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m A **tF* t A H F R T S )L<t twS t t < FAMILY AND COMMERCIAL HOTEL, HIGH STREET, HOLYWELL. '0'- WHOLESALE WINE AND 3PISIT MERCHATI -'0'- POSTING IN ALL ITS BRANCHES. :0:- HEARSE AND MOURNING CARRIAGES^ AT REASONABLE RATES. ¡,) :0:- OMNIBUSES MEET ALL TRAINS. ————— :0 London and North-Western ilway Parcels Agent. W. JACKSON, 4 8, LIGHTFOOT STREET. CSTER. THE OLDEST AND MOST PRIVATE MONEY LENDING OFFICE IN NORTH WALES. INTEREST REASONABLE. REPAYMENTS EASY. CALL OR WRITE FOR TERMS. MANCHESTER FIRE ASSURANCE COMPANY ESTABLISHED ,1824 OAPITAL.s 22,000,000 :T. BARHAM FOSTER, EsQ., CHARBXAN: W. FCJASAIDAE, BAD., DBPOIT OBAIBMAH I JHIBF OFFICE— 98, KING STREET, MANCHESTER J. B. MOFFATT, MANAGBBAND SBORBTAEY. BaANOB OFFICE— MUSJ3<S5?IJB OHAMBEBS, 28, REGBHT STBBBT WBBXHAM M, &'ii A N r JONES, R as ID BUT SBORBTAEY THE COMPANY transacts Fire Business only and all Resources nd Funds are available or Fire Claims. Sarveysare mad o and t ates q a ote d f o r el descrip tions of risks free of charge. Application for Agencies are invited. V ALFRED MAYERS, 8 MILFORD STREET,MOLD. BILL POSTER AND DELIVERER WORTH A GUINEA A BOX. FOR ALL BILIOUS & NERVOUS DISORDERS SUCH AS SICK HEADACHE- WEAK STOMACH IMPAIRED DIGESTION. GONSTlPATION. LIVER COMPLAINT AND FEMALE AILMENTS. LARGEST SALE IN THE WORLD. Beecham's Cough Pillsf For COUGHS ASTHMA,and a CHEST AFFECTIONS, In Boxes. 9id., Is. lid., and 2s, 9d.each Beecham's Tooth Paste, EFFIOAOIOUS, ECONOMICAL, CLEANSES THE TEETH, PERFUMES the BREATH, In Collapsible Tubes, Is. eaoh. Preparedonly by the Proprietor, rHOHAS BEECHAM, St. Helens,Lancashire SOLD BY ALL DRUGGISTS AND PATBKT MEDICINE DBALERS EVBBYWHBEE. ZEE EALT^ 11 HOLL0 s Purify the Blood, correct all Disorders of the LIVER, STOMACH, KIDNEYS, AND BOWELS. They invigorate and restore to health Debilitated Constitutions, And are invaluable in COMPLAINTS incidental to FEMALES of all ages. For Children and the aged they are priceless. Manufactured only at 78, NewQOxford Street, London, 4 \.nd sold by all Medicine Vendors throughout the World. N.D.-Advice Gratis, at the above address, daily, between the bourn of 11 and 4, or by letter. BNGLIEMB^ BB3T8 ^Guaranteed"for Accuracy^^rabili^, Oti^t^and Value^ Thousands of Testimonials have been receive. BENSON'S BEISOI'S English Lieirer SXesj-rlcsi&s lS.-ragI £ sla Levev "LUDGATE" WATCK BAMK WATCH. r- SelecMonSl of Watches or Jewellery Bent freo on recejpt of reference. Illustrated Book Post Free. OLD WATOHES AND JEWELLEHY TAKEN I EXCHANGE. A s Not Approved 'lxb'o Exchanged. An English Lever, Jewelled with 13 Rabies, Chrono- meter Balance, Patent Large Barrel, and Damp and Dust Proof Ring Band. Pnee «5 5s Keeps better time and. is double the Strength and Value of, any £ 5 5s. Watch made. In Sterling Silver Cases, with Strong Crystal Glass Made in Four Sizes at '.