &o., Sc., all in capital sondition rent moderate.—Apply to Mas. EVANS, 4, Bfmk Plaoe, Holywell. PFL O BE LET —with immediate possession— SAI X "SAITHAELWYD COTTAGE," situate about One Mile from the Town of Holywell, and near to Pantasaph. The House stands within its own well-wooded grounds, with lawn in front and gardens. It oontains Dining, Dtawing and Smoking Rooms, two Kitobens, baok Kitchen and foar Bed- rooms. Splendid situation, overlooking Estuary of the River Dee. Stable and Ooaoh-house oontigr" —Apply, "OBSHBVBB" OmOH, Holywell

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