—No. 1, Gentlemen & Youths (as illustrated); No. 2, Working Men; No. 3, Railway Men and Miners Is o. 4 Ladies. In massive 18-ct. Gold Cases, with Crystal Glass, Gentlemen's size, £ 12 I2s. Lady s size, £ 10 10s. A pood Knockabout Watch for rough wear at a low price. Best London made, Throe-Quarter Rate English Lever, Large, Chronometer Balance, Jewelled in Rubies, Strong Koyless Action. An Exact Timekeeper, and better value than any KeYless Watch sold forZIO. Price £ 5, in Extra Strength, Sterling Silver, Crystal Orlass Cases. BENSON'S ENGAGEMENT RINGS, in Half. n.opp, Marquise, Gipscy and all other designs, Brilliants, Rubies, Emeralds, Pearls, Sap- pmres, Opals. Turauoisn. &n.. Ac..or in crold. A't ™,ED8J,HMd -X to parts of tho World SEND Fon BENSON'S BOOK of WATCHES from £2 2s. to £500, CHAINS, lUNGS, RLITE, Sunt PORt free on to J. W. J Steam Factory: 62 & 64, LUDGATE HILL, fh And 28, ROYAL EXHANGE, E.C., and 25, OLD BOND STREET, W., LONDON. WATCH, &c., CLUBS.—Application# for agencies Invited. Easy system, no risk. RING'S HAD HOTEL, BOLt WELL. V T H E L -V A D I N G FAMILY & COl|paCIAL HOTEL, HAS BEEN RE-FURNISE^W AJFL) TAFILFF RE VISED. to: t BLEA-DMARTERS OF TTHE CYCLIST'S UNION -1:0:- t HOTEL OMNIBUS MEETS TJIE TRAIN5 AT HOLY WELL STATION A S c H W A R Z CLOCK AND WATOH MAKER f:' WHITFORD STREET, HOLYWEL^ DEGS to announce that after the ENLARGES D KENT OF HIS PREMISES, be has been enabledtogreatlyincrease hieStock. ALL KINDS OF JEWELERY KEPT IN STOCY. decks and Watchcsofalliescripiton st n ha HANDSOME SELECTION OF ELECTRO-PLATED ARTICLES BEPAIKSPROMPTLY EXECUTED ON THE PREMISES. | A. SPLBFRDID ASSOETSIEKT OF Guinea Gold Weddtng and Keeper RIngs Apresent givenwith each ring bought. A privat roomt o selectin. I DEALEE IN LOOKING CLASSES AND BAROMETERS SPECTACLES AND EYE GLASSES r in great variety. VA Handsome tl Presentation Plate, j 'I "Christ Blessing Little Children," ntcm mn norm* BY HENRY LE JEUNE, A.R.A., PdDtcd on FINK-ART PAPER, is issued with THE QUIVER For MARCH, price 6fJ., WHICH CONTAINS The opening chapters of an intensely intereetieg I Serial Story, entitled The Squire s ¡;e"'et" bv ISABEL BELLERBY, Author of The Organist's Daughter," &c. Illustrated. AMD AN ARTICLE ON The Queen's Favourite Authors, FULLY ILLUSTRATED, With many Authoritative Facts and Aneo. dotes, and numerous other C«rtfributiona of exceptional interest. IOUs === It ). Extraordinarily Cheap Edition, in MONTHLY PARTS, price 6d. of THE CELEBRATED FINE-ART WORK, I n 0 0 Picturesque Europe. I WITH NEARLY It 1,000 Magnificent Illustrations and Sixty Plates, beautifully litho- graphed from tb, Original Steel Engravings.. (To be Completed in 32 Monthly Parta.) This remarkable Work, which in its cheapest form has hitherto been pub. lished in 61 Parts at 18. is now brought within universal reach by its issue at about ONE-FOURTH the price hitherto charged. Notice. The MAGNIFICENT PICTURE (tsize 80in. x 24 in.) of the THANKSGIVING SERVICE AT ST. PAUL'S CATHEDRAL on June 22,1897, issued in connection with The DIAMOND JUBILEE EDITION of Cassell's Illustrated History of England, IS NOW READY FOR DELIVERY. A- See particulars in Part A which can be obtained at all J3ookstlleydprice d(J,. The Titties Excellent in every respect." The Scotsman says:—" A library in itself." The Irish Times says" A magnum opus." The Standard irays: The most interesting, in. ptructivc, and entertaining History of gagland." j 'E; ¡: 'JS f.J" '8' i J !6 TO £600. AWIDOW LADY, having a largar amount A of SPARE OAS a than ehe requires in Apleased tj make striotly PRIVATE ADVANCES to any raspeotabla cersori ON THEIR OWN NOTE OF HAND Apply personally, or by letter to- MRS. D. BEHRMAN, FURNITURE DEALER, 16, CITY ROAD, CHESTER. 0 N N A H' S^QUAY- anOD WIRE-CUT BUILDING BRICKS ALSO, PRESS BRICKS. APPLY TO JAMES PRINCE, BRICK WORKS, CONNAH'S QUAY. I -J"f.- THE MOST NUTRITIOUS. p p p O 9 o wmm 1 1 VP GRATEPUL—COMrOHTIHG. C O C O A 'SBEAKFAST AND SUPPER. I —-— DaleV COLD MEDAL. NIS& Dubbin Makes Boots and Harness waterproof as a duck's Lack and soft as velvet. Add, tbree tiines to the wear and allo," polishing. 19 EXHIBITION HIGHEST AWARDS. Tins 2d, 6d, is, and 2s. 6d of allBoofcmakera, Saddlorj. Leather iiellera, &e. In consequence of the great favour which has becu accorded to the scheme in connection with Cassell-Is Saturday Journal for placing Fine Art Pictures at the disposal of the readers of that paper under conditions unique in the annals of popular literature, the Publishers have now the pleasure to state that they have in preparation A New Series of Fine Art Plates. They will also offer to readers, in connection with a New Scheme, An Illustrated Work of Universal Interest. Further particulars of the above two important announcements appear in No. 753, ready March 2, price Id,, of CASSELL'S SATURDAY JOURNAL, and the first of the Series of Coupons entitling readers to obtain the Pictures is printed in No. 753. MAGAZINES and PRACTICAL JOURNALS. Post Free to any Part of the World. For Six Months. Cassell's Magazine. MONTHLY, 6d. 4/6 The Quiver. MONTHLY, 6d. 4/- Little rolks. MONTHLY, 6d 4/- The Magazine of Art. MONTHLY, IS. 4d. 9)6 Chums. WEEKLY, id 3/3 MONTHLY, 6d 4/- CasselTs Saturday Journal. WEEKLY, id. 8[3 MONTHLY, 6d. « 4/- Work. WEEKLY, id.- — 813 0 MONTHLY, 6d. 4/- Building World. WEEKLY, id. 3/3 MONTHLY, 6d. 4/- Are You Feeling Out of Sorts ? Now Ready, demy Svo, 768 pages. 108. Gd. Cassell's Family Doctor. A New and Original Work. By A MEDICAL MAN. A most invaluable help and counselloi in all time of individual or family illness. The plan of the work is systematic, while the explanations are full and simple, and the prescriptions pr-.ilar in style. No household need now be without ^uuhuice in the event of ilV emergency, and the commoner ailments of life may be warded off without external aid."—77^ Christian. Cassell's Classified Catalor'rp, containing particulars ot upwards OF ONE TIUHSANI) VOLUMES published by Messrs. CASVEU. & COMPANY, ranging in (Vicc from • ThreoponcG to Fifty Gtiineas, of; cent on request, tostfove, to any address. OMPANY, LIMITED, Ludgate Ilill, London. ( EAGrGrETT'S NOURISHING STOUT GEjRGE RAGGETT AND SONS, LONDON. ■ 0: This Stout is recommended by the majority of the Medical Profasion^hioufthoat the Kingdom, as well as by many Continental Physicians, at the finett orocttroffe, and its supply to Her Majesty the Queen is in itself eminent teetimony of its quality. ► "7^- RAGGETT'S fJOJRISKiNS S10UT fS « £ 8 1UUE8TY TME QU £ ti Its reputation has been maintained by a due regard to Quality, •which is ooorkl- of greater benefit £ 0 the consumer thau the use of inferior goods at a lets ooet. -:0: IMITATION OF TRADE TITLE. The Public are cautioned that the word If NOURISHING" is being used on the Labels of cheap Bottled Beers of very low quality. To guard against the fraud that is intended, it is absolutely neoessatv to eee thai *)>* '■POblAUB 8TAMP" TRADE MARK, in r.d, .ppe.rB iXS! » »iu as the signature. -:0:- Extract from a letter from the Purveyors to Her Majesty trie Queen, Balmoral. "Her Majesty the Queen wishes for RAGGETT'S NOUBISHIHG STOUT may we ask you to m us a Case by Steamer leaving London for Aberdeen on Wednesday next." .0:- Sole Consignees and Bottling Agents for FLINTSHIRE AND DENBIGHSHIRE^ BIRD AND SON, WINE AND SPIRIT MEftOHANTS, PANTASAPH, Near HOLYWELL, N.W. -:0:- Raggett's Nourishing Stout and Golden Hop Fait) Ale. HALF-TINTS 2S. tid. Pira DOZER. ■ ■ :0:- A. B -Dellvenes by Cart within 6 miles, and Carriage ol 6 dozen Case, paia by Rati r- THE ST. ASAPH DIOCESAN CALENDAR FOR 1898, 16 NOW READY, PRICE ONE SHILLING. :ft TO BB HAD AT THB "OBSERVER" OFFICE HOLYWELL. MONEY Y,5 to Y,1,000 MONEY A RETIRED GENTLEMEN having a LARGE SUM OP MONEY at his disposal is willing to dvance the aame A L' LESS INTEREST THAN ANY LOAN OFFICE IN ENGLAND to all espectable Householdertf, Tradespeople and others. Diastance no object No Fees. No Bondsmen. Special Inducements to Farmers. All Transactions triotly private. Terms to suit everybody. Apply and be convinced, or write to- W. WHITE, 2, North Terrao Newtown, RHYL, \f~ONEY LENT PRIVATELY by the iTX CHARING-CROSS BANK (Registered 18, BEDFORD-STREET, CHARING CROSS LONDON. ESTABLISHED, 1870. Assets. £ 512,475 18 2 Liabilities 209,475 18 2 Capital and Reserve. £ 303,000 0 0 Advances made upon approved Promissory Note as follows:— Advance £ 25—12iconthlyrepayment £ of £ 2 6 11 « 50 All t « 100 9 3 4 Larger amountthe amei n proportion. LOANS of je30 o £Z,ooo granted at a ew hour'snoticein town or country, raa-le or female, on mortgage of furniture,trade and farm stock, plans crops, &c., without removal, and to assist person into business; al so on deeds, policies, and reversions, at 5 per oent. for one month to 14 years. Distance no objecK Easy repayments Strictly private Call or write. NOTICE.—Before applying elsewhere ask any Solicitor, Auctioneer., &o., in England or Wales knowing this Bank, and you will at once find oat you aretreating with an old established (1870) safe and bona fide Bank. Having large capital we do business cheaper than others No good loan evar refused. TWO-AND-A-HALF PER CENT. INTEREST allowed on the minimum monthly balances of CUlt- RENT ACCOUNTS when not drawn below £}O Depositsof Sio and upwards received at 3 plr cent, per annum payable at 14 days' notice. Subjectto3months'noticeof withdrawal El per oeik 6 6 12 6 ce Interest paid quarterly free from Income Ta:c Depositors have no liability whatever, and are amply seoured. Prospectur3 free. A. WILLIAMS, Manager. -P- v gi- LADIES! LADIES REQUIRING ASSISTANCE and RELIEF in Li an FKAIaLE AILMENTS. I'tREiiUbAHITlES SUPPRESSIONS, and OBSTRUCTIONS can obtain the most valuable information whereby difficulties are over- come, no matter how Obstinate or Louff-Standinff THT<? EXTRAORDINARY M.mciNE has Lt success in TUOIjSANDS OF CASES after all others have failed. Read these extracts from Testimonials MBXBORO' Dear Madam,—Kindly send me a bottle of your medicine and piljs, I have tried them before; on cne occasion they put me ripht with FOUR DOSES AFTElt SIXTEEN- WEEKS, and anothertime ONE DOSE DID ME Gooz>.—Mrs L.T. SNELTON. Dear Madam.—Will you please send by return one bottle of Medicine and Tills. Your mixture cared me aftgr THERE MONTHS, last spring1. Hoping1 this will prove effectual, this being No I<ESS THAN TWELVE flMES YCU WH-L rUTS CUllED ME,—Mrs Q. „ CIIKSTRR-STBEET. Dear Madam'—I am pleased to say yonr medicine has proved effectual again. Last time ",e £ P-YoursTf^iv FIVE MONTHS and thu time TUBUS MONTHS. Yours truly, ^hT^above and Thousands of similar Testimonials guaranteed Genuine UNDER A PENALTY OF £1,000 Abandon not hope; here you will find ti Genuine SPECIALITY and CURE. Failure impossible. Send SPECIALITY and CURE. Failure impossible. Send stamped addressed envelope for particulars. A, DASMAII Box, 887, Langdale House, Walthamstow, London. Box, 887, Langdale Bouse, Walthamstow, London. NORTH WALES AND SHROPSHIRE BILLPOSTING COMPANY. Owners The Wrexham District Advertising and illpostiaf Co., Ltd HKAD Onrost:— 24, CHESTER STREET, WREZHaII. BSAHCHKI HOLYWELL, BUOKLEY AND ELLBSHEKE Proprietors of best and most proaainant Private Stations in Holywell District. Orders, Posters and Handbills, should be Mat to E. P. LYONS, Billposter, Holywell. This Company have carried oof the target Billposting Contracts last year ever given in North Wales. THOMAS IL L 0 Y li, (LATE P. LLOYD & SON), ENTABLI83MRI), Painter, Plumber, Gas fill/lr, Bell Hanger Glatter, Paper Hanger, Hot and Cold Water Enpnett. Electric Bells Fixed and Repaired. Shower Bathe and Sprays Fixed and Repaired CASTiaON LANDEES OF BVERY OiaCBIPTZOK OILS, PAINTS AND OOLOR. or THB BBSSOBSCSIPTIOK ALWAYS xart. Estimates given for all kindeof Work,aad Jrders promptly executed on the shortest notiect EVERY VARIETY OF GLASSKEPT IN STOCK THE LARGESTSTOCK OF BITASS WOJLK FTFITTIM ALWAYB ON MAUD. PICTURES FRAMED AND MOUNTED. HIGH STREET, HOLYWELL, N.W EADE'S (IOUT RHEUMATIC PILLB SUFFBBED AGONY Poit THIBTY YflABB, 0JDBS pILLB. S'artf L^ADE'S DILLS. January iTth, 18tt. x Dear Sir,—1 feel it mrimtw T'ADE'S pILLB. to write and five jrou frtll introducing auoh a » medicine as your Gout Pills. Having vai«a»l» 2SUFFERED UNTOLD AGONY FOR 80 TBAX0. I oan truly say I have never had anything to relive mw pain so quickly as yonr Pills. I used to la/in b<« for tw m at a tlme' now I mot ealy got relie Q.OUT. in a few honra bat am able t «HFUMA Tisu vrorkin less than a week- gHiUMATISH eomp'aint is the worst if a ^nrrin Gouts, called Chalk Geat.— GOUr Yours truly DHPTT.MLLR,0., "WLITTLIJOHN; D it E UiMjA TISK. "Mr G.Eada." EADE'8 GOUT & RHEUMATIC pILLS Prepared only bv George Xade 72,Goswell-road London B,C. Boldbv allChemilstdn Bottles,la. lid.ad1. EADE'S GOUT & RHEUKATIO pILLS THE BEST MEDICINE FOR BILB THE BEST MEDICINE FOR WIND, THE BEST MEDICINE FOR INDIGESTION. IS E ADE'S A NTIBILIOUs pILLS. They q aickl lr e-oveth e rritatio^and feveriahatateo the STOMACH, oorrect the morbid condition of the ixviis, balierethe4ystem of allimpurities, Which,byelreolatii)*la the blood | injuriously affect the action of thswn*8T#» and by pemovingthe aauaes of so much diwoafsit fiUott the vital energies of body and mind. EADE'B ANTIBILIOUS pILLS. Sold by all Chemists, in Boxes, Is: ljd. and ta, 94., o mailed free on receipt of remitUace by GBOBOE EADB 72, GOBWELL ROAD, 1, uoizp E.C. E ADE',$ A NTIBILIOUS pILLS.